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General Moan

Hi all, Ive not been around for a while, started a new job a few months ago, so barely been able to come on here (no computer at home) Have been doing SW for nearly 2 years now, and im so stuck I should of got to target by now, and its just not happening, I have 12lbs to go and ive lost the plot with it, all I want to do is eat naughty stuff and not stick on plan, I dont know whats wrong with me! when im into the plan im so strong with willpower, but these last few months seem to have tested me, and won! Does anyone else get like this? A big part of me thinks Ive lost 3.5 stone, i only have 1 stone more ( well 12lbs but another stone would be great) and i just seem to not be able to manage it :( any advice, shouts or prods in the right direction will help! sorry if I dont reply straight away, its so difficult at work :( xxx
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We had some advice from our consultant this week for anybody that is struggling and that was to go back to basics, fill out a food diary, weigh everything and read your books. Hope that helps. Start this week as you are a newbie to the plan x
Try visualising yourself a stone lighter, what are you wearing? How does it feel? Try photoshopping your head onto a figure you like, or a catalogue model wearing clothes you like.

Try putting effort into exercise good luck!
I didn`t want to read and run wither as i know how you`re feeling .... If i find my mojo i`ll share it with ya ;)
We had some advice from our consultant this week for anybody that is struggling and that was to go back to basics, fill out a food diary, weigh everything and read your books. Hope that helps. Start this week as you are a newbie to the plan x
I agree with foodjunkie10, I think that would be the best thing for you to do. Try and not think about how much weight you've lost already but how much you have left to lose and start afresh. Good luck and keep your chin up! xxx
I could have written this myself a few days ago! I got down to my target of 9st 7 a couple of months ago but readjusted my target to aim for 9st exactly but I ended up gaining some more weight and now I'm left with 12lbs to lose to reach my new target.

I was feeling really jaded with it all and very unmotivated but I decided I needed some extra support and today joined a SW group (I've been doing it myself at home for the last 10 months). This has really given me loads of motivation to continue.

I don't know if you already go to group but I would say that going back to basics and starting over as if you were a new member can really work to remotivate you. Good luck!
you may have had a few weeks where you did not lose, but you did not gain, when your ready you will be motivated again.


Put the kettle on
When your tempted by all the non sw friendly things, dont think about your weight loss. Instead think about your health and how it will make you feel in the long run. If I want a takeaway I always remind myself Ill feel really bloated tired and lethargic after it so whats the point?! Give yourself a week or so of thinking like this and then it should be easier to move back into following sw 100%.

What others have said is good about getting back to a class and starting from scratch. A fresh start and all that can be a massive boost.
Hi all thanks so much for taking the time to reply, it means alot, and i know im not on my own! Everything you say is very good advice, but the thing is i do write down my food in my food diary every day, and have done for 2 years almost, even when im eating crap i write it down! lol. I exercise alot, I walk 4 miles a day, power plates, zumba, Im thinking i need to step it up a bit more, but its having the time. I manage to fit that all in, so perhaps a weekend. I know I love SW when im on plan and how much I enjoy it, but its getting back into the swing of things. Like today im being taken out for lunch at work, then i have drinks after work, tomorrow another lunch and another evening doo, its hard going, and its only going to get worse with the xmas season upon us. I know whats best to drink and whats not so thats fine. I weighed in last night and actually lost 1/2lb which I was shocked about so thats a good start! Thanks again all, im feeling more positive, so lets hope it continues! xx
speak to your consultant about it, there was a lady at our group who was stuck just couldn't seem to shift the last stone, C put her on a special unit plan...C didn't say much about it other than it was to do with your weighand height and it's a bit of a straight jacket, but it does kick start you again. She lost 4lbs this week! xx
It's so hard to get back onto something once you relax a little isn't it! I think it's all about your frame of mind. Be determined. Think of how you will feel when u achieve your goals. Come on here for support! X

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