Getting cold feet (not started yet)

I am starting to wonder if its the right thing to do. Other people of a similar size understand where I am coming from yet people I love and respect don't seem to get it. My mum thinks fresh fruit and veg are the key to success (she's bigger than me and doesn't know about l/l) and others think its way too much to spend and that weight watchers would be a cheaper alternative.

Has anyone else had this? What would you do?
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Hm. Well at the end of the day it's not their decision, it's yours.

You have to do the right diet for you, that may be LL it may not be. LL is medically backed up, and nutritionally good, but it is an extreme solution to a problem that CAN be fixed with veg and fruit and a strict diet. However, many of us here are here because we're emotional eaters. The advantage of this diet is that it fixes the emotional eating, as well as being a diet that sees results quickly. I know I just don't have the patience to spend years on other less extreme diets, I want to be slim NOW!
It's not perfect; the rigidity of it is great for many but not for everyone. Also others may prefer not to be on such an extreme diet. People also tend to be prejudiced against it before they even know all of what it's about.

I would say it's about making your own mind up for good, knowing the reasons you've done it and show your mum/others just what you can do on it. Once they see results (if you do LL), they soon stop complaining!
I have been comfort eating for years and its grown in to eating for what ever reason imaginable. I know that on WW I would get fed up of the slow results and soon return to eating my feelings. I have to get rid of my eating demons and I know this but explaining to people my reasons are not easy, especially when I can see it in their faces that they think I am being selfish for spending money in this way (surely the long term benefits of doing this should be worth the money alone) I don't know I have all the forms and am desperatly wanting to go for it.

I guess I have answered my own question and your right I shouldn't let people hold me back or influence me.


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i felt like this before i started.
but as ellie said above i want to be slim and healthy - soon, not in a year or two of starting/stopping/cheating on WW or SW. i want to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch so to speak and i'm hoping LL will let me do this.
before i started i had 6 weeks to wait for my meetings, which i think in hindsight was a good thing as i had time to read everything about LL - good and bad and really psyche myself up for it.
i'm finding it so easy at the moment (day12) its such a sense of releif for me to be away from food and i'm hoping over the next 88 days alongside the counselling i will be able to totally reshape both my body, but more importantly my mind and then do RTM and come through the other side 'cured' of my food problems.

read this forum and others, google everything you can and talk to a LL person, then make your own mind about if it is right for you.

good luck
daisy x


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oh, and £66 a week is prob the same or less than you spend on food/snacks/wine/takeaways/meals out at the moment if you add it up
daisy x


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WW cheaper ????????????

Only if you never have to go back!
Most people I know (me included in the past) either don't get to their goal woth ww because the progress slows down to zilch or they do get there, put on again and then go back again, or go to SW because their friends go. It's socially acceptable to go to them whereas peopel have an opinion about LL and they know b---er all about it.
I bet if you added up the money people spend on WW/SW over the years it would be more.
LL has worked for me because you remove yourself totally from food and re-evaluate your relationship with it. Ihave learnt stuff about me and food and the reasons why I allowed myself to become obese. It will stay with me forever no matter what happens in the future.
YOU have to decide whether you think it's the way for you. Don't let others decide for you. Surely if it makes you healthier and happier for your child then it's a small price to pay and a responsible thing to do. My initial motivation was to improve my health and it has certanly done that - in spades.
Good luck whatever you decide.

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I can't really add more to the good advise on all the above posts. JUst wanted to wish you luck with your decision.

Its difficult not tobe influenced by others - but this is a personal choice....and hopefully they will support your decision.

SHow them this website if they have any doubts!! :)

GOod luck hon - this really is the way to knock it on its head, and then finally move on with your life.

ITs worked for me. :)



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Im saving money
When I worked out what I spent on 2 takeawqays a week plus wine every night and luches out etc in came in at wopping £140 per week so LL is saving me £74 per week nearly £300 per month

Im gonna spend that money on some treat by was as reward as weight comes off



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I am starting to wonder if its the right thing to do. Other people of a similar size understand where I am coming from yet people I love and respect don't seem to get it. My mum thinks fresh fruit and veg are the key to success (she's bigger than me and doesn't know about l/l) and others think its way too much to spend and that weight watchers would be a cheaper alternative.

Has anyone else had this? What would you do?

Yes, yes and yes. I got it all the time(my mum who funny enough is going on it herself now lol), people who think they are dietrians will always makes statements like this. Ignore what people say this is a safe and good diet to follow. I have said it before to many members in your position, the price is nothing to pay when regarding your health. You are doing the right thing and you are going to love every minute of it. Besides we are here to help you through. :)


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Sorry M2S nothing new to add but felt I had to post agreeing to above comments.

Everyone has an opinon of LL and other VLCDs because they are seen as being 'unnatural' so MUST be bad for you. The reality is very different as everyone on here will testify.

This diet is not easy (but easier than you & others will think), but it IS very effective. My reasons for chosing LL were largely influenced by the weekly meetings and support in changing habits and feelings around food. STill in the early stages and facing some challenges, but getting through them and getting results.

£66 seems a lot until you add it all up. We've used LL as an excuse to buy more healthily for the whole family and are saving abou £60/week on supermarket bills, also more as we're not buying wine, or spending at the pub at weekends on drink & bar food. So overall I'd be very suprised if you can't actually save money on LL.

We're spending some of our savings on trips to the cinema and theatre (which also helps breaking the pub habit), and have a weekend in Edinburgh booked in May.

It's your body, your health and your decision. In time if you do use LL others will see your progress & how happy you are and will support you.

Good luck whatever you decide.


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Those closest to you quite often don't like change especially in someone they care about. It's very common to, at first, have the worst reactions from them.

My daughter didn't want me to do it last time, but I did and she saw that I didn't grow horns, turn green or, heaven forbid, become smaller than she was!! Now this is my secaond time doing LL because I know it's the best diet out there and, again, yesterday my daughter wanted to know exactly how much I was planning on losing, was I sure I was doing the right thing etc. I just told I her I was doing this for me, not her, and she would have to get used to whatever I decided to do with it.

She is 20 years old by the way and, of course, I'm not allowed to have an opinion on anything she does. :p

The money issue, sit down and write everything down that you can remember eating, drinking, snacking and going out for over last week or an average week. I bet the cost will knock your socks off. And Jim's idea of saving the differance is fantastic, you are going to need all the money you can get your hands on for all those lovely new clothes soon anyway. :D


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Hi M2S

I must admit I did get similar vibes from a few of my family and friends so I just didn't discuss it with them and made an informed decision through research and talking to people who have done LL. Once I had made my mind up, if my family / friends said anything negative I just told them that I had made my mind up completely and was 100% comiitted to doing it, so really needed their help and support rather any negativity. They are all fine now and are all supporting me!

So if you decide this is the diet for you then stop them in their tracks before they give you any grief and explain that you are a grown adult and you have fully researched it and clearly would never do anything to put your health at risk so now you need their help and support.

On a last note.... I found my WW card last weekend and joined in Feb last year and gave up in June and lost a total of 12 lbs ... I have my 2nd week WI tonight and i'm pretty sure (serial home weigher!!) that I have lost that in 2 weeks on LL, the results speak for themselves!

Good luck M2S, I wish you all the luck in the world whatever you decide.