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Hi all,

Just a few random ramblings on increasing physical activity to boost weight loss/metabolism.

Had a session of Aeroball on Sunday and it was loads of fun. It's expensive to do every week, but its half an hour of intense bouncing. I was very warm afterwards and would love to do it again, even if its every other week.

Also looking to get a Wii with Wii Fit Plus. Also heard some musings that Wii Dance is good to get the blood pumping so will happily invest if it's worth it.

What do people think of various fitness DVD's? It doesn't have to be a celebrity one or anything, but we've been debating getting one for a while, so that if there is a break in the viewable TV (usually happens most over Summer) then we can just wap it on for twn minutes or half an hour or something! Ideas gratefully received!!

I also have the potential for 4 x 15 minute brisk walks every week, which again will hopefully become regular once the evenings start getting lighter!

I'd like to think that by having the Wii and the fitness DVD I can dip into these as and when, and keep the aeroball and the 4 short walks as something that happens all the time. It will soon whizz me through my Body Magic awards, which will get me into habits and hopefully will make me feel even better than I already do from a change of diet!
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I assume you're a Lancaster Uni Graduate? I went there and Aeroball was a weekly thing I did with my mates - it's so much fun!!! :D :D

If you're introducing new exercise to your day to day life start small and build up. New things can be hard to adapt to - I nearly keeled over when I first did kick aeorbics but love it now :)

The best thing to do is have a play with different things to see what keeps you interested. I love to go to the gym and run or use the cross trainer, and I also do a lot of exercise at home using DVDs but this would be some people's idea of h*ll and prefer team sports etc.

DVD wise, I like the Davina ones and the new Deanna Berry one. The Deanne Berry one is very hard - it doesn't look like it should be but it really is! But the Davina ones, though hard, are more user friendly.

Why not try to rent them from the library and try them for a couple of days before buying the ones you like?

Have a trial of a few things and when you know what you're enjoying, try to bring it into your weekly routine 3 times a week for 30mins and build from there. Make sure you drink and eat to accomdate what you need to replace too.

Good luck!!! xxx


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im not a Lancaster Uni graduate...i'm a Uni of Liverpool gal. But one of my PG course mates is a LU grad and she booked it all for us. never even knew they had a court there. Its ace!