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gems food diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by gemheath, 3 May 2011 Social URL.

  1. gemheath

    gemheath Full Member

    Breakfast - nothing (was running late for work and so didn't have enough time to eat anything)

    Snack - yogurt (2.5) coffee with skimmed milk

    Lunch - pasta salad with lettuce, cherry tomato, and sweetcorn

    Snack - Apple, coffee

    Dinner - quorn sausages, sw chips, peas
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  3. gemheath

    gemheath Full Member

    Breakfast - nothing
    Snack - yogurt 2.5 syns, fruit mentoes 3.5 syns
    Lunch - pasta salad with cherry toms, olives 1.5, sweetcorn
    Snack - apple, banana
    Dinner - Chinese chicken and mushrooms with plain boiled rice 5syns
  4. gemheath

    gemheath Full Member


    Yogurt and banana 2. 5

    Chicken and mushroom pasta sauce with grapes

    Mentos 3. 5, Apple

    Sharwoods korma 1/4 jar with chicken, mushrooms, onion

    I'm going to syn it at 10 syns which means I've gone over today which I'm not very happy about but its still better than what I would have normally eaten so I'm not to worried.
  5. gemheath

    gemheath Full Member

    Also added a mushroom omlette
  6. gemheath

    gemheath Full Member

    B - cornflakes hea
    S - salt biscuits, Apple
    L - tomato and basil pasta sauce
    S - Apple
    Dinner sw chips with quarter pizza topped with extra olives, red onion, sweetcorn, mushrooms 10 syns
    Cinema - red grapes, diet coke

    Not incredibly pleased with yesterday. What with the pizza and everything. I tried to make it better by not eating syns during the day, which makes it not as bad.
    I am pleased about managing to stay away from the popcorn and chocolate at the cinema however, and also didn't have my usual bottle of red so I am pleased with this yey me
  7. gemheath

    gemheath Full Member

    B - bacon and mushroom omlettle
    L - boots spicy chicken pasta
    S - strawberries
    D - chicken wings (no skin), and salad
  8. gemheath

    gemheath Full Member

    B - quorn sausages, bacon (no fat), beans, whole tomatoes, egg
    L - grilled chicken and lettuce, diet coke
    S - solero icecream 5 syns
    D - roast dinner without skin, few spoonfuls of gravy, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, 3 small roast potatoes
  9. gemheath

    gemheath Full Member

    B - nothing
    S - Mentos 3.5, yogurt 2.5
    L - pasta salad with sweetcorn
    S - 3 clementines, 2 mint humbugs
    D - left over roast chicken with stir fry veg and egg fried rice
  10. gemheath

    gemheath Full Member

    B - 28g bran flakes w skimmed milk hea and heb
    S - 3 salt crackers 4.5, yoghurt 2.5
    L - pasta with peppers, 5 olives 1.5 syns, cherry tomatoes , banana
    S - 3 salt crackers 4.5, apple
    D - gammon, with sw chips, corn cobette, peas, and carrots, 2 plums
  11. gemheath

    gemheath Full Member


    B - 28g bran flakes with skimmed milk
    S - mentos 3.5, yogurt 3.5
    L - pasta salad with olives 1.5, sweetcorn, cherry toms, Apple
    S - banana
    D - chicken curry with chopped toms, garlic, onion, mushrooms, banana

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  12. gemheath

    gemheath Full Member

    B - bran flakes
    S - mentos 3. 5, yogurt 3. 5
    L - pasta salad with olives 1. 5, sweetcorn, cherry toms, Apple
    S- apple
    D - sw spag bol , banana
    S - mini cornetto 3.5

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  13. gemheath

    gemheath Full Member

    B - nothing
    S - 4 haribo sweets 2 , slice white bread 3.5,
    L- pasta salad, cream crackers 5.5
    S - apple
    D - quorn burgers 1, chips, veggies , beans

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  14. gemheath

    gemheath Full Member


    B - nothing
    S - mentos 3.5, Apple
    L - pasta salad with veg, apple
    S - cookie 3, Apple, curly wurly 3. 5
    D - quorn sausage, sw chips, veggies

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