getting really fed up. This is getting ridiculous Grr!

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  1. Akra

    Akra Member

    Hey fellow LT'ers. Sorry (again) for my absence, things have gotten a little silly recently and I don't want you to think that I'd given up on you all :)
    Unfortunatly I'm all sick and disgusting again. Last time, after my first week I got the pig flu and had to come off it for a couple weeks to get better. This time around, after putting back on those 10lbs that I lost, I've gotten ill again!!!!!!! Argh!!!! Not with the pig flu again, just your standard summer cold and have had to come off lt for a couple days to rest. But I'm getting so annoyed at myself because I'm basically junking out on sarnies, toast and rice. Carbs galore!
    I'm beyond p***ed at myself because I now can no longer really wear half of the things I was intending to be able to comfortably wear by this point and I'm thinking to myself 'stop using this silly illness as an excuse, you lazy moo!'
    And I'm seeing a pattern in myself as well. Everytime I give up for whatever reason, i fall back into my eating pattern with the thought in mind 'oh well, it doesn't matter because i'll be doing such-and-such diet next week and it'll all come off then' and thats the same bloomin' thing i've been saying for years and for years the pounds have been not-so-subtly creeping on!! So clearly my brain is defunct in my goal and I need to either get a new one or pound it into submission.
    So, I've just saved a bunch of inspirational pics and quotes to my compy and I'm planning on looking at them every couple of hours and being on here the same amount of time (so expect to see so much of me on here that you'll get sick of me! lol).
    I'm still a bit sick but I'm going to take advantage of the appetite loss by downing my shakes and being a good girl.
    Also, I'm gonna set myself a crimbo challenge (i know there's already a thread for this but i thought i'd make my very own little one :D )
    and try and lose 2-3stone by christmas day. Out of experience I know that for some strange reason (miracle) I am capable of losing an impressive amount of weight fairly quickly (last year I lost 4 stone in 3 months) so hopefully I'm not being over-expectant for this goal.

    I'd love to hear if anyone else has had similar set-backs like this and if anyone of you fine folks are doing similar chrimbo challenges.

    I've set myself a bit of a goal for tomorrow: Both my boyfriend and I have been sick all this week and as such our apartment has reached bio-hazard levels of gross-ness. I won't sicken you with the nitty-gritty, but trust me when I say it's gonna take hours. My lucky bf has skuttled off for the weekend on some biking competition so he'll be out of the way, which is probably just the better as he's not particularly useful in the cleaning department :p. So, as tomorrow will officially be my re-start, i guess, it's probably better that i'm going to be too busy cleaning and berating myself to worry about food, bar the shakes.

    Right, i'm so 'ooo-rah' that I could run around, but i won't because that probably wouldn't be great for my cold, but you get the idea :flirt2:

    Anyway, I garentee you'll be hearing more from me over the next few weeks, so I'll leave it here for now.
    Hope you all have/are having a fabulous night.

    Akra xxx
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  3. thinkingthin1974

    thinkingthin1974 Full Member

    Hi Akra,
    Good luck for the restart tomorrow. I'm pretty new on her, I've been doing lt for nearly 3 weeks now.
    I'm still arguing with myself daily about food but I'm holding
    I think the goal you've set it pretty realistic to me, I'm also heading for 4 stone by xmas, 18lbs down and lots to
    Best wishes,
  4. A Better Me

    A Better Me Silver Member

    hi akra...good luck on your restart hun,i`m thinking of refeeding in about 4 weeks time and im scared that i`m going to go back into my old eating habits as it`s just so easy to slip back into what we`re used to....bbut you sound determined to beat it hun so good luck with your mini challengexxx
  5. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    I think you have summed it up yourself ... you're using a summer cold as an excuse. Plenty of people get ill whilst on LT and still plod on. Some people feel quite ill during theyre first week on LT as a side affect of it all but still plod on.

    I dont mean to sound harsh but if you really and truely want to do this diet and lose your weight you wouldnt let a summer cold beat you.
  6. vanda

    vanda plodding away

    I too have used illness or anything else come to think of it as an excuse not to follow any plan I have been on at the time. Great that you have sorted things out and are now raring to go.

    Tanya, semi-harsh but true words - I could do with you in my kitchen cupboards ready to tell me how it is. I do give myself a good talking to from time to time but could do with a backup.

  7. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    :giggle: vakwi ... im always around to give someone an asswhooping! :whoopass: LOL!

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