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Game On for Lizz

Day 1 of my road to a new me! Feeling up, confident, and determined. Just hope it lasts.
I got a skirt out of the wardrobe this morning, it fitted last year but won't go near me now. I'm going to use it as a yardstick.
I don't intend (but having siad that, have no will power) to weigh until Sunday. I get so down when I weight and find I've not lost anything. The weight doesn't come off consistently does it? So I'll weight after a full week.
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Good luck!
I know theres quite a few people addicted to the scales. I'm the opposite, I dread getting on them hehe!
Fingers crossed you have a good week
BL x
Thanks Bussy Lizzie
I suddenly realized that everyone is so encouraging and friendly on here and I haven’t told you anything about myself! Here goes:

I’m in my (very) late 50’s married 33 years and have a grown up family who have all flown the nest. I’m a retired nurse and hubby is a retired industrial chemist
I have always had a weight problem, and in the late 80’s lost 5 stones effortlessly on the Cambridge Diet. All the weight went back on plus another stone after I came off it. My doctor told me this is a side affect of LCD’s. I lost the excess weight slowly by cooking things healthily and watching the fat intake, it was a slow job but the up side was that I didn’t feel as if I was on a diet.
I gave up smoking after 30 years of trying, in 2005 and the weight piled back on. I am now the heaviest I’ve ever been 17st 5lbs. I want to kick start a healthy life style and get to a reasonable weight before I’m 60. I can’t afford the Cambridge so thought, as it allows you a healthy meal, I’d try Slimfast to get a good lump of fat off me quickly!

I’m nor promising I’ll achieve it, I’m just taking 1 day at a time. I’ll let you know how I get on as I go along.
Good luck Lizz!


sisters of slim
keep going lizz you are doing great,i know what you mean about the scales i only go on once a week on a sat morning and i wake up in a foul mood and snappy because if i have stayed the same i sulk all day so ,i only see my scales once a week thats enough. and for the last 5 months on slimfast i have lost or stayed the same,one week i lose nothing after a good week the next week i lose 3 cant work it out ,bodys are funny arnt they.
about the skirt thing i bought a adidas skirt in a 16 ,10 yes 10 years ago(it still had labels on and we have moved twice and each time i said shall i bin it,but i packed it up and said on day i will get in it) and could not get it over my knees so when i started dieting 10 months yesterday(god is it that long) i used it as a yard stick.and about 6 weeks ago got it on ,not comfortable to go out in standing only,Ha Ha but last week pulled it on and went out ,i was like the joker with the big smile all day.because my eyes still see me fat when i hold the skirt up in front of me i say there is no way that will fit my fat ar*e,but in reality i am -49lb lighter and i can get in it,so every week try your skirt on and in the not to distant future i want you to post and say you got it on yippee,i await your post angie x


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Good luck lizz you can do it, you will be in that skirt in no time you see. You lost it before im sure you can do it again :)
Thanks for the encouragement everyone. Yesterday (day 1 ) wasn't as bad as I thought, but then, we are always so virtuous on the first few days of a diet aren't we!

I know what you mean Angie, I've had clothes like that; lables on them for years and me still hopeful of getting into them.

Yes ice, I'll get it off and this time make blinking sure I keep it off!

Have a good day one and all.

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