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    So for my own sake rather than anyone reading this, although if you are not me and reading this then hello and welcome to my diary, I am going to record my daily diet and any exercise I do down here, be it before I go to bed or the next day when I get up.

    So a little about me before we get started. I'm a mum and decided I needed to loose weight. I've not always been big, but have been bigger than other girls in my year. I was 10-12 until I left high school, then I managed to put weight on in college. Then when I was 21 I had my son and was 20 stones, and now I'm 28, had my daughter 3 months ago and weigh 27 stones! Well 27 stones 3 weeks ago, I'm now down to 26stones 6lbs, but I usually do well on a diet for a month or two then give up. So I thought I'll do something different this time, I'll join a forum, write a diary and then people can just slap my wrists if I do something naughty or give me encouragement when I'm not loosing weight as I need to cut out more calories or up exercise.

    My weigh in days are Wednesday as its my partners cleaning day and he likes me out the house. I was never made to be a domestic goddess so cleaning is my least favourite thing to do, however it is also my daughters mother and baby swimming lessons so that will be extra movement which will be good, although it is only 1 and a half hours after finishing my fitness class work out! I'm currently doing Rosemary Conley (although this is also changing this week). It also gives me time to go to the local market and buy all the fruit and veg I need for the week. The guy there gives me enough for all of us for a week for £20 which is cheaper than the supermarket. All my son is at that age where you need to hide vegetables in everything and will only eat bananas, tomatoes, peas and sweetcorn.

    So let the diary commence.

    04/06/14 - 27st
    11/06/14 - 26st 9lbs
    18/06/14 - 26st 6lbs
    25/06/14 - ???
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    Day 1

    It went well. Nothing really bad happened. I didn't do any exercise. I did however spend most my afternoon down a baking field watching sports day, whilst every cooed over the baby. I had to chuck out my original plan of chicken for dinner as it just smelt funky, I was annoyed about that all evening.

    Breakfast - Cereal
    Lunch - Tuna and sweetcorn rolls x 2 with a tomatoe
    Snack - Half a watermelon
    Dinner - Turkey with a mounting of veg.
    Naughty treat - ice cream :( Although it was under 200 calories. Going to buy ice lollies next time I go shopping!
  4. Gamy

    Gamy Full Member

    I've been terrible keeping this up to date. But I've had a lot going on in real life. Maybe I should just start again this week as I've been pretty bad. Maybe tomorrow. I have zero motivation to do exercise today. Maybe writing a list of reasons why I want to loose weight will help.

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