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Get it off your chest :o)

Thought this might be fun and helpful or maybe start some interesting debates.:D

Do you ever have those moments when you just wanna yell at some one or some thing for being an idiot / annoying or just breathing in the wrong direction. Or maybe its a big thing but you don't wanna explode at those around you because you don't want to take it out on them or deal with the ensuing argument because the fail to see you point or don't agree with you??? :eek: (hopefully its not not just me lol)

well feel free to get you rant out in the open :D

(think i might be on here quite a bit)
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My belly this will be!
I HATE people that are rude in traffic - if you ask politely I will let you in - you don't have to cut me up when swapping lanes. If I let you in I EXPECT a nod of appreciation. I HATE people that move from lane to lane overtaking and undertaking to get one car ahead. COME ON PEOPLE GET A GRIP AND STOP IT! :mad:

OOOHHH ERRR! now look what you started! Feel much better now!:D
The lack of manners with anything annoies me. A simple thank you if you hold a door open, please, no thank you etc. And said with a smile is so much nicer too! Do you know who I find lacks in all the above? OAP's! I do admit to shouting out thank you if I let them pass, hold a door open etc for them! My sister tells me off for doing so, but what gives them the right to not use manners? I've dragged my kids up with manners (they do sometimes need reminding!) but they cost nothing to learn and use, and will get you so much further in life, I think!

*Claire climbs down off of her soapbox!*
couldn't agree more ladies,
i cant stand it when other drivers give you there opinion on ur driving when they obviously have no observation skill.........i cant come out of the t junction an make space for ur silly taxi to do a u turn cos ur silly taxi is blocking the road!!!):eek:
Claire the amount of times Ive bitten my tong because 1 of the blue rinse brigade cant find the manners they criticize every one under 40 for not having!!:confused:

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Mine is my MIL telling me how to bring up my son, he's not yours he's mine...


My belly this will be!
I need to put my age on my profile - not got a blue rinse yet but 58 will soon qualify for OAP status! People that cut you up in traffic can be any age tho and sometimes if it is a bloke that is about the same age as me it somehow becomes a complete compulsion to get in front of me. Gah!

Its ok you can get in front of me just ASK NICELY instead of behaving like a complete tosser.
Big Bear im with you on that one! i used to bite my tongue and not say anything back but as soon as my daughter was born it got much worse that i had to really give her a piece of my mind. funnily enough she stopped! :D
Think I have done all the clearing of my chest I needed to today thankyou, but I shall no doubt return when I have something new to rant about.

Provided this thread hasnt been deleted by then...
is ranting/ moaning prohibited then?:confused:

ooo i hope it wasn't the wrong thing to do starting this :(

is there some1 i should have asked??

generally when Ive got "a moody on" i wanna reach right to the bicky tin so i thought i would be better to vent on here than in to a chocky hob nob :p

also i thought it could be a lil fun and interesting :D
I would just like to yell at the government for stopping child benefit. Yes my husband earns a little more than most but he worked damn hard for it. He already pays more tax and national insurance so why should we lose child benefit because we are a single highish earner and people who earn up to 88000 double income not lose theirs. Sorry had to get that off my chest (which is not small unfortunately) lol.

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