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Getting a bit concerned & low.

Mmm I know it can be disheartening when you are trying so hard and effort doesnt show on the scales. What sort of things are you eating?


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For brekkie I usually have fresh fruit with yoghurt.

Lunch could be a chicken sandwich (with no spread) & low fat mayo. Or one of the new "Innocent" vegetable bowls.

Dinner usually a sainsburys be good to yourself ready meal - always below the 5g fat per 100g.


i haven't really dropped anything yet.. as long as you're eating the right things and doing some exercise it should start to shift xxx
Doesnt look to me like you are doing anything wrong, so stick with it ( I know easier said than done). It will start to shift, sometimes I think bodies resist the shock to the system and go on strike!! It will come off, just you wait and see. Chin up xx


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Thanks for you replies. X

I drink loads of water through herbal tea, and flavoured water!

As I've said before, my daily intake of fat is nowhere near 45g, but I just can't imagine that would be a problem!

are you doing any exercise? maybe walking dog/kids/OH around the park on an evening will kickstart you a little? and it'll hardly feel like exercise at all!
yeah, i need to take my own advice too! i don't have any motivation for going out walking but tomorrow i think we're taking our little boy to the seaside so no doubt i'll get plenty of walking in!
Lins I think I am slightly suffering from the non loss thing too and thats a reason i fell of teh wagon so badly at the weekend.... I have a big whiteboard in my office now with " 3 trips the the gym this week - no excuses" writen in huge red pen by my colleague. It'll will happen for us darling!!!! XxX
Try not to lose hope. Try and and take in 15g's of fat per meal, this is a must and maybe a bit of walking. Drink plenty of water, think of it this way, if you haven't lost so far you may have a big drop at once soon:)
Lins hun, how many calories are you eating a day as it seems you might not be eating enough to me. If you eat to little you body thinks it is set for a startvationa and hordes the calories you ave eaten as fat, in short if you eat to little your body wont lose weight.

A rough calculation seems you might not be hitting a 1000 calories and only about 15g of fat for the day

You need to be aiming for about 1200-1500 to allow the weight loss, depending on your weight. If not aiming to lose weight the recommended daily calorie intake is just short of 2000.

This is a good link to explain

Weight Loss Resourcescalories/burning_calories/starvation.htm - 24k -

A site recommended by some for keeping track of calories and fat that will also set a calorie guide based on your weight, general lifestyle etc....

Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal - MyFitnessPal.com

Good luck x
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'this time i'll do it!'
i dont know much about dieting as iv only been taking xenical for 3 weeks, like the others have said maybe you are not eating enough,seems weird i know,
hope things work out for you
Huge Hugs Lins x

As you might know, I have been having the same problem - Hardly any weight loss :(

I joined myfitnesspal.com and started tracking what I ate and it told me I was eating next to nothing in cals and not that much fat either. I have tried eating more cals and fat (still not a biggie on fat but am better) and I *think* I am starting to lose a little bit now :)

Chin up



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Hi all

Thank you all for your replies. I'm not just as low today ;). I've not been monitoring my calorie intake, so maybe I should start doing that.

Thanks again

hey Lins is what were all here for, to help each other keep motivted and get through it together. ;)

I lost great first few weeks then it was 1 or 1.5 Ib a wk, since using the calorie/fat tracker on my fitness thoug since sat, so this weeks loss was 5.5 Ib, dont think it was coincidence. Deffo worth a look!

Please keep us posted with how you get on hun x

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