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General Moaning!


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Hiya Girls (& Guys)

I'm not usually one to start threads. I mostly lurk around and post replies when the need takes me. Today is a little different because I feel completely naffed off and had to vent it somewhere!!

I don't feel the need to eat, even though I seem to spend all of my time cooking and looking after everyone else.
The OH tends to do whatever he wants and likes to do while I'm playing the dutiful housegirlfriend!

No, talking doesn't help as whatever I say seems to go in one ear out out of the other (I don't think there's anything in the middle to stop it).

There isn't much of a point to this post!

My LLC always says "be nice to yourself", but how can you be when all you seem to be is a donkey to everyone elses needs?

Work is stressful, family are a more disfunctional version of the Adams family and the OH is as much use as a chocolate frog (sorry for mentioning chocolate!).

I start my group sessions next Thursday - by which time I will be half way through the program! I don't think I've done too badly on my own so far....i've probably worked out as much in my own mind on my own as I would have in a group! Having this site really has helped me. In earlier, more turbulent times I have come on here to talk myself out of eating....or to just pick other peoples brains about issues and symptoms. Other peoples stories also act as inspiration and my stubborn "if she can do it then so can I" attitude comes out! So I am thankful for that.

So, sorry for posting my rant on here! I think I've cleared my head a bit now so I will get on with it!

Thank you all for listening and being available to lend your support when its needed! :D

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Well done to you for doing half the program alone without the group.
Good losses too.
Maybe you should tell everyone you need some backup and help, have you explained this diet. You need some me time.
I hope you get it sorted!
You deserve help around the house. Its not your duty to do everything.
All the best


oooh I am with you on this one - I think my family is totally dysfunctional and I get days where I am sick of clearing up again - flushing and cleaning all the toilets - laundry - picking things up off the floor - and am I the only person who cannot walk past a pile at the bottom of the stairs without picking it up and putting it upstairs where it belongs?
Its good to rant - but believe me you are not alone!
I think you will enjoy your group sessions - as you can let off some steam andf have 2 precious hours all to yourself
Big Hugs


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You need some me time, you need to be good to yourself!!

If he wont listen then I am with laststraw I would stop doing stuff for him. My OH is terribly messy, he doesn't notice if something is a mess or needs cleaned and just leaves things lying all over the place. I had enough of getting on at him to help so one day I took the whole day off, i went shopping and left him with the kids and a list of things to do. He actually did most of the list and thats what i do now if its all to much I just leave and tell him to sort it!! Maybe I have him really well trained but I just said in plain terms I was not his housemaid and he has to lend a hand. If i came back and nothing had been sorted then god help him!


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Thanks girls, you are all completely right as usual and post the same type of replies that i would have done! :D

Everything seems to be magnified on this program. Feelings that I would normally bottle up until I snap come to prominance so much easier and quicker! Dealing with general day to day issues are a lot harder than abstaining from food, especially when food isn't there to stiffle the feelings!

Thank you all again, your opinions and views are very much appreciated ;)


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