General w/c: 18th September 2006


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Another week and loads of pounds for the Wemitts to lose!

GOOD LUCK to our very own Uni Wemitt Debbie (Russiandoll) as she starts today!

Kamilla xx
Hi Kam, hope you are feeling tons better today and that our Russsiandoll has a great first day. I am back on track as of today, have been a bit of a laxy old dieter lately but have realised with just 26 days til our holiday I still have time to shift a good few lbs; so wish me luck, I want to see that 66lbs to go change to 54 before I go away! Love
When I say ;laxy' I do mean lazy of course!!!!!!!!!!!
Hiya Barb,
Still not 100% I'm convinced its the lack of CD in my body! All those nutrients are missing from me even though I am eating healthy stuff maybe I need some added vits? Seeing GP this morning for check up. Had a headache now for 14 days! ever since my operation and generally feel crap.
On the plus side I have lost a few pounds since my operation!
Had a heart to heart with DH last night a much needed one. Finally told him that I am so ashamed of my revolting boobs covered in scars and its really getting me down, they look awful and so lopsided. So much so that not being able to talk to anyone had led me to phoning a helpline for advice...their advice talk to you DH! I got out all the feelings I've been hiding for months and how worried I am about my results. He was very upset that I felt that I would never be able to as he put it....get them out! in front of him again. He is totally behind me having a reduction and lift when I get to goal and as promised to pay for it even if it means taking out a loan...he hates loans!
Still feel pretty crap this morning though wish I could get rid of the headache and constant nauseous feeling.
DH is off today so I can take it easy. PHEW!
Barb....good luck with restarting. x
Love to you all
Kamilla x
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Oh Kam, I am so glad you talked to your DH, we don't always give our men the credit they deserve do we? Sometimes mine really surprises me by understanding when I don't expect him to - having said that sometimes he is on a different planet entirely!LOL.
I think you have to remember that although your bod is not how you would like it to be, your Dh just sees 'you', the woman he loves, ok you've been through a lot but he has still got you and that is the main thing. I think it is brilliant that he is happy for you to have surgery if that is what you want, but reading between the lines it is for you not him. he loves you whatever and if that doesn't put a smile on your face nothing will! Good luck at the docs, you really should not have to be putting up with this headache stiil 14 days is too long. make sure your Gp realises how bad it is - DO NOT BE BRAVE about it - tell it like it is.
let us know how you get on. Love and hugs
Morming All
Just a quickie as must be out by 10am but as I am now a Wemitt just had to say hi.
Oh Kam you did well talking to you DH know how hard that can be I always land up in tears and never say what i wanted to but as he tells me he can not mind read so we do need to talk to them and as yours has they come up trumps at times.God luck at GPs try to have a easy day and let us know how it goes.
Barb you sound so positive today,good luck for a good day sending you lots of positive vibes x I am sure 66 will change to 55 very soon.
As for me,well I see my CDC tomorrow so will let you all know then how it goes,feeling very good at mo.positive and really wanting to get closer to the finishing line or starting line how everyou look at it as I say this is just the first journey the second one starts when you get to goal.
Must go as Belle is sitting by the door I am sure she can tell the time I said we were going out at 10 and a few mins ago she got off her chair and is now satting by the door,so its a walk to the shops via the park she will sit in huddies car,I will do a bit of shopping have hair trimmed then we will walk home via the field.
Wishing everyone a good day xx
Wow Libbie, you are doing so well, 102lbs gone! It is very inspiring to see that others can do it, it makes me think, i can too. Thanks for the good wishes, have a great day, love
Saw the doctor. He didn't understand why I can't to go back on CD! So rang HQ to find out exactly why.....apparently its because I have had my skin cut. Even though the operation this time was minor having a GA makes all the difference. Wish I'd had a local now! I did ask but the consultant thought it would be too painful. Anyway, lovely lady I spoke to at HQ said I could have one pack a day for now and go back on SS in another 6 weeks. So light at the end of the tunnel.
Right have to pick up Sophie from playgroup as DH has had to pop into London.
Libbie....OMG well done you 102lbs is fantastic!
Kam x
Kam, bless you. You take GOOD care of yourself. Your DH sounds a sweetie. Sometimes when I talk to Michael, I feel he doen't LISTEN to me. (most of the time in fact!) Then on other rare ocasions he really surprises me with his understanding.
Booked another trip to Italy over the weekend. Got flights for £7.99 each way with ThomsonFly and managed to get a good deal on a Hotel in Lucca. That's next year's summer clothes shopping taken care of then!!
Looking forward to CDC training day on Wednesday (I think)
We've had one of those satnav things so hope she knows the way because I am completely USELESS at finding places.
Going to pick some elderberries today and make some wine, I should be able to have a glass now and again by the time it's ready.
Had another clothes sort out yesterday, yet more stuff for e bay and freecycle.
Have a good day all you lovely WeMitts.
Ann xxx
Grrr.. somewhere along the line this morning, it went from being a great day to a S**t day!

Erin was playing up, Dog played up, then went to pet shop... had a near smash on the way back... then took foster teen from school to Dr's.. managed to reverse into a gate (as I couldn't drive through).. foster teen was blocking mirrors as i was moving and I didn't notice i was close to the gate till too late... Bumper is dented in, but it's a landrover discovery so pretty hardy.. hubby has taken hammer to bumper to straighten it. Just hope i don't get a bill for the gate!

Got home, picked up hot x buns for toddler to have as part of her lunch and it knocked our salt grinder to the floor.. where it promptly smashed!

I'm fed up!

Only thing stopping me eating is the 2lb that went off the scales this morning!
Oh Babe
Just read this after reading your positive start to the day.
Why do things like this happen?It is as though someone some where says she is haveing it to good she is to happy lets change that and changes the day,
Well just change it back,you have started buy writing it down now do something nice,sing or laugh out loud and just try to carry on.
You are doing so well keep it up
must dash forgat to do something x
Thanks Libbie... i hid in here for a while and have done nothing today... for fear if i go anywhere near anything i'll break it!

i have the washer and drier going.. can't steer clear of that no one else does it! lol

Enjoy the rest of your day. ((Hugs))

Kam - glad you had a chat with your DH. I don't know your history, but have scars myself there from a benign tumour taken out 2 years ago now. Not nice, along with others.. i try to view them as my battle scars... battles fought and won. :rolleyes:
I'm sure you DH loves you for more than a body.. don't forget that! ((Hugs))
Debbie, I hope uni goes well! I love writing essays and as an English teacher I will gladly offer my services!! Best of luck!! Don't get too drunk at freshers week!!
Purple Hugs....that is an excellent way to look at your scars....I was comtemplating having a face tattooed on one of mine as its looks abit like a worm! Hope your day goes better than yesterday...oh and well done on the 2lbs.

Ann....I'm very jealous I want a holiday too :(. Money is very tight at the moment so we haven't been away for 2 years :(.

Irene....thanks. Hope your well and losing loads. And hows Cat?

Everyone else morning and have a great day...glugging that H2O!

Spent most of last night fixing a top that I brought for my mates wedding this Saturday....what a nightmare. Brought a smaller bra as boobs were falling oput of others!!:eek: Anyway went totry it on last night with new bra and being lazy thought Id not bother to unzip the side oh dear only went and ripped it! So out came the sewing machine...abit of brown lace & khaki material that I happen to have lying around. After unpicking both sides of the top I managed to sew on 2 panels and fix the top PHEW! Anyway if I say so myself it looks even better now!! Thank God for my Mother who brought me the sewing machine'll need it one day! It been fab as I've lost weight as I've saved loads of money taking things in!

Kamilla....still with a headache :(
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Purple Hugs....that is an excellent way to look at your scars....I was comtemplating having a face tattooed on one of mine as its looks abit like a worm! Same op with complications. Hope your day goes better than yesterday...oh and well done on the 2lbs.

Thanks I'm hoping today is a better day too!
Good news is the scales moved another 1lb! so i'm sat at 13stone!! OMG i'm so excited to be on the edge of moving down.. it had better show on my CDC's scales or i'll be gutted! lol

Have PM'd you about op/scars. I think in time it'll likely fade a little more so hang on in there on the tattoo.. unless you are that way inclined of course! lol i have 3 and love them i must admit.

Well done for fixing your top! you are clever.. i have a machine but all i can do is run up curtains that are always about a quarter of an inch different from each one! lol

Have a good one everyone! ;)
Oh my dream to be in the 13's! One day. ;) Well done you!

Just thought having a face on the end of my scar would make me laugh at it! But having read you PM I think I'll stick with your way of looking at them.

Oh I do curtains, duvet covers, the lot! Just had a friend drop in a few bits that need taking in. And said of course no problem I'll get them done today! I AM MAD! So better log of and get on with them.

Kamilla xx
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You'll get there hun!
I'm glad my post helped, but see how you feel about it all in a while. It's early days. ((hugs))

lol you ARE mad!! but kind!

Dropped Erin at school today and she burst into tears.. seems she's being picked on. spoke to receptionist who is lovely. She goes to a little country village school and they are looking into it. felt horrible leaving her though. She's never coped very well at school and we home educated her for 6 months last year.

got home.. and builders who are knocking down garages at the end of our gardens.. have knocked down the garage wall at the end of our garden and the concrete slabs fell onto our swing set!! So now we have to go through getting compensation for a new set.. they're only 8 months old! They're all crushed on one side.

Not sure what's going on this week... but i don't like it! Hope life goes back to some relative peace and quiet soon.
Oh poor Erin. I wished that Sophie cried when I first left her!! Sounds cruel I know but she has never been bothered when I leave her anywhere but then she is always happy to see me too! Hope shes ok.
MAD! I'm barking mad!!!LOL Dropped in to see my fab friend & CDC in her lovely new house! And left with the curtains from her DD room to hem up LOL! All done and she just collected them.....I think she thinks I'm totally bonkers that I did them in a hour! But hey once I get going I'm off....same I can't say the same about the way I lose weight!
Anyway, apart from the headache from hell which I'll probably miss when its gone after 15 days of it! I feel ok. Not at all nauseous today and feeling pretty painfree....oh those tablets are fab! Did something I really shouldn't have this morning and took my stiches out! :eek: Well its been 15 days and I'm not back at the hospital to have them removed for another week and they were driving me loopy! Feels much more comfortable now. Spoken to a few really nice people who have made me feel so much better about me! you know who you are...thanks xxxx
Better think about picking Toby up from school although I've stopped rushing they never come out on time! Funny the school changed its hours so they now finish at 3.20pm but yet in the 2 weeks they've been back he hasn't come out before 3.35pm once! Do you think they've forgotten!!LOL
Off to AGM at Cubs later...yawn :rolleyes: then a quick drink on the way home.
Have a good evening all....
Kamilla xxx