General W/C 6th November 2006...lets have some colour this week very grey outside!


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Morning Wemitts!
:( What a quiet week it was last week I was beginning to feel very alone.....
Hope your all well. Look forward to hearing how well your all doing.....
Kam xx
Morning Kam - Morning all!

Just a quickie as I'm about to see little 'un off to school but thought I'd report in at the start of the new week.

I'm absolutely full of a head-cold (sniff, sniff, snort, splutter!) so feeling a bit cr*p and NOT in the mood for any food packs - to have one I'll have to literally force myself.

Hey - I went out clubbing on Saturday night and will be back to report on what happened ;)

Anyway - catch you all in a while.
Ahh dancing Wemitt! look forward to hearing all about it later.
Having a huge clear up today...of all the cupboards in my kitchen that have so much stuff in we really don't use anymore so in the bin it goes! DH is pff today so he's doing all the school & playgroup runs so I can just get stuck in. Talking of which suppose I better had!

Later all.

Kam x
Good morning Kam,

I'm making the effort this week to come over to this side!
Had a naughty weekend and a deserved weight gain, hoping to refocus from today!

Off to work now but will pop in later, have a lovely day and happy clearing:)

Aaahhhhhhhhhh Jude so good to see you. Slap wrists to me I keep meaning to call you or pop over to DH but I can't login in there :mad:. Lovely to see you here.
Have a good day at work!
OMG I really must get on with those cupboards!
Kam xx
Hi everyone, very intrigued to hear about your night clubbing Debbie - bet you wouldn't have done that a year ago!

Nice crisp wintery morning out there, seems a shame to be stuck in the office. Still, I did well yesterday lots of cleaning at home and then, dare i say it, made a start on christmas shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catch you later wemitts, love
I spent the day cleaning yesterday as well, and emptied my cupboards acouple of weeks ago..threw out to much stuff!!

me & mini me are sick today....not good...its no fun being sick, and even worse when you've got to look after a child thats sick as well :(
OK - well, youngest daughter gone to school, daughter #3 gone to college, DH gone to work, I'm showered, dressed, washing machine loaded and so with only around 999 things left to do, I thought I'd pop back on here for a few minutes! :p

It was a strange kind of a weekend / end of last week.
I had my 'new-start' on Tuesday 31st ... picked a right week for a new week of total SS with no bars didn't I - Halloween on day 1 (no sweeties for me), granddaughter #2's birthday party the next day (sat amongst the party fare with a mug of soup), youngest daughter's family birthday party two days later on the 3rd (hands trembling whilst preparing all the yummies), then a birthday treat to the swimming pool for her and her friends the next day (Saturday) with munchies afterwards and a fireworks party last night where I laid on hot dogs, chilli, rice, savory mince, baked spuds, hot baguettes and toffee apples. I swear I must be a masochist!!

Anyway - this week has gone OK ... not nearly as horrible as I thought it would be. In fact, because I'm already used to the water intake thing, it was easier than first time around. I had only one headache and wasn't as hungry or food-obssessed as I was in March either. I have my first weigh-in later at 4.30 so watch this space!!

I was invited out clubbing by an old buddy of mine on Saturday. There were seven of us going altogether and we went to FLARES in Portsmouth (getting into practice for the wemitt meet! ;) ). I offered to be the designated driver as I was drinking only water and have an eight seater people mover.

I wore a light blue pair of jeans decorated with pearls up the legs, a black sleeveless top, gathered below the bust with a silver ring, black boots and a black thigh-length jacket ... a sort of Edwardian style (in at the waist, sort of ferny self-patterned ... hard to describe). A bit of slap and I was ready to hit the town!

Flares is Flares is Flares ... anyone who has been to 'a Flares' (and they're all over the place) will know that they're a retro 70s style disco and aren't exactly 'high class' but I think they're a lot of fun. It was odd staying stone-cold-sober and watching the majority of people in the club getting progressively more lashed as the night went on. Lots of women with drooping eyelids, staggering around with vacant, fixed grins on the dance floor - not a good look! :p

Anyway - the upshot is that I felt a lot more confident about myself than in the past and was quite happy dancing (had very sore feet by the end of the evening). I got at least half a dozen 'winks' from blokes; one guy tried his luck but I wouldn't have been interested even if I WASN'T married (he wasn't horrible but wasn't my type at all). I told him I was happily married but he told me he STILL wanted to take me home (excuse me ... the word 'bargepole' comes to mind!)

The best moment for me was when this same guy dragged both me and my friend up onto the light-up dance floor (think 'Saturday Night Fever') and we were bopping away when suddenly I found myself facing a rather tasty younger bloke (maybe in this early 30s) and we somehow became a dancing 'pair'. He was a great mover and we were really 'grooving' together. There was no conversation, no touching, nothing nasty - just plenty of eye contact and some good moves ... brilliant 'feel good' factor!

I would never, ever have done that at my heaviest ... NEVER. Apart from anything else, I couldn't have stood up for that long (the club is very small and there were no chairs / tables). My back, hips, knees and feet would have been in utter agony. I would have felt huge, obvious and ugly. I would have avoided eye contact with everyone for fear of their reactions.
Instead, I was confident enough to go to the loo on my own, to the bar on my own, to squeeze through small gaps between the crowds, have eye contact with blokes and smile ... a major change in my own attitude towards myself!

We got home at about 3am ... I was shattered! Good thing about SS though - no hangover the next day! ;)

We went out on the Sunday to get Fireworks and food for the family get-together I'd arranged for the Sunday evening and the road next to mine was all taped off by the police: turns out someone was murdered there in the early hours of Sunday morning (opposite where I dropped my friend off :eek: ). I'm watching the news later to see if they have more info.

Anyway - enough of my epic post. You've probably fallen asleep at the keyboard reading it so you can WAKE UP NOW!! :D I'll post my weight-loss later.

You're right about the grey weather ... it's really foggy here: I can hear loads of fog-horns coming from the Solent so here's a bit of colourful fun for you. This is a psychology experiment I did in my A level ... read out the list saying the COLOUR not the word! ;)

Loving all the colour!!

Debbie sounds like you had a fab time in I'm feeling really gutted about the Birmingham meet :(. Oh you bad girl making eye contact with that guy...not really! way to go! you Diva you!

Well how bored of cleaning out the cupboards am I!!! VERY! just having a break while drinking my first pint of the day! And recovering from cleaning a whole bottle of watermelon smelling sun cream that had exploded at the back of one cupboard up! Oh yuk there was green cream everywhere!

Got 40 minutes left of total peace before I have to collect Sophie from playgroup so suppose I better get on!

Later all.

Kam xx

P. S's you today hun?
Wow Debbie - you really had a good time didn't you! Fantastic,thats what life changing stuff is all about - actual changes. As you say there are so many reasons you would not have had all that fun, but you did and I am so chuffed for you. You have picked a tricky week to get back to SS but I suppose the truth is it is never going to be easy and you must be glad to have got those first few days out of the way. Well done, looking forward to hearing how well your weigh in goes. My prediction? 10lbs off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lots of love
10lb off?? A tall order Barb but we'll see what happens later! (gulp!)

I can't tell you how great it was to be able to swing my hips Shakira style and not knock everyone off the dance-floor! :D Oh - and I forgot to mention that Mr 'I'd like to take you home' said to me after seeing me dance with Mr 'Tasty good-mover' that if he'd watched me for much longer he'd have 'got arrested' for what he was thinking :eek: :eek: Not exactly subtle as chat up lines go but strangely flattering ....

Anyway - how are things going with you Barb? Head getting into the right place for another attack on the weight-loss front yet?

The fog has cleared here and it's back to being the SUNNY SOUTH COAST! Hooray!!
RussianDoll-you saucy minx ! Sounds like you had a great night out-and all on water,too.

I had a go at your colour test-had to concentrate very hard!
Good bit of fun.

Good luck with you weigh-in:)

Waiting for Debbie's return after her 4.30pm weigh in.....right you've been SSing for a week right? And you've been 200% good right? I'm going slightly lower than Barb and saying 7lbs off!
Good luck.
Kam x
Ooooh - we've got a sweep-stake going on!! :p

I'm hoping for at least 7lb. I'll be leaving in about 20 mins.
Hurray up Debbie - we are all waiting with great expectation!!!!!!

OK wemitt buddies ... I'm back and .............

it wasn't 7lb

it wasn't 10lb

(drum roll)

it was 11lb :D :D :D

back down out of the 13s with my current weight now being 12st 12lb. Phew!

OK - back on track. Just 6lb to be where I was before my 'break' and I can do that in a couple of weeks.

Sheesh I love this diet!! ;)

It also means I just about made the Bonfire challenge with a 15lb loss - how did I manage THAT?? lol
Hey Debbie, I hate to be smug, but I was the closest prediction wise! 11lbs is just fantastic, I am so chuffed for you and to be staright back in the 12's that is so good. You ask how I am and where my head is. Well, I know I am not back into a dieting head but I have nibbled less today and feel a bit happier. Didn't manage a swim though so that is annoying - the time thing is a problem though, it may only be an hour but finding it is a real challenge at times. Tomorrow I've got mums' hospital appointment so will have to wait and see how long that takes. I refuse to pressurise myself at the moment- I know the right time will come.
Well Done Debbie, you are a star!!!!!

Lots of love
Have you read the sunday mirror? Just read it on line and it talks about a girl who died on LL!!!!! She went from 33 stone to 24 in 6 months and then died of a heart arythmmia (spelling!!). LL had to justify themselves at the inquest.

However the Mirrors article is factually incorrect - damn tabloids! :mad: :mad: :mad:
Yep - you can always rely on the tabloids to go for the sensationalist slant!

This poor young woman had been very obese and the liklihood is that her health had already been compromised. If she'd died of obesity linked complications whilst still at 33st then you wouldn't have heard a cuckoo from the papers - she would have just been a statistic ... one of the
279, 000 people who die each year in the EU from obesity related illnesses.

But no - she was on a VLCD so suddenly the fingers are pointed before the facts are known.
A sad state of affairs and unfortunately one that could have serious implications: if it has put off someone who could have been helped by a VLCD and they consequently go on to die because of obesity then THAT lies on the head of the sensation seeking hounds of the tabloid press.
Such a passionate response there Deb - I'm sweating with your intensity and heartfelt response!! Go girl! I've actually written to the editor about this sensationalist stuff - I'' let you know if I am published! :p :p :p