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Gaz & Scaz - your views!

What do you think of Gaz & Scaz?

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I'm sure that most people on our beloved forum consider Gaz & Scaz to be legendary figures in our community BUT in recent days there has been a backlash (mainly from newbies) against our 'tell it like it is' approach to TFR dieting.

So, what do you think?
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a new way of living!
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I have to say that for me the 'tell it like it is' really helped me to stick to LT, I have only abandoned ship recently (to CD) as I was having trouble seeing the final goal with a limited choice, and wanted to add a meal a day to remain in control (I could see the goal with a meal a day, but was having trouble seeing it on tfr, think i'd just had enough of it)

so... for me, bring on the tell it how it is, the kick ass technique works, and i welcome the 'lovable rouges' back with open arms to help us get the newbies in the right mind.

I have noticed that there is more acceptance about 'coming off diet' and cheating than there ever was before.

its a tough diet, but in the early days, we need a kick ass attitude to help us through.

bring on the scaz/gaz! :D

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
there is a difference between tell it like it is and condescending, I don't think people fault your attitude to LT, they do not like the way things are said!
Are newbies not allowed to voice their opinion?


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There is nothing wrong with the tell it as it is approach to tfr,but for me i think its totally up to the individuals whether they cheat or not,they are only letting themselves down at the end of the day if they do cheat,we can only advise them not to,but cant force them to not cheat....but i personally do believe if you do want to cheat on LT,then maybe this isn't the diet to be on. caz x


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I think you're original post about cheating on Lipotrim was not meant to be offending to anyone, (In my opinion) When I read it I actually agreed with what you were saying...As when I first tried LT I did give in and cheat and came off it for a week or so, And there was a few tough talk comments said to me and it did help me get back on to it and stick to it! ..And nearly 10 weeks of my second go at LT I have not cheated once :D I think some of the newbies and even regulars got offended as at the moment it is getting a bit tough for some of them and they are battling with there motivation and will power to stick with it, And yes like myself have cheated in the past like many others have, I just think a few on here got a bit upset with yourself and Gaz because they are on this forum for advice and support where needed...And are honest enough to hold there hands up and say ''I cheated'' Or ''I feel I wanna quit'', So these kind of people need encouragement rather than 'Tough talk' Which me personally like :D But others are different and are a bit more sensitive and Don't feel good when someone is saying if you can't stick to it then do another diet, I think you said that anyway's :rolleyes: You just have to accept that not everyone can handle tough talk as we are all different and need another approach to help them..:) By the way Scaz..You have done amazing and you are an insperation to many on here!! XX
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Is thinking positive!
A pair of clowns - ban them from the forum!

1 vote: Fattothin :D:D

That made me laugh :p
I think you should send scaz down and sexually abuse garry until he cant take it nomore ;-p


Is thinking positive!
I think you should send scaz down and sexually abuse garry until he cant take it nomore ;-p

I actually agree with this..What a horrible punishment for you Gaz :D:D


a new way of living!
S: 12st11lb C: 11st8.5lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 1st2.5lb(9.22%)

it is true that tough talk doesnt work on all people, but it worked for me! i was ready to do what was needed to lose weight, and not wanting to offend or put anyone off, this diet does need a different mind set to do.

that said, I would never say to someone, do another diet, rather i'd prefer that they try to develop the mind set they need, as this diet rocks and will bring them greater success in a shorter time.

i am more than willing to personally help anyone get into this, as once they have, they will be much healthier (generally speaking!! we are all different!)

if anyone reading this does feel that they need a hard message with a soft touch, some of us are capable of both ;) so pm me. :D

this diet made me look at myself and my relationship to food, gaz made it sound easy and stupid to not stick to it totally, nictastic kicked my ass, cuddly fairy supported and encouraged me gently, and i needed all of them, from the hardest message to the softest touch.

so message to newbies, dont take anything personal, just take it all on board and think about it, and decide for yourselves what you need, and then you can always build a support group on here with the people that you find helpful.

no need to ask anyone for permission to mentor you - we all do that weather we realise it or not, just by default!

good luck everyone.

ps scaz and gaz, does this mean we can look forward to more posts from you guys? i for one have missed seeing your comments, good or bad :D
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I totally agree with scazman and msblonde tough love all the way this diet works when followed properly its no good having a cheat here and there its all about changing your attitudes towrds food if you cheat and loose weight then you will cheat and cheat again until you no longer loose weight.
I will support anyone who is struggling but i firmly beleive you have to be 100% focused.
Sorry if its a bit harsh but thats how i feel
Good luck to each and everyone on the lt journey


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S: 26st2lb C: 26st2lb G: 16st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I genuinely believe that people tell stories of cheating or ask for advice on taking breaks (normally when they've barely started LT) cos they are seeking affirmation for their behaviour. I refuse to affirm! To some I am therefore some sort of pariah but it would seem that those who have succeeded on this diet have never minded been told a few home truths.

I am not being nasty or insensitve when I advise some people to try anotehr diet. I do understand that TFR is not for everyone. I decided that I needed to sort my life out and lose at least 10 stone after a medical scare as I wanna see my little boy grow up. I'm almost 40 and at 26 stone a prime candidate for heart diease, diabetes and the rest of it so something had to be done. I found that I could never stick to the more mainstream diets as the rate of weightloss wasn't quick enough and I would get demoralised too easily. This diet is the easiest I've ever done (for me!!!) There are no decision to make except for Choc, van, straw or chick!

LT rocks, stick to the programme and it can change your life!!!
From seeing loads of clients both 1-2-1 and talking to people over the internet the best way I have found is to be flexible!

Some people like the "tell it how it is" approach, while some others prefer the same message but through a softer metaphor approach.

The biggest thing for me though is that the response I get was the true meaning of my communication, therefore if I offend someone then I didn't read them right before I spoke and hence I will always change my approach to what they need and not vice versa (if that makes sense!)



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I did think you were funny & a real inspiration to others.

I actually posted my NEWBIE CHEATS because I wanted the 'tell it like it is' approach as a reply. I just dont appreciate a post making us feel pants
a- for confessing
b- for being NEW!

I had personal messages sent to me from people saying how BRAVE I was for admitting my 'mistakes' (as Mike so kindly called them) & these people said they just hid & darent say anything when they had a blip (is this how we should feel for being human).
I may be new to this forum but I am certainly not new to lipotrim & was as successful as you first time round but unfortunately stopping smoking followed by 6 miscarriages & then fertility drugs & eventually 2 beautiful babies has helped put back on a few stones :-(

I was a support board leader for years for people who had pregnancy & neonatal loses & it helped me to survive many grim years with trying to concieve so when I was struggling with LT my first thought was to find a support board to help me through this journey in my life.
I really hope your head stays on track Scaz & that you reach your goal & I take my hat off to everyone on here for making it through each day of LT as it is difficult to do you cant deny that.
I wont go into my life as it is now but all I will say is that I handle food or prepare food for at least 8 hours solid out of my day so I dont think I do too badly really & am actually proud of myself for not curling into a corner of the fridge & QUITING.

Good luck with your journey


on the up lol
I'm sure that most people on our beloved forum consider Gaz & Scaz to be legendary figures in our community BUT in recent days there has been a backlash (mainly from newbies) against our 'tell it like it is' approach to TFR dieting.

So, what do you think?
why not tell it like it is ? lol
why beat around the bush, most people need to hear the truth, but hey if u cant handle it then dont tell any one, (yes im a harsh female :p )
Every one is diff, if we wasnt this world would be boring :D

WoahXD how could u not luv them 2 (Scaz n Gaz <3 ) there great ;)
Whats the point in beating around the bush about it??

Its a waste of time and effort if you ask me................. TFR is not something to be faced lightly and if anyone takes it on with out researching it and taking in what in entails then that is their perogative!!!

Dont beat about the bush.............beat Gaz instead :D
as long as i can beat you around your bush ;-px


on the up lol
Dont beat about the bush.............beat Gaz instead :D[/quote]

my turn ladys lol :p with whip ?


Peace Love Happiness
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It always astounds me when people who've been on a forum slightly longer than others 'newbies' in this case think they have more right to say what they want to than the people with less time on it. Like there is somekind of chronological scale of merit.

Scaz in reply to your post and poll, it's fine for you to have strong views, don't be surpised though, when others have equally strong views.

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