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Extra Easy Getting it wrong


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After our first week on EE, mine and hubby's C has just texted to let us know how we were doing with our food diaries. Seems we're doing ok except that we're not getting it right with filling 1/3 of our plates with superfree foods :( Any advice from anyone or even examples of meals please? We do eat a lot of fruit inbetween meals. No wonder I only lost 0.5lb in my first week :cry:
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i dont personally do extra easy but i know that some of the people that do it at my group if they struggle to do 1/3 of superfree food on the plate they eat fruit before they have their dinner

Mrs V

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Whenever I do EE, I tend to have either lots of veg with my meal, or a side salad. Failing that, then I have a fruit salad in between with a variety of fruit.
You may find that EE doesnt suit you, so try mixing up your days.
it can be tough to get the 1/3 super free in but you will get to leanr how to do it . I tend to eat a lot of things like ratatoullie with pasta , so loads of veg in it , spag boll with onions mushrooms courgettes etc in , chilli is the same , I would recommend getting the extra easy recipe book , some fabulous recipes in there :)

If you are having a meal that you cant really add extra veg to , try and have a side salad or salad to start so you are not so hungry , or dont eat till you are full and have fruit for pud ...

it just takes a bit of getting used to and then you will find it easy :)


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I'd agree with the others - if I make chilli, spag bol or a tomato based curry I put loads of grated carrot in with onions, peppers etc. It makes it lovely and thick, and you can't taste it anyway. Most recently, I have been cutting up loads of roasted veg and putting it through rice. Not only does it bulk it up, it gets the 1/3 superfree in. I also tend to have sprouts with curry for e.g (so half rice, half sprouts) but I might be the only one to do that, lol. Think "superfree veg" as much as possible, as I think it's easy to overeat if you rely on fruit as the 1/3.
Hope this helps x
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my cons always says its not essencial to do a 1/3 super free just aim for it.
and i know I don't hasn't effected me so far but everyones different.
I do eat alot of fruit


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Really do try to have the superfree foods as they do make a difference. It doesn't have to be on the side so you can pack out pasta sauces, curries etc with loads of veggies. But if you really can't manage it then try leaving one third of your plate empty so that you're not overdoing the free foods.
What I have decided to try is to think about the superfree first.

Instead of saying, "I am having chicken, or fish, or whatever, for my dinner, what shall I have with it?" I am trying to turn it around and say "I am having all these vegetables for my dinner, what else shall I have with them?" or even sometimes "do I need anything else with them?"

It's a bit odd to start with, but I think it might be useful.


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^^ I did, Jaylou!
Thank you!!

Sometimes I find that if I have enough different kind of vegetables, I am not that bothered about meat or fish. When I look back to when I was a child in the 50s, and the boring vegetables we had, all hopelessly overcooked, I do feel incredibly privileged when I look at the huge variety we have today.
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I prepare all of my veggies the night before. If I don't I find that I pick. So I have a large tuppaware box of mixed salad and I also cut up a load of peppers, onion, mushrooms and courgettes that I can roast and add to cous cous. Since joined SW I've discovered that my baby loves roasted peppers!


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I'm more of a veggie person than a fruit person, so when I cook up my sauces, stews or rice, I always add steamed, boiled or roast veggies if I can. As others have said, it really does bulk up a meal, I find that it fills me up and I don't overdo the free food.

If I'm short on time, I always have those birdseye steam fresh veggie bags around in the freezer (on offer at Tesco's at the minute, 2 packs of 4 for £2.00), zap them in the microwave for 3 mins and I add them to anything I'm eating.

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