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Gens food diary

Ok so have decided that due to my imense hatred of image therapy
I am not going to go back to class and I am going to go it alone, to keep me on track I am going to keep a food diary as writing it down will stop me from being naughty, any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

Ok so last Thursday after class i guessed i wouldnt end up going back so I weighed myself on the scales in the local chemist on Friday and WI days will now be Friday in the local chemist :)

Will post what i plan to eat at the start of each day and edit if i need to, but i am trying to stick to only eating what I have planned

Red Day

(HexA)350ml Skimmed milk for tea

Brekkie - (HexB)28g Porridge oats made up with water and topped with frozen mixed berries plus a few grapes, and a plum

Mid morning snack - a tangerine

Lunch -
2 egg omlette filled with Ham, Tomato & Red pepper chunks (forgot my cottage cheese!)

Mid afternoon snack - a tangerine and an apple

Totally unplanned after work got the munchies snack - 2 slices WW brown malted danish (HexB) with 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese

2 small lamb chops new potatos x 2 tiny ones (syn'd didnt weigh the but they were tiny!) , a mountain of Curly Kale, carrots , green beans.

Pud - a Plum and some grapes in half a muller light
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Green Day

Breakfast 28g Porridge Oats made up with water topped with frozen berries and 1 tablespoon of low fat natural yoghurt

Mid morning snack – 2 plums 1 tangerine plus a totally unplanned 50ml Muller light yoghurt( i needed to take some codeine )

They do 50ml half size muller lights in the canteen at work have never seen them anywhere else but they are really handy I bought loads yesterday and took them home for my muller fixes!

Lunch –
Wholemeal pasta topped with courgettes , fresh tomatoes, tinned tomatoes, red pepper with loads of black pepper , and pud will be a 50ml muller light

Mid afternoon snack - 1 tangerine 1 apple

Tea – SW Chips, Baked beans, Egg and a grilled tomato pud will be ! you guessed it muller light a full sized one with some fruit
add onto Thursday 1 slice of wholmeal kingsmill (HexB) and a slice of premium ham 1.5 syns on toast with a tomato, apparently the yoghurt wasnt enough to eat with the tablets i needed to take for my poorly head! does this flipping doctor not understand im on a diet! grrrrrrrr
Weighed myself last night and have lost 2.5lbs! yippee

Red Day
Brekkie – HexB 28g porridge oats made up with water topped with frozen fruit

Mid morning munchies – 2 plum 1 tangerine

Lunch – Omlette – filled with tomato & ham , also VLF cottage cheese on 3 ryvita crackerbread (3 syns)

Mid afternoon munchies – 2 apples, 1 tangerine

Tea – Chicken breast , roasted veggies including courgette, aubergine, tomatos, peppers served with 84g cous cous at 4 Β½ syns


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S: 17st4lb C: 17st4lb G: 14st4lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
yay! well done you :D menu's looking fab too! xxxx
S: 16st5lb C: 12st8lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 24.5 Loss: 3st11lb(23.14%)
Ooh I was just deciding what to have to for tea tonight and your menu has inspired me to make a big veggie omlette and salad!

Your menus look great to me. Well done for sticking to HEXs when you need a snack...

I'm looking forward to seeing the studenty bean pie on your menu soon - you'll have to let us know what it's like!

Enjoy your weekend away!

Thanks Ste x
You didnt have to wait long to see studenty bean pie on the menu !

im away from Manc in my second home sunny Bournemouth for the weekend so trying to be good but may stray! we eat out a lot when im down here so it can get hard

though I guess my darling other half can eat whatever he has in the house while were at home and he can have what he wants when were are out and about, im still going to put my planned menu for the day in here because then i (fingers crossed) will stick to it!

Green Day

Brekkie - 28g porridge made up with water topped with frozen fruit and VLF natural yoghurt(im well getting into this for brekkie!)

Lunch - tomatoey pasta bake thing in the pub with a side salad (have had it before not sure how many syns it is but since im not having anything else bad for me today should be sorted and it appears to only be tomato's and veg with pasta)

Dinner - Quorn Sausage and bean pie!
Quorn sausages cooked on the george formby grill (turned out nice again!) bunged in the bottom of a casserole dish topped with baked beans and cheesey mash potatos using my HexA 42g low fat cheese on the top and 6 laughing cow extra lights stirred through

kinda living on the principle of today will be a flexi syn day as im using all my HExA's for cheesey mash and cant have a brew without milk so using milk also, dunno how many syns will be in lunch though shouldnt be many , im not going to stress about what i eat this weekend just be sensible about what i eat.

Gen x
Red day

HExA skimmed milk for tea

Brunch - smoked salmon, scrambled eggs scrambled with quark, grilled tomato

Tea - Roast pork, carrots, savoy cabbage,new potatos HExB
Pud -stewed rhubarb (everyone else is having crumble!)

Had a lovely day yesterday and had a huge eccles cake with a cup of tea so today im not snacking and im not using any syns
Day off work recovering from travelling at the Weekend so need to be very very good and not eat junk!

HExA - Milk for tea

Brekkie - Beans, scrambled egg on WW malted danish toast (HExB)and a chopped up tomato

Lunch - Batchelors Pasta N Sauce Cheese n Broccoli with 2 Laughing Cow Extra Lights stirred through dont really like the stuff so stirrning the LC through makes it more palatable also munched on a tomato while i was waiting for it to cook,
Also had a pud of a muller light lemon and passionfruit

Tea will be Jacket Spud with a small salmon fillet

Any other snacks today will be fruit
Green day
HExA Milk for tea

Brekkie - 28g porridge made up with water topped with VLF natural yoghurt and some strawberrys

Lunch - Rice,, red pepper, courgette HExB 113g mixed king prawns, mussels (there are only about 3 of each :() kinda cooked paella style!

Dinner - SW Chips with beans and egg

Snacks will be 2 tangerines, 1 apple, 2 plums and 1 50ml snack size muller light
And today I will mostly be eating red things

HExA Milk for tea

Brekkie - 28g Porridge oats made up with water with 2 tablespoons of VLF Natural yoghurt stirred through.

Snack - 2 plums

Lunch - SW Quiche which has red pepper, yellow pepper, spring onion and cottage cheese with chives in along with a bit more cottage cheese to just munch from the pot

Snack - 2 tangerines 1 apple

Tea - Lamb Chop with veggies and 3/4 new potatos (however many make up a HExB in weight), Pudding 1 muller light
Green day
HEx A Milk for tea in work
Brekkie - 28g Porridge made up with water
no yog or fruit as ran out and going away for the weekend so not point in buying more itll have gone nasty by Tuesday when i get back

Lunch - Subway veggie delight salad or maybe a turkey one but either way with no dressings or anything other than veg and a bit of meat if i have the turkey one

Tea - Wholemeal Pasta with cherry toms and sweetcorn stirred through and any other veggies i can find in the bottom of the fridge that are still ok and some tinned tomatos :)

Snack - Muller light if the canteen in work is open ! and if not i will just have to drink lots of water

I was going to finish my week off on Sunday night but yesterday I booked my Oasis tickets for Heaton Park next June and I now have a goal.. I will be skinny when I go!

God knows how much I have put on in my week off will go get weighed later

Original day

HExA as always milk for tea

Brekkie - Scambled egg with tomato and ham in it on 2 slices WW bread

Lunch - chicken Salad with some cottage cheese - Picnic style im going for a loooooooong walk

Tea - fish with veggies and a couple of new taters

munchie moments - fruit, and muller lights
Sunday - Red day

Brekkie - Porridge oats made up with water topped with VLF natural yoghurt and frozen fruit

Lunch - all veg soup

Tea - Chicken with roasted red pepper and tomato sauce and some veggies
Monday - Green day

HExA - Milk for tea

Brekkie - porridge made up with water topped with frozen fruit .. have found that if i eat more porridge im less likely to eat rubbish between brekkie and lunch so used 2 HExBs on porridge and had a HUGE bowl!

Mid Morning Snack - Not having one!

Lunch - cous cous and 4 bean chilli which is basically chickpeas, kidney beans, butter beans and flagolet beans in tinned tomatos with a load of herbs n spices bunged in I have bought a food flask jar from Wilko's i can warm stuff up in the morning and itll stay warm till lunch YIPPEEEEEEEEEE!! proper food

Mid Afternoon Snack - one of my Tesco fruit bars 4.5 syns

On the bus desperate for my tea munchies - the other of my tesco fruit bars 4.5 syns

Tea - SW chips n beans with an egg

any other snacks I have a tangerine and apple in the drawer
Red Day

Hex A – Milk for tea
Brekkie – HExB of porridge made with water
Lunch – chicken with red peppers, onions and tinned and fresh tomatos and a red pepper and tomato basil soup all free food home made
Dinner – casseroled ox heart with onion, carrot and Bovril served with veggies all free with a HEx B of new potatos

2 apples

Green Day

HExA – milk for tea

Brekkie – HexB of porridge made with water
Lunch – SW Falafels served with VLF fromage frais and diced cucumber dip
Dinner – Quorn β€œmeat”balls with tomato and red pepper sauce and a heap of pasta

Syns today will be mostly used on 1 Options double chocolate hot choccie and a harvest chewee toffee flavour bar
Decided to start doing this again because im better when I have to write down what I eat
I didnt walk my early morning mile today due to the snow n Ice! oh and the fact that it was 6:00 in the morning and there wasnt a soul around and I was a scardey cat walking over the fields in the pitch black i got about half way to my 1 mile target i got to the start of the fields and and caught the bus round them rather than walk across them

Green Day

Brekkie – Hex B Porridge oats made with water topped with VLF yoghurt

Lunch – Asda Smart Price chicken noodles – 2.5 syns

Tea – Tinned tomatoes on WW or Nimble bread Toast

Snacks 2 Clementines – ( I cant help singing the Mark Owen song when I say Clementine! Im officially a weirdo)

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