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Getting abit bored of the milkshakes and i'm only on day 4! Would like some support!!

I'm abit worried because i'm started to get bored of the milkshakes and i always feel so bloated. :(

I dont really look forward to milkshake time because after drinking the shake plus a pint of water i feel so bloated and sick. I think thats the main reason for why i am getting bored of it, i also hate bloating :mad: .

I have to have the pint with my shake or else it makes me feel extreamly sick. I dont have the soups because i feel sick just looking at the. I am considering looking at recipies for my sachets but i wont be trying that until a few weeks yet because i dont want to mess them up and miss out on a sachet.:(

I think if i increase my water intake my body will be able to tolerate the shakes more.

I was just wondering if anyone could offer any tips and advice (especially about the bloating) because i am only on day 4 i am deterimned not to fail at this diet.

Thanks in advance :hug99:

xx :wavey:
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Cambridge Counsellor
How much water are you drinking a day? And also are you drinking fizzy water because that can make you feel bloated.

Have you tried having the cartons instead of the shakes?

Have you tried any of them hot, like cappuccino or chocolate or chocolate mint.

I use the chocolate velvet cartons, add coffee and hot water, or just add hot water on it's own. It makes a large hot chocolate which is really nice.

You could blend a shake with a lot of ice that wouldn't ruin a pack at all, and might make a change.
Hi debs, thanx you for the y.

I am only drinking the minimum requiremt of water at the mo, about 4 pints. But i am trying very hard to increase this. I'm not drinking any fizzy water because i cant stand the taste of it.

I haven't tried the cartans yet, i think i might give them ago, especially because i might be going out more in the day and i dont have a place to make up the milkshake.(Today i couldnt go shopping out of town with my sisters because i wouldnt have anywhere to make my milkshake:( ). So i am going to plan ahead with these things.

I haven't tried adding hot water. I guess that would make my chocolate taste nicer. I do blend all my milkshakes with ice, it tastes better that way.

I just want to get rid of the bloating.

Thank you for the help xx
sorry, i meant thanx for the reply.lol.

I forgot to mention that i get this nasty taste at the back of my mouth when i drink water, i hope it goes away soon because it makes the water taste horrible.



Cambridge Counsellor
Well, to be honest, you're doing really well.

I think it is early days, sometimes it takes a couple of weeks to get really into the diet. But I would say that in the next couple of days I would expect things to start feeling better. Just stick with it. Try some cartons when you get the opportunity and don't forget the bars after two weeks.
Thanx for the help Dez. I know its early days but i really want to make sure i stick to the diet. I have so much i want to do after i lose the weight.

I might try the cartons in week 3 and maybe a few bars too.

Thanx again :)


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