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Getting dizzy on treadmill

Hey everyone,I hope someone can help me with this.
I cant ask the guys at the gym I am at because they are useless and really hard to talk to so Im asking here.

I joined a gym last summer and when I 1st started using the treadmill I would get quite dizzy,especially when I got off,I was told this was probably due to the motion or something like that.
Anyway after a couple of times I was fine and ever since have been using the treadmill for 20mins on a fast uphill walk everytime Im at the gym.

Anywho here is my problem....the last few months or so I have started to get major dizzy/light headed as soon as I get on the treadmill so I cant use it for fear of passing out. I am absolutely fine on everything else,I use the cross trainer,rower and bike and all is ok.
I have tried eating different things before I go,not eating at all,using the treadmill first,last,in between,not so fast,not so slow! I have seriously tried everything and I still get dizzy :(
Does anyone have any idea why this might be?
Considering that I have been using the treadmill fine for month and months and this feeling has come on all of a sudden,I just dont get it.

I really wanna use the treadmill again but I want the dizzy to stop!

Any answers appreciated :)

Claire x
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Are you trying to look down on the treadmill or straigh ahead? I had a friend who constantly tried to look what her feet were doing, and she never even realised she was doing it until I told her she was doing it.
Also, pop to your docs and explain it to him as you may have an inner infection as this can effect balance, dizziness etc.
Hope this helps



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I always had the same sensation on the treadmill until I just stood for a bit before getting off.
Thanks for both of your replies.
I have tried looking forward,looking down,looking over and talking to a friend and it's still the same.
Plus now even when I'm standing still on the treadmill I get dizzy!

I have also just started getting dizzy when using the rowing machine as well :(
This is really bugging me as I feel I can't get a proper workout done now I'm not using the machines like I used to.

So I think I'm gonna have to go to see my doctor,hopefully she will have some answers for me!

Claire x

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