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Gemm99 2011 Food Diary

This is my food diary which will hopefully keep me on track to reach my target before my holiday in April, please take a look and reply with any comments.

Extra Easy -Sunday 2nd January

Breakfast 42g of weetabix crunchy bran (HEXB) with 350ml of Skimmed milk (HEXB). some milk saved for later.

Snack fruit and a Shape Fat free yoghurt.

Lunch Jacket Potatoe with chick pea Dahl and Fruit and yoghurt for pudding.

Snacks Pickles and Gerkins.

Dinner Roast Lamb with Roast Potatoes Carrots, red cabbage, spourts Yorkshire pudding 3 syn Gravy 2.5 syn mint sauce 1 syn. Pudding Fruit.

Snack Option Hot chocolate 2.5 syns

Total Syns 9
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mmm looks yummy xx
Sounds rather nice!! :) x
EE Monday 3rd Jan

Breakfast - 2 Weetabix with 350ml skimmed milk

Lunch - Chick pea dahl with pickled onions and gerkins with a mug shot. Fruit salad

Snack syn free quiche red onion and bacon.

Dinner - 2 chicken breasts with Piri Piri sauce 2 tbsp 1syn with rice and salad. Shape FF yoghurt.

snack fresh pineapple, french fries 4.5 syn and small pack of buttons 3.5 syns

Total 9 syns
Looking good! I love reading people's food diary, i think its such a help. I am starting SW EE again on Wed and am going to start one on here too in the hope it will help me lose :)
Peagirl, a food diary will defo help you! I have been doing one since start on 29 Dec and it has really helped me to stay focused. Plus you know that everyone will be waiting to read your wi results each week!! It really does motivate you. :D
Gem 99-your food diary sounds great, good luck with your next WI
Thanks for all your good luck wishes, my weigh in day is Wednesday evenings I will up date as I go along how do I add it to the bottom of signature.

Green Tuesday 4th Jan.

Breakfast Orginal oats so simple with 350ml milk
apple and two satsumas.

Lunch Syn free vegtable soup made with chicken oxo cubes, garlic, swede, leeks, carrotts, onion, herbs blended some and left some. Shape fat free yorghut and fruit salad.

Dinner Cheese 28g and mushroom omelette with syn free chips and baked beans

snacks Hi Fi bar

Syns french fries 4.5 and 15g buttons 3.5

Total 8 syns

Went to weigh and I had a shock I have put 5.5ibs on over xmas, well back on the plan now.

EE Wendesday 5th January.

Breakfast - 28g Honey nut shredded wheat & 350ml of Skimmed milk.

Snacks Satsumas, apple and banana

Dinner - Ham Salad and sweet and sour mug shot & yoghurt

Lunch - Spag Bol with carrotts and cerlery mushrooms and peppers add.

Syns 4 wine gums 4 syns.

EE Thursday 6th

Breakfast - 2 weetabix with 350ml of skimmed milk.

Snacks satsumas, apple, banana.

Lunch - left overs from last nights tea spag and fruit salad & Yoghurt.

Dinner - Gammon Steak, chips and beans

Snacks pineapple blueberry's and yoghurt.

Syns 3 rose's 6 syns
Red Friday 7th

Breakfast - Oat so simple and 350ml of skimmed milk 2 bananas and 2 apples.

Lunch Ham salad with Gerkins and pickles and egg with 1tbsp of low fat mayo 2 syns. fruit salad & yoghurt.

Snack hifi bar.

Dinner Lean beef cassrole with carrots, swede, onions, red cabbage, brocoli and butternut squash. gravy 2.5 syns. Pinapple and blueberry's.

syns caburys light mouse 3 syns total 7.5 syns
Red Saturday 8th

Breakfast 28g honey nut shredded wheat with 350ml skimmed milk.

Snacks apple and grapes satsumas and pear

Lunch Ham salad with pickles and mayo tbsp 2.5 syns

Dinner home made burgers and chips and salad piri piri sauce 1 syns .

Snacks french fries 4.5 one vodka and diet coke 2.5 and small bag buttons 3.5

Total Syns 14.5

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