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George Foreman Grills - Great tasting healthier food in minutes.

link to buy with free delivery, never tried them - this is the 1st ive heard of them

Had a proper look around the website and cant see where you can buy the grillers - they are just advertisin them! There are a couple of mentions in different forums saying they were available in Tesco, but that was a couple of years ago
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This is the first i have heard of them too, i will keep an eye out for them now though xx
I have only ever seen them in the likes of Heron, Jack Fultons and Cool Trader and they are always hit and miss about what they have in stock since they do clearance lines, but if you live near one may be worth a look :)
Argos stock a range of George Foreman grills to suit different needs and budgets. Just put George Foreman into the online search on their site and have a look!
my god this is spooky! i aksed my hubby to buy one on the weekend he bought it from sainsbury's but i am sure you can buy them in places like Argos, i havent opened mine yet as hubby bought the big family sized one and i want to check if they have a smaller one!!


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I have a George Foreman. It grills meat whilst allowing the fat to run off and collect in the tray at the bottom. To be honest I don't use it that often as just as easy to use the grill in the oven and if you are using lean meat anyway there isn't all that much fat to catch!

They were popular a few years ago but haven't seen them advertised recently at all!


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I use mine for steaks, chicken breast, gammon, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, sausages (even quorn ones!) and home made burgers. I got mine many years ago in Argos and its a nice sized one but just has the ridges rather than a flat plate.


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we have a large family one, with the ridged plates (that don't come off), and my mum makes a grill up every Saturday and Sunday morning on it, its fab :D. xx


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i got one of these free yesterday for referring a friend to my gym.

what does "They bare frozen apparently" mean?
i got one of these free yesterday for referring a friend to my gym.

what does "They bare frozen apparently" mean?

lol this thread has gone off track... question was originally asked about a line of george forman frozen meats and fish called grillers


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i must admit, i did think that at first, but then with everybody posting, i thought i was being stupid and yous were talking about the grils hahahaha :D. xx
there was burgers and tings on it, havent seen them for a while though, tesco did stock them but only the larger stores! been about 2yrs since i saw them last!


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I used to use my George Foreman al lot until i bought my Halogen Oven honestly everyone must have a halogen oven lol they are so much better IMO.

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