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getting annoyed

Im on Atkins at the moment ok so I know your all going to say that I shouldnt go on the scales everyday but I cant help it Im offically obsessed....

But Im really annoyed today... Ive put 2lbs on....what if My weigh in day was today... Im really just not getting my body to do what its suppose to do... Seriously considering starting lipotrim or exante

I thought about doing lipotrim in January even went to the chemist to find out about it but my hubby2b doesnt like the idea but whats the difference Im in ketosis anyway on atkins...

I really dont want to still be big on my wedding day and its getting closer

Any ideas??
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You can weight differently throughout the week.

I also weigh myself every day but I do it the same time every morning. Some days I'm heavier than others.

If you do decide to do LT - welcome to the gang - it's a friendly bunch here.
everyones weight losses on LT look so too good to be true ...I always seem to lose a bit gain abit... wedding day panic is setting in


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Hiya hun! Like you said, there isn't much difference in the way the two diets tackle the body...however there is a huge difference in the mind set you have to have. Lipotrim has brilliant results but there is no denying that it is one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do with regards to willpower! I did atkins and found that i lost a lot of weight, but i knew i would put it right back on after i'd finished cos your able to eat so much of certain foods! With LT it retrains your mind and your palette about food so that if you follw it to the T and fully address why you eat in the first place then you should be able to get the weight off and maintain it!

Its a great diet hun! Everyone on here is brilliant and will always be here to give you friendly advice, a kick up the backside or that extra bit of willpower you need when your feeling weak. When is your wedding day and how much do you want to lose before then?xx
My wedding day is in 8 months but I have my final dress fitting in 6mths...

at the very least I would like to lose another 4 stone (13st 8)

In my wildest dreams 6 stone would be amazing (11st 8)

In my wil
Im just finding on Atkins im still yoyoing even thou Im eating exactly what they say eat


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Well chick you have 6 months in which you would in a perfect world want to lose 6 stone. They say on average for LT you lose a stone a month, some people more! You can DEFINATELY lose 4 stone in 6 months on this diet with no problems at all. Have you checked out the Lipotrim website? You could find a chemist near you that does it and go down and have a chat to them. Get all the information and then you could have a talk to your other half about it..show him its all healthy and safe etc. Its probably the healthiest diet you will ever go on!x
I agree with Louzeki

quite often we really need to examine our cycles of behaviour around food and LT appears to really allow you to do that as we don't have food to turn to.

Hill2B - not sure if you agree but i found in the past i used to almost sabotage myself by coming up with what were really excuses for not sticking to a diet, reasons why it didn't work etc. Then that gave me permission to stop and weight went back on as i resumed old habits. It's a viscious cycle made worse by the way we critisise ourselves. LT appears to give the quick win that is motivating but it's not without severe will power as said above. Abstaining from food totally is quite a mental challenge but an amazing feeling of control :)

Might be worth really examining what you are doing with the weigh ins etc - be really emotionally honest with yourself about your repeat patterns etc and why diets have failed in past (will power? persistence? Expecting a magic wand? getting frustrated if it doesn't happen as fast and/or as easy?) and then come join us on LT :) (I did all this before starting LT with a really close friend who i asked to really challenge me if she felt i was giving "excuses" and was really honest with myself for the first time in years about my weight and my eating)


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Hey hunny, congrats on your wedding :) I am a keen promoter of lipotrim! When I booked my wedding last september I decided to try it one last time and never ever regretted it!! Your dress will be motivation enough! Unlike atkins you will have no planning and thinking to do on lipotrim, My mum has lost 4st on atkins in the past but like you said her weight fluctuated up and down from week to week, I think with lipotrim your almost guarunteed a loss on the scales every week, it should only ever go up if you cheat! :) good luck whatever you decide, Im sure youll be a gorjus bride regardless xx
This time in my life feels like I have the most will power ever to do this... Ive not been this light in 10 years at my heaviest 6 yrs ago I was 25 stone.... This time feels different...Im stuck to loosing weight since september usually I find that I get to a weight start to feel slim and then go back to eating rubbish..this time even though Im the slimmest Ive been in years Im not giving up...I can see being a healthy weight as actually do able... I havent been 12st since I was 18 years old. But I know even if I dont do it for my wedding I will do it soon... it would just be a pity to lose the weight after the wedding and look back at the photos and wish id done it....
Everyone who knows me, didnt think that I had a snowball in hells chance of doing this LT diet, they know how much I adore food. However, its totally great not having to think about what I need to eat each day......I'ts simples!!!! water, water, shake, shake, shake !!!!! I still cook for my OH every day, who also is not happy I am doing this, BUT he sees I am very, very happy with my weight loss, got plenty of energy AND clear skin.....You will defo lose 4-6 stone, maybe even more...BUT you will need 100% commitment at all times, no excuses and please do yourself a big favour and dump your scales, just have your weekly weigh-in's with the Pharmacie. Promise you, you will get to the stage where you as SO not hungry any more, you may forget to have a shake!!!! Really!!!
does your doctor have to sign to say you can do liptotrim?


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Nope. You have to fill in a questionnaire- but it's the usual stuff- do you have any conditions. what meds are you on etc. etc.
well hubby2b wont like it but I went to the chemist in jan to find out about doing it and chickened out....but I will go and see them and do this...already spent 4 months thinking about it... at least ive spent those 4 mths loosing still


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listen hun, I think you can lose 7 stone by your wedding easy on LT!! set your goal higher and higher, thats what I did and keep lowering it hehe, I never quite reach it but Im getting thinner haha.... a stone a month on lipotrim, you can be less than 11stone, your doing brilliant already, like you said youve got all this will power, and dont want to look back in regret (the same thing that keeps me going) so go for it! set your sights high! and start shedding 3lbs a week, have you already ordered your dress? Its was stressful but when I was a size 18/20 I ordered a 10 and it fits me now!!! The best feeling ever, Ive yoyo'ed for years and finally cracked it, use all your energy and get going girly!! If I can do it you can to! x


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My hubby wasn't thrilled either, but once I'd watched the DVD (boring!) and got the info from the pharmacy and could explain the 'science' behind it (sort of! LOL!) he was okay about it. I won't say 'happy' because he thinks I'm nuts to be 'putting myself through it', but he's okay with it now? He can't wait til I stop it though. Might be a while.... ;P


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tell your hubby the dangers of you being overweight and see if that changes their minds? I know my OH was rather I was healthy rather than at risk of all sorts of illnesses. I take in more vitamins on lipotrim than I normally would so its probably better for me haha, and alos now Ive lsot all this weight im mentally cured which makes our relatonship heaps better :) xx


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I know they only do it cos they care, but they just need to get the fact that its done by doctors and pharmacists into their heads and eventually they will think that if a GP can tell you to do it then it cant be all that bad. Plus like the others have said...once he sees how happy you are on it that the weight is dropping off etc he can't be unhappy about it :) if its what you really want to do then get to your chemist and get talking to them!x
Good luck hun, I am sure you wont regret a moment of being on lipotrim if you decide to do it. Its definitely the best diet I have ever tried and once the first few days are over with, its the easiest diet I have ever been on. It takes away those choices of free foods, which was always my downfall, if it was free, I would eat it in excess. All you get here are your shakes, water, teas, coffees and nothing else. YOu could easily lose your weight for your dress fitting. Get your OH to watch the video with you and he might be a little more knowledgeable about lipotrim, the science behind it, and that the only dangers are that he will have a really sexy looking slim wife on the wedding day that all the men will be admiring.
Congrats YumyMumy - size 18-20 to a 10?? That's fantastic!!!! Hope you are very proud of yourself?

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