Getting my 3 litres a day

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  1. Cahrlierogers

    Cahrlierogers Full Member

    My App for drinking water says i have to drink 3.1 l a day and i never get there i when i get anywhere near i a have to be home allday because of going to the toilet that often does it get better and is this a way to big a goal i weigh just under 15stone.
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  3. ursula

    ursula Member

    That's a whoooole lot of water! I didn't think you had to drink that much to be honest! XD I try to get 3 pints of water a day, but even that's hard, I find that I end up downing it, flooding my system and spending most of my shift on the loo. All I know is little and often is good, if you can just have it on you and sip constantly. I find that after a while I seem to not need the toilet too often maybe because my bodies using it (?) I don't know. It's just remembering to keep if up for me :s sorry I can't be more help.
  4. Cahrlierogers

    Cahrlierogers Full Member

    i suppose the best thing is to limit it and have not much a week

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