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Getting an Actifry....yay

that's prop all ive eaten out of mine,,i've made sausages but not eating them,,looked delish tho:)
Let me know how this goes!!
I REALLY want one ... but want to see how good they are before I spend that amount of money!

I'm hoping I can do butternut squash chips in it for no points.... Amazon are doing them for £107 free delivery, but it's still a lot if money for a chip pan....lol. Its due to come on Tuesday so it'll be chips for dinner that night, will let you know how I get on ;-)
The Actifry is fantastic!! I do cook quite a few things in mine. My favourite is Rosemary roast potatoes with chunky carrots. I cook sausages, brown mince, mushrooms, onions, peppers and of course chips, but you can do loads of other things. I also learnt from this site to use Frylight instead of oil, so it makes it even healthier. I would not b without mine!!
Ooooohhhh thanks Shazzibar I do roasted carrots a lot, will be nice to stick them in the actifry and not have to keep checking and turning them while in the oven as I do now.... Brill can't wait now...( think I need to get out more, shouldn't be this excited over kitchen equipment......lol)
The carrots are much sweeter as well. Let me know how u get on. I must be Actifry's no.1 fan as I'm always raving about it!!!
Love love love my actifry too, if it broke down I would be straight down the shops replacing it no matter what the cost.

Use ours for chips ( can do with frylight but i far prefer 1tsp Olive Oil for 1 PP with mine as they are amazing ), butternut squash chips ;), roasted veg, roasted garlic and red onion potatoes, homemade scotch eggs, sausages with bacon and mushrooms :p

Let us know what you think
i got mine just over a week ok and i love it! the chips are better than oven cooked for just 1 pro point if you use oil.

We've done roast potatoes in there.

A full stir fry which was amazing! at the end put the straight to wok noodles and sauce in and it was all great. so little work. you can go and sit down while it stirs itself!

i shall use it now for anything i would previously have fried i think. love it.

going to try BNS chips this weekend.
ooooohhhhhhh it all sounds lovely.....I wan't it NOW!...lol
I'm hoping to use it for no point butternut squash chips....will you let me know how you get on with them please :)
I would not of thought of doing a stir fry, sounds a great idea!
Hi all
Weve had our actifry for a year now and the chips are gorge!!
Never really cooked anything else in it though, apart from chops once which were lovely.
How long does roasted veg take?...and what about the stir fry?...tell me more..
I havnt done roast veg but the stir fry was good.

I put the onion and mushroom and quorn in 1st (i honestly wouldnt know if meat would require longer as im veggie). Cooked them for 5 mins in it. Then added the bounsprouty and slim quick to cook bits for 3 mins. Then threw in the straight to wok noodles for 1 min and 1 min later added the sauce for another minute.

it was all perfectly cooked and still a bit crispy. I loved not needing to stir lol.
Roasted Veg

I put peppers, red onions, courgettes, garlic and mushrooms in and cook for about 30-40 mins.....I like mine really roasted for a deeper intense flavour. Trial and error in times.

Butternut Squash Chips

A whole squash really does shrink in the actifry but I cook mine for about 30-40 mins again

Oooohhhhh it came today....my first batch of chippys are in as we speak..... I'm watching them go round.... It's better than Eastenders..... Lol
Hhhhmmmm chips all eaten. Was a bit disappointed if I'm honest. They don't taste like fried chips to me. I watched them making chips when QVC were selling them and they looked gorgeous but mine didn't look like theirs....lol. I used 1 spoon of sunflower oil with 1k of Maris Piper spuds. (not all for me by the way) think it's gonna be trial and error for a bit.
I'm sorry they didn't turn out as you expected Tracer, bet your really disappointed now. I was using extra virgin oil, but now on Frylight. How long did u cook them for?
Roasted Veg:

For carrots I cut about 1.5" thick and put them in either on there own or with roast potatoes and cook for about 35 mins.

Mushrooms, peppers, onions only take 5 mins or so. My friend has also done parsnips but I haven't tried them yet.
Shazzabir said:
I'm sorry they didn't turn out as you expected Tracer, bet your really disappointed now. I was using extra virgin oil, but now on Frylight. How long did u cook them for?
I am a bit.... More because husband (who paid for it) had them aswell and I could see he thought they were a bit cack....lol

Gonna try some butternut squash ones with frylight tomoz. Hoping I can get to grips with it cos they're such alot of money.

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