Get 'New' Books Free


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I dont know if anyone else uses it but after seeing the thread about the cost of books etc I found a great site.

You list your books and browse everyone elses. If you see one you like you let the person know youre interested. They then look at your titles and if they see one they like you swap them. It means youre getting a new (to you) book for the price of P&P. You also get notified if someone likes one of your books and you get to then browse theirs.

I found it a great way to get rid of a lot of old books of mine and also to try different authors.

Edit: The site appears to be down at the moment :eek: but it IS worth checking
thats a good idea. Charity shops are always good for getting books from too. Thats where most of mine came from
What a fab idea....thanks for that Starlight! :)
I also like, you don't have to actually swap book for book if you see what I mean,you can request a book,and don't have to send one in return.I like" read it swap it",but very often if you choose a book the other person will refuse if they don't fancy any of your books.Give it a try-it's great!
I'm a member on Read it swap it too! It's great but a bit slow at the moment cos of the ruddy postal strikes - GRRRRR. I'm yo-yo-dieter on there too.

I'll have to check out the other sites mentioned.

Do you know, I thought this website (Mini's) was only about weight loss - I have never scrolled down the bottom to see what else is on offer - DUH!!!!!