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Cruise PP Getting bored with food? SUGGESTIONS


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and please add other ideas ladies!

I see a few are getting bored with what they're eating (while not posting their menus mind...).

I just posted this on a diary, so thought I'd put it more prominently. Other ideas welcome!

Don't any of you like beef? steak? mincemeat? I eat each at least once a week, sometimes twice...

Moules marinières anyone? Gambas, lobster? not sure what you can find in the UK in the frozen counter mind...

You can use your oatbran to coat your fish or chicken with "breadcrumbs" for a change.

Or divide your bran allowance in two and have it twice in the day in different forms...

Quiches are popular here... not necessarily meaning the need to eat yet more eggs, cos I use 2 eggs for a 4 person quiche...

scrambled egg, smoked salon + fish eggs are my guilty pleasure (YUM!)...

Fish pie, I love too...

Then, ok I confess that I seldom eat chicken breast (and only with Vicky's marinades). My chicken at lunch is always the leg piece, which is moist, and I "play" for ages while other normal people eat their food... Again, I never *just* have chicken at lunch on PP... but I make a tupperware with several different protein ingredients (often salmon, prawns and chicken). Same quantity of protein, but smaller quantity in weight to have the variety. Eating 2 or 3 chicken breasts I couldn't do. (Or, as I saw yesterday in a French menu - FOUR low fat burgers... boring!)

Try to vary... particularly those of you who can cook at lunchtime too... now that it's turning colder, for PV, try oven baked veggies (with meat) in could be good... meaty soups...

I didn't used to vary my menus much when "eating", so now dieting little has changed... but I have mentioned before about people just eating the one thing for lunch...

Dinner I do just have, say, grilled steak + fresh garlic... with a spoonful of mustard + fromage frais on the side (sauce!) but I do have smaller quantities of say three proteins at lunch...
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WARNING - I have some PV suggestions in here too, didn't realise it was PP only so you'll have to pick out the appropriate bits!

We eat plenty of chicken, you can yogurt-coat it, use it for curry with passata, shred it for soup, eat it plain roasted with veg on a PV day.

Buy some lean mince (or mince some steak) and you can make chilli, burgers, moussaka, bolognaise sauce, whatever. Not so keen on steak (more than once a week - it's the texture for me, I love the taste though) so prefer to have boiled beef, again can be used for soup, slice thinly and have with an egg or with salad, or boil up some veg with it (realise I'm probably not selling this very well:D) with some raz el hanout and you have an 'almost couscous'. Beef stew (with or without wine), endless possibiltiies.

If you like offal, there's loads of things to have there too.

Rabbit? Can you get that in the UK? Either coat with mustard and panfry or cook with wine (a little).

Fish in all shapes and forms. One of our favourites is white fish with seafood (prawns, mussels, squid, whatever - we can get seafood mix frozen which is great) in a white sauce (with cornflour/arrowroot as a tolerated food and skimmed milk with a little mustard). Husband takes plain tuna and lemon but it's much nicer mixed with some natural yogurt or fromage blanc instead. Prawn cocktail (on a PV day) with sauce from passata/yogurt/chilli spices. We've had mussels a few times too, lovely!

Eggs in all forms - you can use less yolks for scrambled eggs, omelettes and keep them for custard. We have 'bacon' (ham) and dry-fried eggs now and again too.

I'm going to buy some tofu too and try Bren's curry recipe. It will be a first for me (only saw it at the supermarket for the first time last week).

Good luck everyone!
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With the tofu curry after you fry everything and it's all cooked splash balsamic in their and stir. Turn off flame straight away and put into bowl and mix with mayo( egg yolk and dijoin mustard) much nicer! Mmmm hungry now.

Bircher muesli - oatbran, cinnamon, nutmeg, sweetener and yoghurt ( lots it absorbs ) and leave overnight.

Vikki told me about custard, which is 99% fat free, brilliant idea!

Frittatas like quiche with salmon and cottage cheese, with dukan mayo

Great thread Jo.


** Chief WITCH **
S: 141kg C: 49.9kg G: 36.3kg BMI: 17.7 Loss: 91.1kg(64.62%)
WARNING - I have some PV suggestions in here too, didn't realise it was PP only so you'll have to pick out the appropriate bits!
To be honest, it wasn't meant to be only PP... just when I went to post it before leaving home this morning, I had the choise of "Cruise PP" or "Cruise PL". Not quite right! How do we get a "Cruise" section only Vicky?


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For the PV, I've enjoyed chicken cooked in tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and herbs. Also, fajitas made with either chicken or steak, onion, sweet peppers, fresh coriander and spices, served in an oat galette - you can have fromage frais with chives instead of sour cream to accompany it.

For PP, I've found meatloaf to be fantastic. There's a great minced beef recipe in the Dukan book, but you can also make one with chicken or turkey mince. It's great to serve with veg on PV days or to have slices wrapped in a galette during PP days.


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I supose some of this could be a financial Q too - the leanest prime cuts of beef *are* more expensive than value chicken, so I eat more chicken too! Value beef tends to be the fatty mince...
I buy a lot of Value fresh Salmon, it's so easy to prepare and I still love it.

Consider smoked fish: Mackerel, salmon, trout. Again not a low cost option in large quantities but you could bump up the protein by adding a boiled / scrambled etc egg to a meal with smoked fish.

Minced chicken (even mince it yourself in a food mixer, it's simple to whizz up a breast or two) - season well (I like herbs an Paprika). Add an Egg or some Quark for added moisture, mix well and make little meatballs which instead of frying you could simmer either in a tomato sauce (just use a tin of chopped tomatoes or passata with onion and herb) or for a PV day simmer in some well-seasoned low-fat stock.

Sauces: you *are* allowed a TB of cornflour, that makes a nice white sauce with Milk or even with the stock as above on a PP day. It's a tolerated item so try not to have it every day.

On a PV day I had steamed Asparagus, a few slices of thick-cut lean ham, and then this sauce - a real treat!!

Beef: I like to make beef stew, simmer for a couple of hours in chopped tomatoes or passata then the beef is tender.

I'll try and post up some recipes in the recipe section tonight.

Frozen Fish and Prawns, make an oriental soup: (leave out the Veg for a PP day and stir in a beaten egg into the hot soup at the end, it which will form egg ' noodles')
Oriental Soup

  • low-fat vegetable stock or chicken stock, about 1pt

  • a small chunk root ginger, peeled and thinly sliced
  • splash of rice wine, or I use vinegar!
  • any mixed vegetables such as green beans, carrots in strips, anything else you like
  • Add a chopped chilli if you like it spicy
  • prawns (raw or cooked) - you could also use fish or / and chicken, diced
  • a small handful of coriander herb
  • soy sauce for seasoning
Put the stock, ginger and rice wine in a pan and bring to a simmer. Cook the veg in the broth until just tender. Add the prawns and cook until pink or heated through. Stir in egg if using. Scatter with coriander and season with a bit of soy if necessary.

Ok enough rambling - I'll put more in the recipes section later.


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Jo to get cruise section, when you do your post there is an option to choose which part of the diet hon x great post!


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get a slow cooker. Cheap cuts of beef can be made tender and melt in the mouth with a good long slow cook. Throw whatever herbs in you fancy and some beef stock or just water and switch and go do whatever you need to do!. Have it in a galette with some mustard (or if on cruise phil and mustard)


** Chief WITCH **
S: 141kg C: 49.9kg G: 36.3kg BMI: 17.7 Loss: 91.1kg(64.62%)
Jo to get cruise section, when you do your post there is an option to choose which part of the diet hon x great post!
Hey there... yes there is the option of "cruise PP" or "cruise PL"...

What about "Cruise" cos this sort of subject is for both!

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