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General WeMitt thread, week commencing 12 February 2007

As it is now after midnight I thought I would start the new week's thread.

Hi to all Wemitts and a special hi to all new Wemitts.

Let's hope the weather improves and we all have a good week and only 5 full weeks to our meet in Birmingham. Anyone who doesn't know anything about it, there is a separate thread in the sticky section.

Irene xx
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Hi WEmitts, hope everyone is feeling perky on this DISGUSTING monday morning! It is hurling it down with rain here in not so sunny Eastbourne. I am off to the doc this morning as my chest is so bad I can hardly breathe! I am panicking a bit as we are off on hols to Eygpt on Thursday and I need to be fighting fit! Oh well, see what magic drugs the doc has got. Bit fed up as can't go swimming or walking - still got no appetite either - so it's not all bad!

Hope you all have a good day, lots of love Barbxxxxx


Serial Foodie!
Hi fellow wemitts :D

Plymouth is suffering with the rubbish weather too :( hope it hasnt affected anyones mood too much...and more important...helped to throw anyone off the wagon :eek:

the kids are off school this week too. gawd help us!

have a fab week everyone



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It is raining here on ad off as well, but it is much warmer:)
Yep pretty yukky in Shrewsbury - I must tell you all that I went thru my wardrobe last night and found clothes that I'd forgotten I had and was able to get back into some of them - I lost another 5lbs today so am ecstatic!!!! Starting aam week tho this week so will be interesting to see if still lose weight (I am probably being really silly and you'll all say of course i'll lose weight but I am scared about it!!). Sun has just popped out but doubt it's here for long - have good day everyone off to dentist now - yuk!!


Trying Hard!
it's been a wet and windy day here in Reading as well and both Rachel and I have chesty colds so are feeling very sorry for ourselves. but on the positive side, lost another 7lbs this week so that's a ray of sunshine.

let's hope we see some sun soon
Emma - that's just fantastic!!!
Half term holiday today and tomorrow but weather so miserable that I sat curled up in a chair and read a novel ALL DAY! Really indulging myself - had a nasty infection in my knee so came off CD for a couple of days as I was on strong antibiotics. Sat with my leg propped up for 3 days to get the swelling down. Now getting bored so I'll venture out tomorrow. Back to work/school on Wednesday.
Have a good week !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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it's been a wet and windy day here in Reading as well and both Rachel and I have chesty colds so are feeling very sorry for ourselves. but on the positive side, lost another 7lbs this week so that's a ray of sunshine.

let's hope we see some sun soon

Hi Emma,

7lbs. is brill, that is a ray of sunshine alright!
WEll done.

Make you feel like singing in the rain

Love Mini xxx
Well guys I slipped off the wagon at the weekend whilst visiting my brother in Sheffield spinal unit, so now Im back and back on ss`ing.
I have to get back on track so its gonna be a hard week...!
oh I love that singing in the rain smilie. very cool

we have sunshine and cloud today so we are going to go to the park for a walk and play on the swings, will be good to get out and strut my stuff, it amazes me how much further I can walk and how much quicker. just imagine what it will be like in another month, or how about by this summer!!

the only thing getting me down a bit is the negative responses of friends. one even emailed me just now with an article about a woman who died after doing a VLCD. what the heck would she send that for? my doctor thinks its good. the hospital think its the best way forward. I am closely monitored. and besides its not like carrying 10 spare stone is a great idea.

sorry for the rant
hey Sonya, simu post. don't worry, it won't be as bad as you imagine, just remember 3 days from now you will be right in the swing of things


Serial Foodie!
maybe ur friend is concern for you. i hope its that rather than her being a sabotaging wench :eek:

i would email her back explaining how closely montiored u r and how much u need support. if she is still not being very good about it, slash her tyres (just kidding!)

heya sonkie!!! like em said, in 3 days u will be back in full SS swing and doing brill. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Definitely let her know that her support would be gratefully received & that you are closely monitored.

Well done to all the new WeMITTS!

(I'm a naughty WeMITT slinking back in as I keep gaining & losing the same few lbs and am still more than a stone over my lowest weight, which wasn't even my target weight if you see what I mean!) Anyway, sort of back on track so we'll see... My March hol is drawing ever nearer & I really don't want to be heavier than last October when I was there so head down, stomach in...

Love to all xxxx
Hi fellow wemitts

Feeling OK at the moment and am chipping away at what's left bit by bit. Lost another 3lb this week so that's 1st 1lb since the beginning of January (9lb in the last 3 weeks). Just another half a stone to go to 'put Christmas right'.
Next Christmas, I'll show a bit more restraint methinks!! :)

I'm off to the theatre to see Shakespeare's 'King Lear' this evening with my 19 year old daughter who is doing literary studies at college. I was invited to go along and as I'm studying English at Uni, how could I refuse? Really looking forward to it!

Hope all the wemitts are staying strong in this miserable weather: Spring is just around the corner! :D


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the only thing getting me down a bit is the negative responses of friends. one even emailed me just now with an article about a woman who died after doing a VLCD. what the heck would she send that for? my doctor thinks its good. the hospital think its the best way forward. I am closely monitored. and besides its not like carrying 10 spare stone is a great idea.

sorry for the rant
This might help:confused:

An open letter from Bar Hewlett, director of LighterLife:

You may have seen a newspaper article about the tragic death of a 25-year-old woman called Matilda Callaghan, from London. When she died she was a client of LighterLife and there was an inquest. At the hearing the coroner – a highly regarded expert – weighed up all the facts, heard from witnesses, and read evidence … and in his conclusions did not implicate LighterLife, or criticise it in any way. And yet this is not reflected in the newspaper article, so we have outlined the facts here, so you can decide for yourself.

Matilda was at great risk every day from being obese. She should have weighed 10 stone but she weighed more than 33 stone. She had been morbidly obese for half of her life, and carrying the weight of three women, with a BMI of 67. She was also a former smoker. When she died of cardiac arrhythmia, she was still over 20 stone, her BMI was nearly 50 – well over the level at which insurance companies will not offer life cover due to the high risk of death.

Here are the answers to some questions you may be asking.

LighterLife uses a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), are they safe – and who says so?

Absolutely they are, and every piece of research confirms this. See just some of these at the “health” section of the LighterLife website or go directly to:


The Government and regulatory bodies also say they are safe, because they specify what’s in them, to ensure they are nutritionally complete; LighterLife’s specific formulation meets all these standards.

…And who else?

Many people at the “sharp end” of the NHS - GPs and weight loss specialists, for example, who actually prescribe VLCDs to obese people.

And at LighterLife, we are privileged to have many healthcare professionals, including GPs and nurses, as clients. These are people who see the rigorous standards we set, and place their confidence in us.

But are VLCDs proven in practice?

Thoroughly. Modern VLCDs have been used by 20 million people over 20 years, to lose weight perfectly safely. Today they are being used very successfully in more than 30 countries by people of all ages, and over a range of timescales.

But the article raises a question mark over them

Let’s look at each allegation, then you decide.

‘Her weight loss was erratic; Matilda lost 10lbs in her first week, 4lbs in the second and 7lbs in the third week.’

Matilda started her diet weighing 33 stone. The first weight that is lost when you go on any diet is water and glycogen. A severely obese person could hold 3-4lbs of glycogen, and this would be bound up with about 4 times its weight of water, making a total of glycogen and water of about 20lbs; her weight loss pattern – losing 21 lbs in the first few weeks is not unusual. Once Matilda was burning fat, her weight loss was a steady 4-5lbs a week. (For those who have a BMI around 35, they are more likely to have a 1 – 2 lbs of glycogen, making the first couple of weeks weight loss around 10lb).

‘Controversial Diet firm’

LighterLife is not controversial. In line with Government recommendations and best practice, every LighterLife client has to have a medical with a GP before they can start the Programme, and every 28 days that they are on the Programme they go back for a check up. The programme is run by trained LighterLife Counsellors who all have National Edexcel qualifications in Running a Weight Loss Consultancy and counselling. LighterLife complies with all Government rules and regulations, Trading Standards and Advertising Standards. LighterLife is an organisational member of The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) The Association for the Study of Obesity (ASO). LighterLife publishes peer reviewed research in The International Journal of Obesity (IJO) and presents research at National and International Conferences.

‘The cause of her death was heart arrhythmia. The Coroner recorded an open verdict’

At Matilda’s inquest in October, the coroner Dr. Reid was not persuaded that there was sufficient evidence for an underlying cause of death. He did not implicate LighterLife in any way.

Surveys of sudden death in England suggest that 3,500 unexpected sudden deaths occur each year in the 16-64 age groups.

It has been known for a long time that there is a high risk in being obese. UK Government figures state that every 17 minutes someone in the UK dies from obesity related causes.

‘There is an excess mortality from unexplained fatal arrhythmias in the morbidly obese. It is estimated that mortality from sudden death in an obese population is 40 times higher than the rate of unexplained deaths in a non-obese population’ Drenick EJ 1988.

‘Indeed the cardiac abnormalities associated with obesity alone may be a sufficient etiological explanation for sudden deaths’ DeSilva RA 1985.

John Garrow says it’s dangerous

Those who specialise in the subject, and keep abreast with it, disagree.

For example, Professor Iain Broom, Research Professor in Clinical Biochemistry and Metabolic Medicine at Robert Gordon’s University in Aberdeen said this weekend: “A VLCD used under medical supervision is a safe and effective way for the obese person to lose weight.”

“Modern day VLCDs … are currently being used throughout NHS settings and constitute a safe approach to managing obesity, providing there is a medical input at the start. A number of clinics around the country employ this approach with obese patients.”

“Current evidence shows that obesity shortens life; losing even 5-10 per cent of bodyweight improves life expectancy, cardiovascular risk, and prevents the development of type 2 diabetes.”

“Clinics in Aberdeen, Cambridge, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Luton & Dunstable amongst others all use VLCDs for weight loss, with obese patients in their NHS clinics.”

“A VLCD used under medial supervision is a safe and effective way for the obese person to lose weight. LighterLife is used under medical supervision.”

‘The effects of women on a 420 calorie formula diet, well supplemented with minerals electrolytes and vitamins found no change in QT intervals. It appears that a well-supplemented VLCD has a less adverse effect on electrical activity of the heart than starvation or severe weight loss after gastroplasty (stomach stapling)’ Doherty 1991, Weigle DS 1989

Doctor David Haslam the clinical director of the National Obesity Forum and a practising GP said “Those who are up to date with the science know that VLCDs are safe, I have my own patients on the LighterLife Programme and I am impressed with the progress they are making, along with the professionalism of the Company”

Doctor Cyril Weinkove says “I have run a Weight Management Clinic in an NHS hospital for the past 20 years using very low calorie diets.“ www.seelessofyou.com .

John Garrow retired some years ago and was on the committee which developed the guidelines for using a VLCD with which LighterLife and all other UK VLCDs comply .

If you have any further questions, ring us any time on 08700 664747 from Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm, and I and my colleagues would welcome the opportunity to speak to you.

Our thoughts are with Matilda’s family and friends who are having to cope with their loss as well as this unwanted intrusion.

Here is an old discussion threads on it!


Hi all Wemitts - good to hear you sounding upbeat Debbie - guess that horse riding did you good! Fraid I'm not great, fighting bad chest infection and severe asthma attack - knocking back the steroids and anti biotics like smarties but Eygpt on Thursday is starting to look very unlikely. DH is looking into a flight a day or two later to give me a chance of being better - frankly I feel very sorry for myself!

Love Barb xxx