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Gala Dinner - Help


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Hello everyone,

Please could somebody help me, I am going to the companies 10yr anniversary Gala Dinner this weekend and I am really looking forward to getting all dressed up and having a dance but.........

I am so worried about the food, I am not going to drink anything but sparkling water and no alcohol, but this is a big event and I do not want to feel left out and hard doneby by not eating anything.

I can avoid the dessert no problem but Its not often that I have the chance to sit down and have a slap up meal on the company so....

I ahve made the decision (I Think) to eat something. What is the best choice (please dont make me feel bad, I know that eating is a bad choice already)

The main courses are Fillet Steak with Pepper or Mushroom Sauce or Spiced Seabass with Crished potatoes, both served with seasonal vegetables.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Hayles xx :sigh:
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I would choose the seabass without the potatoes. Just leave them on your plate. Light to digest and the sauces are probably made with cream and/or flour, so carby.


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My personal opinion would be the either are not toooo bad as they are protein, but I would avoid as much of the potatoe's as you can - could you perhaps have a small amount of the meat and some veggies, and avoid the potatoes? I'm fairly new, so I couldn't say exactly, but I wouldn't feel bad providing you are straight back on it the following day, and as for alcohol, you can't have it anyway if your doing SS, otherwise you would need to eat the day before and have carby things, so the water is a very good idea.

Hope this helps a little, and do enjoy it, we're going away end of March and I know I will be having steak on my dp's birthday, with veg and will be trying my hardest to avoid the chops xxx


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I would ask for the steak to be grilled with no sauce, and ask for a green salad rather than potatoes. Any restaurant should be able to dish up a salad. If you blow out dont beat yourself, we are all human and life is for living.


S: 16st0lb C: 14st10lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 37.7 Loss: 1st4lb(8.04%)
Thank you everyone for your help
I think I will go for the steak with no sauce, with either veg or salad and no potatoes, the problem is that it is in a huge fancy hotel in Dubai and there are alot of people going so I dont want to be the one that makes a fuss.
Thanks Again
Hayles xxxx


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If you're going to have vegetables, try to avoid potatos, carrots, parsnip, peas and sweetcorn and they are very carby :)


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Don't worry about making a fuss, most people are glad to accomodate. I went to the 100th anniversary celebration banquet for my church. I requested in advance that I have a bowl and hot water available on the day of. At the banquet the brought me what I needed and I sat with my soup and was fine. But then everybody knows/knew I was doing this diet so they were very encouraging and didn't have anyone trying to get me to eat food. Boy it did look good but I was on a mission and didn't want to mess things up. As long as you make good choices and do what is best for you to keep loosing, then go for it.