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getting back into it is so hard !!

Hi All,

Have been trying to get back on CD for some time now & it just seems harder than ever, i lost 6.5 stone 2 yrs ago but had a baby pretty quick so didn't get to maintain & now put 4 stone back on.

My son is now a year so would really like to start losing this weight so I can run about after him easier.

Everytime I try to get back to this is seems even harder than the last time, I've tried other diets but they just don't loose quick enough to keep me motivated.

Any hints tips or general support would be great ....

Thank you !
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Laugh in the face of food
I know what you mean, it does seem harder the second time round, infact it's taken me 6 months of messing about stopping and starting to finally get my head into gear. My only advice is to try and remember how excited you felt when you started CD the very first time, try and get that enthusiasm back. I think part of the problem is that we KNOW it works and we KNOW it works fast, so we give it less attention and are more lenient than we were the first time when we were out to prove to ourselves that it works. Does that make sense? I'm bad at explaining things.

For me now I've made the decision to do this and see it through to maintainance this time. And that involves doing SS and nothing else until the time comes to move up the plans. I can't do SS+ or allow anything other than CD and water to pass my lips because once I slip up, I use it as free lisence to write off the whole day...week....sometimes even month. So I'm being as strict with myself this time round as I was in the very beginning. It is hard but it's not impossible - you proved that last time.

Good luck you can do it!! xxx
Makes perfect sense !! Thinking about it that is what it's about as we know it works we allow ourselves extra breathing space but that sets us up for a fall straight away.

I know some people can dip in & out but still be successful but for me it's 100% or nothing !!

I think I will cut down on carbs this week as I have a hen night so be hard to start before that really, so week prep then start week Monday.

I used this site last time for support which was great so think I need to get back on here again !!

Thanks !!


Laugh in the face of food
I'm always on here! I love the support people give you, it's whats kept me going for certain!! I'm going to copy something I've just posted on my friends thread cos it might help you a bit too, hope you don't mind....

Why not set a target, not the final target by any means, but a reachable target. Don't set yourself a time frame, just a weight. It'll give you something within reach to aim for. Times add pressure, and there's no reason to add pressure!!! I've learned that one eventually.

I did this when I very first started. My first target was to get below 15st - this was the weight that I always seemed to stick at when I was doing SW. I could always get to 15st, but never any lower. And guess what I was so determined that I would get below that 15st that I stuck to the diet with no problem.

I don't think it matters if this first target is only small, but so long as it's reachable. Then once you've got there you'll get an amazing sense of achievement, and you can then make a new target. Take it chunk at a time and before you know it the light at the end of the tunnel will be megabright and you'll get there! Baby steps, don't think about the big picture, just take baby steps.

Hope this helps a bit, because I know how tough it is starting over. Have a fab time at the hen night xxx
Big help might print it out & put it on my fridge for motivation for that first goal.

Thank you & i'm sure over the coming weeks we can support each other !!



Laugh in the face of food
I think so, if you want to post on my diary there a few of us who're starting again for various reasons, me & Kez have been messing about for ages on again and off again, Tasha has had a spell away and Lyndzi is pretty much at the same stage as me, restarting again, we're all there for each other and we all have our little diaries which we all post on for motivation. I'll attach the link to mine and you can take it from there if you want. It really does help knowing that you aren't the only one going through all this. xxx

Hiya oh yes i know how hard it is to get back into things its taken me for 4months to get back onto the diet. For 4 months every week i would say i am going to start again and never did it. I have lasted one whole day on the diet now and i am soooo happy hehe!! I aint been able to last a day in 4 months so i feel alot more possitive about today (day 2).

Good luck on getting back into things hun xxx

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