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Get your pedometer for the MiniMins Steppers league


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You can use any pedometer from any shop. If you are not sure of which one to get you can choose one of the following:


I use the red one.
Mini uses the white one.
And MiniMinor uses the black one.

Also having multiple colours means we dont get mixed up to who owns which one!

We use them on a daily baises and you can track our progress here:


Looking forward to seeing you on the league!

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It faded away and died off due to lack of interest!:sigh:

But! If you are interest why not start one and I will join in with you:D

Love Mini xxx


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oooohhh cool, yeah will do!,
i have to get another one now though as i hadn't had mine 24 hours and i have lost it at work today so will have to pop back to argos and get another pedometre.
will start it on monday, nice to have you on board.
before i lost my metre (half way through the day , i have just realised just how sendentary my job is).
so defo want to start a challenge.
Is anyone actually doing this? Cos if so I'd love to join in... my steps per day is pants to say the least :p


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MiniMins Steppers league 2009!

Not set up as yet...:rolleyes:

But it is growing...we are now 3:D
Yay!! THREE!! Standing room only then? Please! No crowding!


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3 is good!:D
make that 5.... shouldn't we be aiming 10,000 per day?
I wouldn't mind joining in too. Have re-found my pedometer
Ok so I just added a wee challenge thread.... around the world for anyone thats interested
is this still happening?x


Staff member
is this still happening?x

MiniMins Steppers League:confused:

Not for some time but there is nothing stopping you starting a new one if you like.
ah just wonderd why it was a sticky lol! :p okayyy xx
Hi..... I'd like to join in if anyone is getting this up and running again....

or if anyone can tell me how to resurrect it if anyone is interested?

Any takers?

Judith & Pickle
I am interested in doing this and will ask a few of my local friends who are already walking to join in on it.
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Hey all hope this does happen it'll be fun!! i'll have to sort a ped thingy out!! he he!! mwah Maz Xx : )

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