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Gemsy's Diary...xx

:):):) Hi All :):):),

Well here goes.. i am writing this kind of diary t follow my progress while trying to create a miracle and lose weight lol.. so here is a bit about me! My name is Gemma but everyone calls me Gems :), i am 26 and live in East Sussex. I have always been a heavy girl since secondary school and since then my weight has just crept on. I have tried nearly every diet in the book, and two years ago i lost 4 stone on a liquid only diet only to put it back on as soon as i started to eat solid food again.:cry:

So here i am, I joined SW on tuesday and am excited as i have seen people's great results on here and within my circle of friends. So i am hoping that i can achieve this to. I have been asked to be a bridesmaid next april, which i am very excited about.. but i have been asked to go and try some dresses on now.. the only problem is the biggest size they go up to is a 18, so at the moment i am trying to put the bride off for a couple of weeks lol :sigh:

I have recenetly in the last 6 months found out that i have PCOS, and they have said that i suffer with my weight because of this. I am 26 now and do not as yet have any children but i do hope to have some one day. I look after 3 great children full time however, so i guess i am nearly there.:rolleyes:

I am a comfort eater and due to lots of stress over the last couple of years the weight has been like a yo- yo.. my mum suffered a stroke and since then i have been looking after her also so life has been mad. But i have now decided that i need to do something for me.. I have some lovely clothes that i just cant get into. i am now getting up in the morning and thinking what will fit rather than what is washed and ironed. So this is it! This is my diary and it starts here. I am gonna give this my all!! I need to do this for myself.. i hope i havent rambled on too much and i am sorry for any spelling/ grammar etc.. ( i am rubbish):confused:

please feel free to write on my diary i would love to hear from you all. This forum has really pushed me on and all you people on here are fantastic..:D

so here goes.. wastch this space !!:)
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It should work for you, just give it time and enjoy all the lovely food you can have on SW!

I'm not sure how you do it, but perhaps you should move this to the diary thread up the top. Maybe someone can help??
oh.. oops hope i havent upset anyone putting it in the wrong place.. i am useless on computers lol.. cant even put a pic on like you have of Tinkerbell, i will try and find out :0( xx


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No, you wouldn't have upset anyone!!! You will be able to add pictures etc when you have posted more comments. Get posting!!!


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Hi Gems,
Good luck, I cant wait to see how well you do!
Tracey x


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S: 17st3lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 2st4lb(13.28%)
Hi Gems, For me it is all about having my head in the right place and staying focused-not always easy!! i am eating so much better, and feel better about myself because i am in control! I also do much better when i am organised food wise, so I try and make sure I always have free food in. I also keep visualising my long term goal-to fit into size 12/14 jeans with a snazzy belt-LOL!! This forum is a lifeline for me as well, as I don't feel so alone. I am losing weight slowly at approx 1lb a week, and whereas before I would have thought 'sod it!!' I now think that its better than 1lb on. Good luck Gems-you can do it, of that I am sure!!


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S: 17st3lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 2st4lb(13.28%)
Hi again, i also have PCOS, and am a veggie, so only do green days. x
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Good Luck Gems! I am sure you will be fine and do really well xxx


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Good luck, Gems!
Thank you so much for your support :), i am definatley going to giveit my all.. I have been hiding it behind the smiles and that, but my self confidence has never been so low so got to try and get back on track.. and there is no better time what with summer starting so everyday i am just going to write on here and i can look back on good days and bad. As i am sure there will be lots of them ups and downs..

i am sorry if i havent written in the part of the forum i should i have i am crap when it comes to computers lol..

hopw your all having a good day, any plans for the weekend. I think i shall be at home as i have recently moved from croydon in surrey to near hastings, so i am near the sea. Think this weekend is gonna be some free food shopping and some long long walks with my dog.. all helps as money is tight at the moment so will do me good not to go out much!!

Gems xx

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