Gallstones and Cambridge?!

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I had gallstone attacks and eventually had my gallbladder out. The consultant didn't directly blame the Cambridge diet. In fact he didn't blame any diet in particular and said it would be very hard to prove that a VLCD was to blame.

There's a higher risk of developing gallstones if you are overweight, and also a higher risk if you go on a diet (can't win really :D)

He said that gallstones were very common in ladies in middle age and I guess that most ladies these days go on diets at some time. Cambridge do state that if weight loss is fast, the risk is increased, but it has not been established scientifically

Once down to a healthy weight, the risk of getting new gallstones should be much smaller that before a diet:clap:

Cambridge also say "Clients should be advised to follow instructions for the programme since breaking the diet suddenly with a ‘binge’ may precipitate gall stone symptoms for which hospital treatment may be necessary"

Personally, my consultant was very happy that I had lost the weight as it made the op easier. He had a ward full of people waiting to have their gallbladders out and it seems that none of them had done a VLCD except myself.

Tanya c

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Thanks for the reply. I'm a bit worried as I have been on and off the cambridge for a few months now and when coming off it have binged. I'm on it for hopefully my last time now. The only thing is I plan to do it for 5 weeks before Christmas and then come off it for Christmas week etc and then on it to lose remaining weight. Is this dangerous?


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Not as dangerous as being overweight hun. I found out I had gallstones during an ultrasound scan on my liver. The radiographer said that 1,000s of people have tiny gallstones without ever knowing it. There was nothing wrong with my liver by the way which was a relief, but when I mentioned the gallstones to my GP she did say that it was probably because I'd used VCLDs in the past and I think that is why we have to drink so much water, cos this can prevent them.

I'm doing pretty much the same as you re Xmas. Gonna SS until 23rd December (except for last night when I was really really really bad, and 29th November which is hubby's big 40th bash), then I'm stopping CD until 3rd January.
Will get straight back on it on 3rd January to lose the rest of my weight for the summer hols.