gap at the top of my legs!!!!!


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OHG i stood in the mirror today and there was day light between the tops of my thighs!! i have not seen daylight for years just thought i would post this, also my clavicals (think thats how you spell it) the shoulder blade area anyway when im in the bath i can collect water there!!

go on you will all be trying the water thing they turn into little swimming pools

sorry am i strange/weird or do small things please small minds !!!

anyway im chuffed to have seen the light x
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i don't think i've ever seen the light. i don't think my thighs 'do' light :D

well done hon. that's fab :D

abz xx


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S: 14st6lb C: 11st11lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 2st9lb(18.32%)
the swimming pool thing rocks x


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Well done! I can't wait until that happens to me.

I think that's one of the worse things when you are big, thighs chaffing when on holiday:sign0137:


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Brilliant, I too am discovering clavicals!!! I am on top of the moon as today I realised that the slimmer woman walking towards the double doors of the supermarket is ME!!!!


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had a big smile on my face when read title to thread, i remember when i was on LL and i saw the light to i was soooo thrilled!!! well done you so chuffed for you!! XXX


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I won't ever get a gap at the top - I might be at goal but my thighs still measure a whopping 22 inches - my waist is a tiny 28!! Bonkers - apparently its mostly excess skin ... mmm we'll see!!


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I am almost at goal and am still not seeing the light at the top of my thighs - ho hum! I still get chaffing and spoke to my personal trainer and said that toning won't really do much for the tops of the thighs to loose bulk. It is more weight loss. To be honest I can't really loose much more weight so I really hope I am not going to have massive tops of the thighs even when I am a size 8!



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You've seen the light... that has put a smile on my face..

I went to the pictures last week and braced myself for 2 hours + of sitting on the edge of the seat and leaning back as I usually can't get my bum in, and... lo and behold I fit!!! So no you are not strange or weird wannabeskinny - these are huge landmarks for us.... a bit like my old butt... ha ha ha :)

Sarah xxx


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Wow - I didn't even know there could be a gap there. I've had huge thighs all my life, used to wear cycling shorts under my skirt at school to stop the chaffing.


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hee!hee!this is so funny always thought about having slim arms,semi flat belly now ............something to really look forward to,hey if you stand in the right position you might be able to blind someone like when the sun hits your watch and you get a light on the wall...hey jodie theres something you could aim for and do at the club with one of the lasers!!


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oh to get rid of the evans comfort shorts. blessing as they were when i discovered them i'd rather just not bother. not that i've shown my legs for a good few years now in any case...

abz xx

Ellen S

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Oh wow! I marvel at models on tv who have that 'gap' and can see the light! I am SO gonna get my OH to take a pic of the light shining through when it comes!! :eek::D

Well done honey! You are an inspiration!
My OH said to me last night when we were in bed "christ whats that?!" I was like "Oh god what" (as he is feeling my back!) he said "Oh, its your spine sticking out - havent felt that before!" :p:):D


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LOL Nice one hun... :sigh: I'd be happy if my knees saw the light lol


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my OH can't stop prodding my hip bones. it bloody hurts too, but he seems fascinated that they have been there all this time and he hasn't seen them before, ha.

abz xx