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GB's new diary ..... last 7lbs for Christmas


Just doing it this time
11.5 when I got home after stuffing my face - I know that isn't my exact weight just after having a very HEAVY night last night.

Will weigh in morning ...............

2 bread = heb
crisps = 7 syns
meat & little bit of sweet chilli sauce =
1 syn.


8 syns for the day.

spag bol - pasta = 3 & sauce about 4 ?

7 + 8 = 15 for the day.

Vile day - boss horrible - I am very surprised I stuck to it today - so did well.

No exercise though - so back to exercise tomorrow.
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Just doing it this time
11.3 am - 11.4 when I arrrived home!

1 bread with 2 eggs & little brown sauce.
1 wrap with cream cheese and cucumber.
2 mullerlights.

1 heb.
1 hea.
8 syns.

aunts funeral - sad.

bacon, salad, dressing = 3 syns.

11 syns for the day

weigh each day to official weigh in & record.


Just doing it this time
11.2 - 11.3 am - 11.3 when I arrived home.

going down ! I hope. Hope by Monday am I will be showing 11 stone.

wrap - 6 syns
creamy cheese - hea
2 bread heb
honey = 3 syns.


salad & salmon & dressing = 3 syns.

12 syns for the day.


Just doing it this time
Didn't have a good saturday as I was on the run - not from the law - just from here and there and everywhere doing a charity craft thing - came home hungry and ate the box of luxury choc chip cookies I was given as a pressie = stupid stupid me.

Never gonna get to 10.13 - which I hoped to do this week.

Showing 11.2 this morning again - so that will be a STS at class.


1 roll (heb) with 2 eggs.
2 thin crisps = 2 syns.
packet of potato snacks - 5 syns.
more grapes
another apple.

Christmas family buffet this afternoon - MUST BE PRETTY GOOD.


Just doing it this time
Not a good sunday - great to meet with family but ate all the wrong things - there wasn't good things to eat - but didn't go overboard.

11.3 this morning - AGAIN !!!! 11.4 tonight - so it looks like a pound gain this week.


1 roll = 2 hebs.
cheese & cucumber.
packet of crisps = 7 syns.
mullerlight 2 syns.

bacon salad and dressing = 2 syns.

11 syns for the day.


Just doing it this time
Tuesday went to class - was 11.3 so it was a STS - was hoping for alittle loss but been eating badly so what do i expect huh.

Tuesday night off - ate stupidly again. Gotta get a grip.

Wednesday wasn't so bad.

Today = Thursday - real rubbishy eating day =- not over the top on syns =- just not eating right STILL.

2 bread - heb.
smashed egg with little marg = 1 syn.
2 mullerlights = 1 syn
packet of potato snacks = 5 syns.
2 choc options with quark - on raspberries = 4 syns.

11 syns.

cooked a roast chicken F = roasted carrots and veg and 3 little roasted potatoes and 3 little roasted sweet potato =- 3 syns in total = 14 syns for the day.

GOT TO GET A GRIP and lose thise 7lb's for Christmas - it just doesn't seem if it will happen. Whats the matter with me.
hi time2beslim do u weigh urself every day??? i used to weigh loads of times through the day but in last 13 weeks haven't weighed at home only at class if i get on my scales and see i've lost weight i think good i can have a treat (that doesn't stop :eek:) and if i sts or put on i say sod it and binge - so find it better if i can manage to stay off them :) good luck


Just doing it this time
11.2 today ! - 11.3 tonight. Better.

Want to be 11 stones on Monday - doing plenty of exercise.


2 bread (heb x 2).
beef & little scraping marg = 1 syn.
2x mullerlights = 2 syns.
jacket potato (small) 3 syns.
dressing 3 syns.
lean bacon & salad.

9 syns for the day.


Just doing it this time
Feel I can have a better Saturday.

11.1 today - if I keep this up 11 stone or JUST under - hopefully could be mine on Tuesday night - getting to target could also be on the cards for Christmas Day - 10.10 would be FANTASTIC.


Just doing it this time
quarter SW quiche. F
mullerlight 2 syns.
2 bread (2x heb)
2 eggs = F
little brown sauce - 1 syn.
Coop yog low fat = 5 syns.

planning chicken curry SW style = F
few sw chips = 3 syns.

total syns for the day = 11
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Just doing it this time
really enjoyed my curry but it was enormous - must try and sort out portion sizes - but it was all free foods on red - so wasn't so bad - hope I am below 11 on Tuesday - that would be fantastic.

Been exercising every day too - got to go do half an hour on mini trampoline whilst watching X factor - yep - I'm still watching despite saying I wouldn't - there is no hope for me.


Just doing it this time
OMG I was flickering between 11 and 11.1 - settled on 11.1 - but I'm going in the right direction.

Strange day - ended up cleaning the windows vigourously because hubby cleaned them and they weren't very good - very smeared - so I did them - inside and out - extra body magic I think - not been walking the dog because the pathways are trecherous - poor dog wonders what has happened ! Still very cold - but better than it was.

Must get on my mini trampoline tonight for half an hour too -

Got all my Christmas Dec's put up too - so little by little I am getting there.

Managed to get a few Christmas Pressies and cards all sorted too - got to write them now.

So today then:

grapes & apple for breakfast & mullerlight.

more grapes and another apple and another mullerlight.

Another mullerlight - I think I am addicted, I was like this when I first started SW - gotta cut back on them again.

2 bread (heb x 2) roast beef and little marg.

Take 3 syns for mullers and 2 syns for marg - & half couscous cake = 6 syns = 11 syns for the day so far !

planning my favourite bacon salad - with fat free dressing. F all round then.

11 syns for the day.


Just doing it this time
monday tuesday and wednesday have been strange 'food' days - Tuesday night I was 11.2 - so lost a pound but was hoping for 11 stone - so a bit disappointed, but hey ho a pound off is better than on.

So started back at proper SW today had:

4 thin crisps = 4 syns.
2 tsp jam = 2 syns.
1 mullerlight = F
2 bread = heb x 2
cream cheese = hea.
2 cups of tea.
marg = 2 syns.
SW egg chips and beans = F

absolutely STUFFED - made a sweet potato soup and it was delicous too - had a small slice of toasted bread with it - another 3 syns !

another mullerlight & raspberries too - can't breathe.

11 syns for the day.
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i'm a chocoholic think u r a weighaholic lol never known any one to weigh at night :eek: hope u reach ur 10.13 soon :)


Just doing it this time
:) Val .................

WAS 11 stones again, so going to try really hard to watchwhat I am eating this weekend AND can make 10.13 for Tuesday night - as we all know we weigh heavier at night-time.

concentrate on free foods this weekend if I can - cut syns to 5 per day - plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Might even try a few veggie days.


Just doing it this time
I so hate weekends ! overate badly today - nothing major just too much of everything - massive salad - loads and loads of bacon - (didn't trim fat) don;'t want to get fat again. Showing 11.2 so not gained anything but So so so wanted to be 10.10 for christmas day and it is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN WITH WEEKEND OVEREATING.;



Just doing it this time
Monday morning - hectic day ahead - feeling rotten - tooth hurting !!! something else to get sorted now before Christmas.

Got to work late as appointments this morning, not looking forward to getting home at 6.30 ish - tired already.

Had to have a weetabix and milk - so feeling sickly not used to breakfast - BUT no bread in the house.

Gotta shop after work too - feel everything is now getting too hectic, haven't thought about food shopping for Christmas yet and still DD's and DH's pressies to get.


Just doing it this time
hectic few days - so much to do - gotta get it all done but don;'t see me doing everything before christmas.

w.i tonight and only lost half pound - better off - still have never gained so not really doing badly but so so wanted to be at target for christmas - my mindset is now to be at 10.13 for christmas day -3lbs off target but below that 11 stone milestone and it's like a millstone round my neck !

gotta try hard this last 10 days to christmas day.


Just doing it this time
Tuesday night was dreadful food wise and during the day on Wednesday they were all eating heroes during the day - so I did too - poo

Anyway, back to it today:


2 heb& 1 hea and cucumber for lunch
apple and banana.
2 mullerlights = 2 syns.
homemade sweet potato and carrot spicey soup - delicious = F&quarter bagel = 3syns

salad and omelette & dressing 2 syns.

5 syns for the day.
hi hun it's hard when people r eating chocs around u isn't it, just draw a line under it and start afresh good luck :)

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