General WeMitt thread, week commencing 22nd January


I STILL mean it!
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Well, here we are folks, another new week, and a nice bright sunny day here in Derbyshire to start it.
Had a reasonable weekend. Took the grandchildren to an antiques "fleamarket" type place yesterday, which also has a book shop and coffee shop. They enjoyed looking for "bargains" and we had a nice time. Managed to get a long length tape measure in case I need it with my clients. My counsellor certainly needed hers with me when I started last year.
I now live in a world where "one size fits all" includes me (it didn't before) and I am so gratefull that I was given the strength from somewhere to stick with the VLCD journey. Still trying to shift the 1 stone Christmas weight gain, but don't know how I'm doing as I'm not weghing myself and do not see CDC again until 30th January.
Have a good week, WeMitts.
Ann xxx
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good luck with that stone ann!

hope all wemitts have had a great week. if not, lets look forward to a good week to come! I for 1 has been a BAD wemitt this week. darn birthday weekend lol. set to be bad for another day. hubby is whisking me away for the night so gonna have another day off.

I met my new CDC this morning so feel much better about getting back on track tomorrow. I am taking my ticker down and will put it back up when i am happy with what it says!

lots of love to all u fab wemitts.

have a great week



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You've just done so incredibly well Ann - I'm still in awe of everything you've achieved.

It's the start of another week and yet another 'change of plan' for me. This has been fuelled by the fact that I did great on the 1000 plan for five days, lost a few pounds and then over-indulged for the last two days and reversed all the good work. I'm back to where I started - PAHHHH!

So I'm giving SSing another go. It helps that Steve and I have booked a long weekend in Holland (Centre Parcs) on March 30th as an anniversary pressie to ourselves ... that gives me two months to shift as much as possible. Technically this could be two stones and a dress size or so.

I'm hating all this 'hopping' from one plan to another but I can't let up until I get back in the zone. I gained 20lb over Christmas and still have a stone to go to get back to my pre-christmas weight ... and that's a month later! I cold just scream with the frustration of it all!

Anyway, had my T&W shake this morning and will be seeing my CDC later ... I'm not going to be weighed: I'm too depressed about staying the same. This week will be yet ANOTHER restart god, I'm starting to sound like a broken gramaphone record!


Serial Foodie!
S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)

oops..sorry capital lock :eek:

u r right though, no matter what, u have to stick with it til u r back in the zone. cos if u dont, u lt urself get totally out of control and thats worse than just feeling a bit annoyed with yourself in the short term.

once im back on it tomorrow i will not be coming back off til im 8 stone 5lb and that is that. cannot afford to keep mucking about. i find SSing easy but i let xmas and then my 30th bday mess me up. NO MORE!

we'll get there! what choice do we really have? for me, staying as i am is really no choice at all.

good luck wemitts. im off for my night away with hubby now but will be back and focused tomorrow. hope u all have a good day xxxx


finding my way again !
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morning WeMITTs
must be the time of year for struggling :(
i note you are all trying to find "the zone" so if anyone does find it can you send me diresctions cos i seem to have lost them LOL, i don't think i'm that far a way but just seemed to have vered away from the main road a little subsequently only losing 1.2lbs this week :(
oh well off to hunt for it now
hope you all have a good week, & see some of you on Saturday

mrs tweedy

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Hi wemitts D'oh, I didn't see this thread and was posting on last weeks thread lol
Have to sign out now as I have a busy day ahead of me (my sister is coming here today) so I will have to catch up with you all later or through the week - hope you all have a great day xx

p.s. (Deb, you can do this, you know you can)!!!!


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Mrs T - Not to worry. We intentionally left last week's running as Ann was having IT problems, however they now seem to be fine so we'll move on now...

Well I have been a naughty WeMITT this week. Was stress-eating for England & then celebrating because the cause of stress had gone & have managed to regain ALL of the 6lbs of my Christmas weight that I had lost. Am 12,0 again this morning but ready to try again as I want to be 11,0 or less if poss by my March holiday. (I was about 11 stone 5 when I got back from my hol in October so I want to be less than that when I go out again).

I hate to admit this but I actually ate takeaway every evening from Monday through to Saturday night last week (although 2 of those days were splitting Chinese/Indian in half and having the 2nd half the next night so it could have been a lot worse!)

Anyway stress/worry/frustration/celebration over so moving on now. (I was having some worries with my Dad's ostrich approach to his tax affairs but ALL his Returns are now filed back to year x...)

Anyway, love to all xxx


I STILL mean it!
S: 21st9lb C: 12st10lb G: 11st3lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 8st13lb(41.25%)
Hello everyone,
well last night I had one of those "blips"!!!! On Sunday I made some scones with grand daughter - we cooked them too long (too busy setting up fonsue for chocolate with marshmallows!, which I DIDN'T HAVE) Anyway, there were 6 overcooked scones in the kitchen. Michael went to bed before me, and I don't have to tell you the rest do I? I ate the lot, and then cheese and 2 crackers for good measure. WHY do we do these things??? Burnt scones for God's sake. I don't know, but what I do know is that I have finally learned not to let something like this influence my behaviour the next day. It's done and dusted, so onwards and downwards. Cambridge for breakfast and lunch and a healthy dinner.
Good luck with SS Debbie - you KNOW you can do it.
Glad you're feeling better Anja - and by the way, that Spanish book is being put to use, it's REALLY good.
Hello to everyone else, especially new WeMitts. Stay strong in this cold weather, and you'll all be there feeling confident in the summer in skimper clothes.
Ann x


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Yeay Ann! I'm so pleased! Which one is good - the Madrigal or the Usborne? I found them both great, the Usborne when Guy & I were younger & first learning (Mum & Dad started teaching us colours, numbers, restaurant vocab etc when we were 2 1/2 ish) but it's still a fantastic beginners book & I discovered the Madrigal book during GSCE and found it great for boosting vocab.

Good luck to the healthy eating for all of us!

Love xxx

(Does everyone else accidentally press new thread each time & then have to cut & paste their reply each time or is it just me!? I obviously can't read!)


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Just popped in to say hi to all my Wemitt buddies and hope you all have a good week despite this horribly cold weather (the worst possible for dieters I think :( ).

Ann _ so pleased that you're not dwelling on 'what was', but 'what is' and 'what will be' :)

Debbie - If I could send you SS strength vibes via the net I would! I'll just send you lots of love instead and wish you luck for getting back to SS'ing again :)

Anja - yes!! I do it all the time *lol*

Pandora - 1.2 lbs loss is still a move in the right direction. Bet you'd be well p*ssed off if you'd put ON 1.2 lbs wouldn't you? :p

Karen - hope you had a lovely night away with hubby ;)

Mrs T - just .. big (((((((((hugs)))))))) :D

Lots of love to all!


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blimey - been so busy I forgot this thread - sorry :( Very small loss for me this week too Pandora , :D.. but when all's said and done hon, we lost!! :D lol

Am freezing cold tonight and not a happy bunny as tired and irritable.. don't like feeling this way so am s0dding off to warm up and give my eyes a rest! :D

Hope you all had a great day today.


Carpe diem
S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
Hi everyone

Ann - There's no logic to what we do in the 'mad eating' dept so all we can hope for is that we combat it as best we can ... and you have. The time for self-recrimination is over: we have to accept our foibles or else be brought down by them. Time was, you'd have probably eaten the scones, felt bad and eaten some biscuits to hammer the guilt home.
That time has passed :)

Sharon - Thanks for believing in me and for the encouragement. I'm at the end of day 2 on SS .. so far so good. I know I can do this - if you can have faith in me then I should respect myself and have that same level of faith :)

Hugs to all my wemitt buddies xx


Hi Everyone,
Been rushed off my feet at work so haven't really been on the site much in the past few day. Glad you are all well. Funny thing about January though - it's a great time to start new plans BUT a really hard time for those who are returning ! YOU CAN ALL DO IT THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everything fine with me - CD has become part of my routine now!
Have a good week (what's left of it anyway).


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HI Snowy wemitts! Eastbourne is a very pretty picture this morning - hope we don't get to much more though as really don't like driving in the white stuff!

Having a really good dieting week, head just seems to be back in sensible mode and have lost 4lbs in 3 days so feel very chuffed with myself!

Hows everyone else doing?

Love Barbxxxx


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Kent's pretty as a picture too! Supposed to be getting more this afternoon so will probably leave work about 3ish as we all use country roads...

One of my bosses isn't in yet but we should be sending to Tax Office the last 7 or so Returns that are done but ready to be checked & then we just spend the rest of the week waiting for the stragglers/useless people & my other boss to sort himself out!

Love to all xxx


I STILL mean it!
S: 21st9lb C: 12st10lb G: 11st3lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 8st13lb(41.25%)
Where is everyone????? Another cold frosty, but very pretty day in Derbyshire.
I feel a bit thinner today, so that is good. Hopefully some of the "Christmas stone" has shifted. I haven't done sole source, but I've had 2 packs a day + fruit and veg & one portion of carbohydrate. Not really any fixed Cambridge "plan" but I can live with this way of eating, and that's the important thing.
Also, did 1 hour at 4.2 mph on the treadmill yesterday which used 500 cals. hope to do the same today. I have to keep reminding myself that when I bought the treadmill a year ago, I was too heavy to go on it. The limit was 100kg. and I was about 3 stone heavier than that at the time. I MUST remember how far I have come, especially when I feel so down about having put weight on over Christmas. Hope e veryone is OK, and burning up lots of that fat to keep warm!!!!!
Ann xxx


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Hi WEMITTS old friends and new ones.

Hope everyone is fit, health and happy.

Jellybabe slides :eek: shamefaced :eek: on to the thread and hopes no-one has noticed her absence... :eek: Shamedfaced:eek: coz Christmas started in October for me and have only just got myself back on track, started SS on Saturday. To make matters worse, not only have I been eating, I have been eating everything in site, takeaways, sweets, puddings cakes - you name it I ate it. :break_diet:

Feeling very sad :cry: about it as I was down to 10 stone 11 and now back up to 14 stone 3. The worse thing is I knew what I was doing but just couldn't find the will power to stop it - if only we had an off switch. I am trying to find a way of jusifying it but as I am sure most of you already know from personal exerience - there is none.

I am trying to focus on the fact that this time last year I was 20 stone exactly so I have still lost just shy of 6 stone and at least I have put the breaks on now.

One thing is for sure, I really need to look at what I eat when I finish my journey as I can't go back to "my normal" eating pattern thats for sure - so hopefully lesson is learned.

Just tried to go to the cambridgedieters site to buy somemore water flavours (can't face my counsellor for a couple of weeks until I shift some of the weight:eek: ) but couldn't find the place you can buy them - have they stopped?

I stopped reading the site in October as well (felt to ashamed) - but hope that everyone has either nearly finished their journeys or are well on the way to it.