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GB's - since the christmas binge diary


Just doing it this time
Well. I have been all over the place really. In my mind. I didn';t really over induldge in Christmas food and was only truly OFF PLAN for about 2.5 days of the week Tuesday to Tuesday - BUT I gained 2.5lb's. At the C's house for weigh in on Tuesday we got talking about what we had consumed and I realised that I had had loads and loads and loads of chocolate - THAT has now stopped - as we don't have any in.

It's Thursday night and I was showing 11.4 on the scales earlier - see what I am in the morning. Have really got to motor with the plan to get below 11 stones - to think I was only 11 stones on Christmas Eve - how stupid was I - I know it's been christmas but I could have easily have stuck to plan more and not have gained so much.

Heres to it then. Weigh in the morning and have a good weekend - even though It's New Years Eve tomorrow - no one coming because of flu bugs and a chinese - but NO egg fried rice just the main which will be about 10 syns.

Gotta gotta gotta get to 10.10 on 11th January for my birthday.

Here I go.............
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Just doing it this time
11.2 today (New Years Eve morning) - BUT a bit of a disasterous day as I binged when I got home - they had fish and chips at work and I didn't felt hard done by ate 3 alpen light bars as soon as I walked in - and a chinese tonight for tea !

Starting again again tomorrow morning, this is NOT what I wanted to be doing - constantly just trying to keep my weight down and really not sticking to plan.

Tomorrow it is then - proper New Years Day dinner with veg and SW roasts - no extra's.


Just doing it this time
11.3 New Years Day ! Did have alcohol last night and a rather large chinese.

So today cooked a large (SW) roast dinner - it was blooming gorgeous - ONLY had a banana and a muller for breakfast - so not too bad.

However, ah hem,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,defrosted the pack of very small iceland fresh cream rolls and me and hubby just had them with custard. Full to bursting now so won't have any tea and will wait until breakfast tomorrow now.

Probably over on syns - but it was new years day.

will do an hour on my mini trampoline to try and make up for the slip up and from tomorrow it is properly SW - nothing left in the house at all now - salad tomorrow and monday before weigh in on Tuesday.


Just doing it this time
2/1/11 -

weetabix (1) with mullerlight - half heb & f

apple, banana.

packet of snack-a-jacks = 5 syns.

another muller - and the cherry underlay at that ! = 2 syns.

1 bread (800g) = 1 heb with 2 dry fried eggs & little chilli sauce = 1.5 syns.

total syns for day so far = 8.5

planning on bacon salad with dressing = 3 syns.

3 thins with triangle cheese = 3 syns.

frozen fruits (defrosted with nat yog & little sweetener).

14.5 syns for the day.

was flashing between 11.2 & 11.3 today - but settled on 11.3 = poo.
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Just doing it this time
11.3 - not going to make my 10.10 for my birthday !

BUT I bought and got into size 12 straight jeans from Asda today - they are tight - but not uncomfortable.

Have so overinduldged in food - all within SW regime but had quite a lot - waiting for tea now because I am so bloody hungry !

Would LOVE to be 11.1 for tomorrow night but it aint gonna happen.


Just doing it this time
was 11.2 at weigh in - so a pound off - in the right direction but STILL 6lb's to my original target 10.10 - and I WANTED it by my birthday - that aint gonna happen unless I have a fantastic week - however, do have a funny tummy today - been in loo T.M.I. so that might very well be a plus.


Just doing it this time
What is the matter with me - I want to be 10.10 but keep having 'extras' and not synning them or keeping track - eating 2 bread for 1 heb - but they're 800g slices - soo really it's 2 heb's - soon as got in from work yesterday had two toast and marg (because we have it in the house !) and golden syrup - GOLDEN SYRUP I ask you - since when did I have golden syrup on toast - it was kinda delicious - but hate to think how many syns.

So back to it today:

STILL 11.2 - fed up getting on scales at 11.2 or 11.3 or 11.4 - and then back to 11.2 again. I WANT TO BE 10.10.

Today then:

mullerlight. F
cheesy pots (SW quiche - used to be called cheesy pots 20 years ago) - F
2 satsumas. F
2 slices of cheddar mild cheese - need to look that up but taking it as my HEA
2 apples. F
Banana. F
Few grapes. F
more grapes
3 rivita Heb & Jam = 4.5 syns.
Bacon salad & DRESSING = 4 syns.
blackcurrants & NAT YOG - F

9.5 syns for the day.

MORE grapes !! - glad they'll be gone tomorrow.

Sunday - exercise a lot - gotta be below 11 stones on Tuesday evening. I WiLL DO IT.
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Just doing it this time
Sunday 11.2 AGAIN - I am sick of seeing that number on the scale. AND I haven't had any different numbers when I leave it a week and then weigh. It's like I've reached that plateau they talk about and I've STUCK fast.................before Christmas I had a number of weeks (3 - I think) where I was almost 100% and stayed the same each week - so really got to try and keep at it for the next complete week at 100%.

Sunday RED.

2 weetabix and milk (heb & hea)
REALLY HUNGRY DAY - again - it is the weekend !
banana. F
apple F
2 x satsumas. F
3 egg omelette with roast beef sliced thinly. F
3 x mullerlights. F

Horrible tea - curried vegetables with jacket potato & lashings of margarine. Hate to think how many syns that was......................tomorrow is another day.
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