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Extra Easy Gaining weight on extra easy?!

S: 18st7lb
I have been sticking to green and lost 5lbs in first week and 3 in second, but was getting bored of pasta and potato and wanted meat!! So tried to do extra easy and gained 2lbs in a week! What am I doing wrong?!

I combined red foods with green for meals so would eat things like sw burger and sw chips with peas, or stir fry veg with chicken or spaghetti with gfy sauce (synd) and sw meatballs (burger recipe made into balls rather than flat!) and snack on fruit or muller yogs or syned foods (upto my 15 per day) etc. Then healthy a and b as the book says. Am i going wrong??!
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You need to make sure you have your 1/3 superfree with each meal otherwise the plan won't work. Peas don't count as superfree.


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S: 14st1lb C: 12st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 1st6lb(10.15%)
Also portion sizes. If you follow the 1/3 superfree food then your portions should decrease, but if you are eating the same amount of red and green free food as you would on R and G days then that would cause a gain.
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I also gained 2 lbs on a week of extra easy :( but now know that I didn't have 1/3rd superfree foods with each meal. I'm sticking to red for a while to see if it works better. Good luck next week
S: 18st7lb
It's really hard... ! I'm still hungry after, the starchy or protein rich foods are filling but the ss foods aren't so I find I want to eat more meat and potato etc to fill me up. I no the meat and potato or pasta or whatever is "free" but 1/3 of a plate of ss foods ends up about 1/6! Veggies are so boring lol
If you eat a plate of mostly red and green foods then you're taking in too many calories. 2/3 of a plate is a big amount of red and green foods. You can have seconds, but you must still follow the 1/3 superfree food.

Why not try some different veggies, butternut squash is great and is bulkier than some of the more watery veggies. I like huge plates of roasted squash, peppers, cherry toms, onions, courgette, carrot etc - much tastier than a plate of boiled veg. Vegetable mash with swede, carrot & squash is also a great way of getting more veg in, you can also add potato too if you need that carb hit with it.

I have an absolutely huge appetite, but I find that the portions allowed on SW are fine and that the superfree really does help to fill me up.

If you're not having the 1/3 superfree then you're not following the plan, as that's the key to it working.

The super speed foods aren't what you need to fill 1/3 of your plate with, it's superfree. Otherwise you could end up with a very odd mix of baked beans and strawberries!!
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In the long term you need to get used to eating veg as part of your meals as otherwise you will simply eat too many calories. There are plenty of more substantial veggies, or try incorporating them into sauces and soups?
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I am in the same boat. I gained a lb this week despite sticking to plan 100%. I haven't lost in ages, getting really fedup! C is no help, she keeps saying its cuz I am 4lbs off target but I still think I should be losing something :=(


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I can't lose much weight on EE, in week one I started on EE and lost 1 pound, switched to red days only and have lost 2 pounds each week since without sticking to plan on the weekends either.


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Jumping on what Sparky said, why not try making up a batch of superfree soup (just a soup of superfree veggies) and having a portion of that before your main meal.

The hungry feeling that we get is a chemical released from our stomach. When we get full then the stomach releases another hormone which tells our brain we're full. It takes 20(!) minutes for this hormone to reach the brain. So by having the soup first (which is purely superfree and therefore really good for you), you're filling up the stomach a bit before you're starting on your more calorific food (your Red and Green foods). So by the time you get to your meal, your stomach might have started to send the "I'm full" hormone to your brain. You feel fuller quicker, and so you should stop eating sooner.


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I've started doing what alwyn has suggested. I make a large batch of Speed Soup and have it daily before dinner to make sure I'm getting my superfree.

I have been having tiny losses each week which I found really disheartening, because as far as I was concerned, I was sticking to the plan totally. It was only through this forum that I found out the 1/3 superfree is absolutely key. This was NEVER explained to us in meetings, we were just advised that we should 'try' to do it.

I'm going to give this a blast for a couple of weeks to see if my losses improve, otherwise I'm going to switch to red and green days.
extra easy

I also gained 2 lbs on a week of extra easy :( but now know that I didn't have 1/3rd superfree foods with each meal. I'm sticking to red for a while to see if it works better. Good luck next week
Hi im new to the site, so a BIG hello to all!
I have started slimming world have been on extra easy for nearly two weeks. Stuck to it like glue, made sure I have had my a and b,s No weight off a minimal couple of ounces , leader said make sure I eat everything which I have. Really down and a bit despondant:wave_cry:
It will happen. I've got off to such a slow start this time round (* week, egg bound, hen do, water retention etc). If I was new, I would think the plan wasn't working, but I know that I have followed the plan and so the scales will catch up (by the looks of it, this week!).

Stick with it, and all your hard work will be rewarded!
S: 13st2lb C: 9st11lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 22.1 Loss: 3st5lb(25.54%)
Hi!!i'm a newbie to Minimins!!
Am a lifetime dieter,and fed up of being on silly diets and starvation fads decided to turn to SW for the second time,
Am in my 5th week on EE
after a brilliant first week of 8lb loss, every week since I have seen a weight gain from 1/2lb to 2 lb one week.
I am SOOOOOO disheartened as I am sticking to plan 100% and having max 7syns a day(increased this as had only max 2syns in the first week and when gained C told to increase this)
I am having my healthy extras too, I suffer from digestive issues and get very bloated which I am currently seeing my Dr about, but this doesn't help my current constant blooming weight gain!!
ANY help is much appreciated,find it so hard as I LOVE SW and love how it works but finding that now I'm maybe going to have this weight battle forever! :'(
Previously I was on high protein, and other stupid diets etc..

Desperate Gibtron!
S: 13st2lb C: 9st11lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 22.1 Loss: 3st5lb(25.54%)
i normally exercise 5times a week at gym and cycle but have had a week off as lead a very busy life and C suggested could be down to stress....am stressed about being fat and can't help it!
but catch 22 not exercising and making feeling worse!

Start weight 10st 8 1/2lb
current weight 10st 3 1/2lb

Club ten 9st 7lb (this is also the weight I would LOVE to get to!!) have only ever managed this before when on high protein diet no carb

Would anyone suggest to increase my protein intake but still keep 1/3 super free??

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