Gave up smoking 6 months ago today! :-D


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Well I guess the title says it all, it's 6 months ago today since I stopped smoking, woooo! :bliss:

I'm not going to be untruthful and say that I haven't had a single puff since then, as I've probably had about 5 puffs, but all they made me do was realise that giving up was a great step forward in my attempt to get healthy once and for all :)
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Well done honey keep going and saving the dosh too!! X

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Well done :wee:

Just be careful that you don't start to eat more as I did when I gave up smoking over 30 years ago. Did it with the help of acupuncture. Must admit I haven't had another puff since....but had a weight problem since because I've always been a big eater and probably had a cigarette instead of a meal before quitting.

Still, I'm glad I chose to give up smoking....saved me a fortune I bet over the years. If only I'd put away the cost of a pack of cigarettes (20 pack = 47p in 1979 :eek:) from that day. I'd be rolling in it. :rolleyes:


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Well done! Best thing i ever did was quit smoking, about 5 years ago now and know o would never do it again. In fact I'm one of those ex smokers whose dead against it and make it known!!!