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Carpe diem
Hi wemitts

Another new week and a Bank Holiday to boot!
I've had a fantastic Bank holiday weekend so far hence I haven't posted much over the past couple of days.

On Saturday, Steve & me took our youngest, Sophie (10) over to Southsea to the Natural history museum. After that, we went to Canoe Lake and went on a pedalo in the shape of a big swan. Yes ... ME in a pedalo! I would NEVER have risked trying to get into a boat before I started CD: there would have been too many things that could have gone wrong. I might have tipped the boat over getting in; I might have fallen over trying to step down into it; I might not have been able to get out again. All those thoughts would have been in my head and ultimately, I would have 'cheerfully' sat by the side of the lake, watching them have fun and taking photos. But this time was different - I got in easily and laughed and had fun WITH my family instead of just watching them have the fun. Afterwards, I hopped out again with no effort
We then went to South parade pier where Sophie had a few rides and then we watched the young lads leaping off the end of the pier into the sea in a show of bravado. After that, we went into the pier itself and had a game of bowling. Steve won a fluffy dog for Sophie by scoring 145 but I wasn't far behind with a score of 106. For once I was able to concentrate on playing rather than how big I looked or who was looking at me and giggling. We then strolled back along the sea front to the car, Steve & Sophie munching on hot donuts and me with my bottle of water. I couldn't have cared less that I couldn't have a donut: No hot donut in the world could taste as good as the day I'd just had.

On Sunday, we went over to Southsea again as there was a kite festival being held on the common. The whole place was buzzing and a riot of colour with kites of every shape and size dancing around in the sky. We must have walked miles round and round the huge common and it was great not to have that old nagging backache I used to get.
We ended up at the fun-fair and as Sophie is too nervous to go on any of the fast rides, I went on the merry-go-round with her (it was one of those big ones with horses that go up and down). Again, I'd never have even attempted to try and climb up onto anything that high up before but I surprised myself at how easily I was able to step up and swing my leg over the big, brightly coloured horse. Steve and my older daughter Liz stood by the side waving at us as we went past with beaming smiles on their faces: it must be a total novelty for them to see me actually joining in.

We walked back along the esplanade the mile or so back to the car park: another great day!! :D

It's my dad's birthday today so I'm going to pop round to see him and my mum with a card and a few goodies for him and then we're off to Gunwharf (shopping outlet) for a browse. Have a wonderful day everyone :D xx
Now that sounds like my sort of weekend. Have you tried the funfair at Hayling Island with her?

Isn't amazing to actually be a part of life rather than watching on the sidelines? For me that is the very best bit of losing weight and looking good or shopping in 'normal' shops pales into insignificance in comparison :D
Hiya Coam
Yep - Hayling is a 'regular' haunt for us. The wristbands are a bargain and the kids acn go on whatever they like to their hearts content.

I agree with you that being able to 'do' things is by far the biggest plus of losing weight because I don't think I'll ever be entirely happy with how I look - but being unhappy with how I looked AND not being able to join in with my family was nothing short of torture. I feel like I'm coming alive at long last :D

Incidentally, here's a link to my photobox with a couple of pics of the kite festival .... it was a really amazing sight!

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Ahhh debs
sat reading your post with a big grin on my face, your description of the boat ride was sooo real :D I'm so pleased that you can now join in - I used to be the 'coat lady'! always left holding the coats whilst everyone else was having fun :( no more tho!

Bet sophie was delighted that you could join in with her and accompany her on the Carousel - great stuff :p

Chicken you are doing soo well, keep with it, 100 days without breaking is such a huge acheivement - :D

well day 5 for me today, not saying it has been easy, found yesterday particulary hard, but didnt give in, keep saying to myself ' just give it 100 days', have made myself a wristband with that on it, to keep reminding myself!!

Have a good day everyone :D
What an inspirational post! I can tell you are really living Debbie, it is the every day stuff that makes the real difference. When we visited Islands of adventure in Florida 5 years ago they had ride called the duelling dragons, in order to go on it you had to be weighed! Guess who didn't even bother lining up! Loads of seriously big americans did though and they were getting turned away - hows that for humiliation. I stood and watched ny family, pretending that the ride was too high for me. I don't think I fooled anyone, they all new the real reason that I could not face it. Next time it will be different and I am so glad that for you Debbie, different is already here. Well done, love
Hiya Wemitts!
Back from carboot and totally knackered! Not the best one I've ever done but got loads of exercise putting the tarpauline on and off as the rain fell....the sun came out again....then the rain & hale came! Nightmare but Ollie and I had a laugh! Made just over £100.00 and got rid of loads rubbish so not a bad day really.
Debbie....sounds like a fab weekend had by all. Love the kite photos. Isn't it just fab being able to get on the rides and not worry about getting stuck or in your case not being able to climb up on a horse....any photos of you on there?
Better help unload the car I suppose.
Kamilla xx
Hiya Debbie

What a lovely weekend you had. Your post really cheered me up and so well done on the donuts!!!

keep up the great work ur a true inspiration girl!!!

enjoy the rest of your bank holiday, its just a normal boring monday here in ireland!!!

Gen xx
Hi to all Wemitts

Debbie reading your post has made me smile. It must be such a great feeling for you. Those swan pedalos scare the life out of me though!! I went past canoe lake last night and they were just sitting there in the middle of the lake, I hadn't seen them before and for a split second I thought they were real........ as if swans come that big. And I agree that the kites looked fantastic, although I didn't go to the show as I was working but we did drive past near there and we could see them. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed yourself with your family, I can't wait to feel confident enough to go on some of the rides at the fair.

Hello to all Wemitts and I hope you are all having a great day.

Jazzy xx
Those swan pedalos scare the life out of me though!! I went past canoe lake last night and they were just sitting there in the middle of the lake, I hadn't seen them before and for a split second I thought they were real........ as if swans come that big.

Oh Jazzy that made me laugh! I know exactly what you mean by them looking real! They have the same ones at Woburn Safari Park! And a few years ago while there I said to my husband wow look at those huge swans! And I meant it! Of course everytime we see a real one now he ribs me about the real 'pedlo' swans!

Kamilla x
Oh thank goodness Kamilla, someone else! I thought I was losing it. Thankfully I managed to keep the thoughts to myself and didn't share....... I, like you, would never hear the last of it!

Jazzy x
Hi everyone, yes, back from Italy today. I just do not know the words to explain how wonderful it was. Both myself and Michael are totally in love with both Italy, and the Italian people. It is the best holiday we have ever had.
If ever I needed to be reminded how important losing all this weight is, this holiday brought it all into sharp focus. All those long days starting last winter, slogging away at the diet, through the stones from 21 down to 12, and IT WAS ALL WORTH IT. I still have some to lose I know, but I felt "normal". We walked miles and miles & had good food and wine every evening. It's my weigh in tomorrow, so I'm hoping the damage won't be too much.
Who would have thought that the unhappy lady struggling to walk in stretchy size 28 trousers, last January, would be hitting the clothes shops of Florence, Siena, Montechini and Lucca in August???? Wait for this WeMitts - I bought an Amani white leather jacket!!!!! yes, ME in Armani. I'm gobsmacked. I have bought the most wonderful clothes,after years of shopping on line as I wouldn't go into town. You will gather that I am still on a bit of a high, and will make more sense tomorrow.....thankyou, thankyou, thankyou all you wonderful WeMitts for making this all possible, I truly couldn't have done it without you all.
Ann xxx
Fantastic!! I'm so pleased for you! You have inspired and cared for so many people on this journey that you deserve it!
Welcome back Ann - we've all missed you so much!! It sounds like you had a wonderful, magical time in Italy ... I can't wait to hear all about it.

And what about you getting an Armani jacket eh??? Picture please!!

It's great to have you back amongst us xx
Morning Wemitt's,

Welcome back Ann! Sounds like you had a fab time can' t wait to read all about it!

Just wanted to say I prob won't be around alot now until the end of next week. Loads to get sorted before my operation on Monday....would have to be the week the kids go back to school! So if I don't get online keep up all those losses!

Love to you all.

Kamilla xx
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Oh Ann, welcome back! You sound like you had a marvellous time, I found myself smiling from ear to ear whilst reading your post, your happiness is so infectuous.

I am so glad that you had a lovely time as you totally deserved it!
P.S. I agree with Debbie, photos please!!!

Hope all you wemitts are having a good week, spk soon xx

P.P.S. Kam, am thinking of you and sending best wishes for your upcoming op, take good care of yourself babe, hope to see you posting on here again asap xx