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General Overview?

Hi guys

Could you possibly give me a general overview of this diet. I've previously done LL but got myself into debt trying to pay for it and had to stop. Predicably i've put all my weight back on (plus some) but i've found total replacement diets work much better for me than diets involving food. I've heard this diet is much cheaper. Can anyone help me out?
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My own personal view of this diet is ...

It is kept very plain so that you get a complete break from food.

You have strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, chicken soup and peanut and coconut flapjacks which are similar to the ones LL use to have...not sure if they still have them.

You stay on the diet without a break (there is no AAM week) until you reach your goal and then you do the refeeding programme which is crucial as you need to adjust to reintroducing food back into your diet after such a long break...

Support is minimal, you get weighed, asked how is it going and your weight is recorded.

It is an all or nothing plan as when you slip you have very little options..either get back on the plan or refeed.

Eclipse did this diet to the letter and has been maintaining for almost three years now.
I pay £36 per week for my shakes, I find that is much cheaper than what I would spent on real food. I could quite easily spend £36 a week at work in the canteen, not to mention the eating out and takeaways every week - am deffo saving money this way!
I would say go with CD as the price difference is likely to be hardly anything, the products are way nicer and the options are better - and as long as you get a good CDC you'll get good support.
How much is CD for a weeks worth? I'm presumming you do get weighed weekly?
It can vary according to what your CDC charges, but should be between £34-£39 a week. You usually go every week but I used to go every 2 weeks, just a bit more flexible really. If you need to find a CDC there is a list on the CD website
well having followed LT religiously for what will be six weeks and losing almost 2 stone id say go with LT but then again i havent tried CD...its what works for the individual i guess and for me this is it :)

good luck with whatever you decide

h x


Back on the wagon!
I found LT great and lost 65llbs however after a few months you get soooooo bored with the standard flavours so I think if you have lots to loose CD could be a better choice.

Also with LT as Mini said you dont really get that much support (except for this site)....I think having a good CDCs (as Elle said if they have to be good) must make a difference in helping keep you on track....

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