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General- Is it possible???


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If you can be 100% disciplined then yes it is possible to do the diet on your own with the help of this site. There are several people on here that do the eating plan on their own and are very successful.

I am personally not ready to go it alone and was thinking about it a week ago but i am going to classes for now.

good luck and you can get all the help that you need on here.


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It is possible and there are a good few on here who do it successfully, I take my hat off to them cos I know I couldn't!! I need the threat of the SW scale to keep me on the straight and narrow!


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same here jaylou - i've tried it so many times on my own, and the only thing that stops me from bingeing is knowing that i have to step on the scales in front of people every thursday.

it can be done though - some of the people on here have proved it! and well done to them! :D


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I can't see why you couldn't do it alone. Use the magazine as well, and support here. I think setting a weigh in day and posting here might help you focus a bit? Good Luck


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I've just started on my own - can't afford the money every week (prefer to spend it on myself). Had my first weigh in this morning and I've lost 5lb.

If you put your mind to it you can do it yourself - give it a go for a few weeks and if you can't get away with it then go to classes or join online again.

Good luck xx
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So long as you can be realy focused you should be able to go it alone, I am and finding it great but only cos I am on here all the time lol. There is sooo much good support and advice that I find its better than a class cos this is here 24/7 when you need it most. Only do it when you feel realy confident though and if you do decide to go it alone, if you find you are slipping a bit, go back to class. Good luck. xx

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Going it alone

Hi, I'd be happy to be your "go it alone" buddy as I have been doing so for the last week and a half after quitting classes due to money, time and boredom. I think you have to be willing to forgive yourself if you overindulgence, remember the rule of flexi-syns if you are going out, and decide on short term goals and how often you are going to weigh yourself. Are you going to do one particular plan or a mixture? I am doing Extra Easy. If you are interested in buddying up then leave me a visitor/private message.:)


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I'm doing it on my own, and without the help of the people on this forum I would probably not be doing as well as I am, I am so grateful that I found this site and the wonderful people on it, stay with it - you can do it, best wishes and good luck to you.

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