General W/C 9th October 2006!

Good morning everyone! :D
Hello Wemitts,

Hope everyone is having a great day!
tis blinking cold this morning isn't it?! I have my tootsies firmly planted on the radiator as I type LOL

Maybe a hot choc would warm me up... back in a wee while xx
Wow now that week went seriously quick!

Still doing diy and oversaw a load of hay and straw being delivered at the horse yard.

Am going back onto AAM for the next few days, and then going to speak to my CDC about 790 as i'm struggling this week. :rolleyes:

Still the same weight so that's good news i suppose! :eek:
busy today sorting members out on my freecycle, i just took it over there isnt much more to is than when i moderated it which is just as well lol,

plodding along on 790, finding it fun decideing if i should have chicken tuna or cottage cheese for dinner, i never used to like cottage cheese but my tastes have changed since i started cd,
Afternoon everyone,well as u know its day 1 for me on my LT jouney.
I was wondering do u think it is ok if i have cd water flavours as i dont drink tea or coffee and sometime just having hot drink with the berry flavouring really helped me when i was feeling crappy.
Hope u r all having a good day,take care xx
Hi Irene
My courses are going really well although the pressure is starting to mount as the formative assessments are due in soon (in 2 weeks) ... that's eight assignments in all.

We were given a sample textual analysis to study in the Victorian Literature module (done by a previous student) and far from making me feel better, it really rattled me as it's so 'academic' and 'wordy' to the point of the verbose: I don't think I know that many fancy words and expressions! Oh well, let's hope the tutor likes plain speaking! :)

I lost my way a bit yesterday as far as the diet is concerned. I think the AAM week I did three weeks ago did more damage than good :( . I'm now feeling quite worried that I seem to have learned very little in the way of adopting new coping strategies in times of stress.
I'm pretty tired generally and fed up with SSing: my house is a mess with loads of decorating and DIY still to do (no carpets in most of the rooms and we've been here a year!) - the finances just won't stretch to it: I'm finding it all a bit depressing TBH.

Anyway - I have little option other than to keep plodding on with the diet. It's either that or give up and regain the weight .... and as I don't much like the thought of that prospect, I'll have to persevere with option 1!

Hope everyone is having a great 'pink' day :)
Hi Debbie

If you would like any help or pointers with your coursework - ask me - I got a 2:1 in my English Degree at Chichester!

And don't worry about Victorian Literature - I remember too feeling muddled by seeing someone else's textual analysis... Just use your own words and DRAFT - DRAFTING is the way to go!

PM if you need any help!

CC xxx xxx xxx
Hi all, thought it was time to catch up, after the trauma of last week I am now busy planning stuff for the twins birthday(19 on wednesday) whilst panicking about packin/shopping/preparing for our holiday! We are off at 4am on Saturday morning to Venice and then cruising up to Dubrovnik and back! Looking forward to it, feel slightly worried about leaving the kids after last week but they seem to be really pulling together and supporting each other and so I do feel they will stick together whilst we are gone.
I cannot pretend I have given the diet any thought at all; However I have not been stuffing myself either so I don't think I have done any real harm and if I have I will sort it out after the hoilday. It's no good worrrying, I have realised that there are very much more important things in life than how much I weigh! That doesn't mean I am stopping though, I still want to keep my steady loss going but I am going to be gentle with myself, I don't feel up to being super strong at the moment. Hope everyone else is doing OK, Have a nioce evening, lots of love,
Barb, it's completely understandable that your mind has been elsewhere this past week, you have your priorities completely correct you and your family should definitely come before any diet issues, glad you are feeling better about things and 'Venice' !woooo you lucky lady, I hope you have a wonderful time, *is a tad jealous* lol
You make sure you enjoy your hol and come back to us feeling completely relaxed and rejeuvinated!:)

Debbie, Your posts are always so well articulated and I have no doubts whatsoever that you will excell in your course! I still maintain that you are some sort of superwoman though!!!:)

Roch, I know they dont recommend the flavours until a couple of weeks into the diet, but if you really really feel you cant do without it then maybe just a small amount? I think the reason they say not to is so that your body can get firmly rooted into ketosis but if you are the type of lucky soul who has no probs with reaching ketosis then maybe you will be ok - I agree though, getting the water down in this cold weather is awful!
Hope your first day is going ok? xx:)

Purple hugs, you sound like you have been such a busy bee lately maybe your body just needs that extra bit of sustinence and if you feel 790 is best for you then you go girl!!! 790 still acheives good weightloss by all accounts so no harm done xx:)

Kam hows that headache now? hope you are feeling better hun? xx:)

*Runs around looking for Irene... finds her and gives her a great big hug!! No reason other than I think you are fab!!!:D

Curvy chick another brainy wemitt in our midst, *makes a conscious effort to appear more academic in presence of brainy wemitts Debbie and Curvy* :D
Thanks :) i'm hoping so.
I'm still the same weight this morning, but felt better for a bit of salmon last night.

fingers x'd i can lose at least 1lb before thursday. but if not.. maintaining isn't a failure... in a bad week :p

hope you all have a good day today!
Hi guys and dolls, hope everyone is having a good day, I am freeeeeezing here!!!
Just writing out my christmas list LOL, it's gonna cost Pete a fortune haha I can't wait for christmas though, (our 1st christmas in our own home) I love all that putting the tree up and the lights, watching home alone and a christmas carol dvds, etc, the only thing I'm not looking forward to is no christmas dinner:( , but I am trying to push that thought to the back of my mind lol, I am such a sucker for christmas, I love it!!!!!!!!:D

Anyway, must stop rambling and get on with planning to spend Peters money haha :p !

Be good wemitts, and if you can't be good make sure you aren't caught on camera :eek:
Just wanted to let you all know I'm still here but lurking abit as can't stay on the PC much due to this blasted 5 weeks! As my eyes hurt.
Saw GP yesterday and he's told me to cut down on the water intake! I've been putting 4-5 litres away a day of water and prob 2 litres of tea & coffee. Way to much he said. So I've cut down now to see if that helps my head.

Hope your all ok.

Kam x

Kamiknix accepts that maybe
she IS drinking a tad too
much water!
Hello all you lovely Pink WeMitts! :)

Just popped in to say a quick hi after my Moroccan holiday (which was lovely ... I posted some details and a piccie on my diary thread if anyone's interested :rolleyes: ).

I gained 7 lbs while I was away - which wasn't too bad all things considered I guess - but got back into sole sourcing yesterday and lost 3 lbs of that overnight. Hopefully the rest will disappear just as quickly and I'll be back to what I was before I went away on holiday before too long.

I must admit that it's a strange sensation to be feeling hungry again - but I know it'll pass in a few days when I get back into ketosis. In the meantime, I'll just put up with it and glug the water ... the soonest I get back into the program, the soonest I'll get to my target I guess :rolleyes: (which I've amended to take me down to 10 stone, so another 20 lbs to go now *sighs*).

I hope everyone had a lovely week last week - and that this one will be twice as good as the last, but only half as good as the next :D
Hi Sharon
Great to have you back! I'm glad you had such a fab time in Morocco and the 7lb will be gone in a flash I'm sure.

I've been struggling a bit on SS myself and consequently am out of ketosis ... feeling VERY hungry here! (Serves me right though! LOL)

I need to dig deep for that last 35lb!!
I've been struggling a bit on SS myself and consequently am out of ketosis ... feeling VERY hungry here! (Serves me right though! LOL)

I need to dig deep for that last 35lb!!

I've not felt as hungry as this since I first started CD, and sole sourcing is certainly a darn sight harder since re-experiencing the delights of eating and drinking ... BUT! I am absolutely determined that (in those famous words) "I've started, so I'll finish" - and get this last 20 lbs shifted as quickly as I possibly can.

I keep visualising myself posting that magical phrase on here "I've reached my target!" and thinking how good that will feel. You can too it too, Debs, you know you can!! Remember that other famous saying (by an almost equally-famous guy!): "Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels!" .. and certainly nothing will feel as great as getting into those size 12 jeans eh? ;)
I know the struggling on SS feeling this week! :(
Am doing AAM at the moment and will speak to CDC about 790 when i go on thursday.. no weight gained, but none lost so far this week.

teetering on the 'trace' of ketosis.. hanging in there by the skin of my teeth! :p

Good news is the new computer room is ready.. floor tiled, walls and paintwork done. All we need is the pc in there! lol
Got a modem thingy through from NTL for wireless... only it doesn't seem to be the right thing and Graham has spent nearly 2 days on the phone trying to get through to someone HUMAN.. i.e. not a machine!

He's given up and bought a cable off Ebay long enough to hardwire it into the other room... so there's another £40 wasted on a bit of kit we can't use... :rolleyes:

Am looking after 3 horses tomorrow.. our own and 2 others.. so gonna be a busy girl! ;) but it's only for 1 day and they are lovely and BIG horses! lol

Sorry not been around much.. not much of an mini-mod this week! :eek: