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getting Really hard :(

Hi Guys

I am on my 5th day got my weigh in on wed i was fine for days but it is getting sooooo hard now tonight my otherhalf invited his parents over for dinner and my mum was here and omg it smelt amazing i feel like crying i just hope this feeling goes away.

I have not cheated yet and dont plan to but i can only hope i am strong enough not to.

Can i ask has anyone ever cheated and to what extent what did you eat.

i am sure i am not the only one going through this


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The Diet Guy
Hiya Lisa

All I can do is promise you that however much you think the food is going to taste wonderful etc etc that after you have it you will realise that it was ok and you already knew what it tasted like.

But being slim although a longer term goal is much more satisfying and the feeling you will get when you get to goal weight and suceeded in your reduction will outweight any momentary taste.

Be fascinated by what it is like to be slim and let that fascination keep kicking in as you show self control along the way to being slim.

You can do it! You just have to decide that you are going to and not let anything change that decision.
i am just so upset that i done fine up until now and just everything looks amazing and smells amazing i know i can hold it together but i just dont know if i can go the full way 8 weeks seems a long time away and i want to be slim and thats whats driving me right now i want to be healthy too.

i just hope i make myself proud rather than let myself down :(


The Diet Guy
OK look back 8 weeks on your calendar, check what you were doing, does it feel like 8 weeks ago or not that far ?

8 weeks from now is nothing! It was still be summer and well before the start of Autumn. And 8 weeks in the grand scheme of your life is merely a blink.

Why not decide to do the 8 weeks and then if it was as bad as you thought then you'll be right and I'll be wrong ;-) Got to do it to prove me wrong though.



going to do it this time!
Stick with it babycakes!! you'll be soo proud of yourself on wednesday when you get on them scales!! :D x
you are a man men of you will be right lol :p i just hope it will fade thats all if the hunger goes away i will be fine i am sure i will meet my target. just a bad day i think :)


Silver Member
You will have bad days, but you must hold on tight, the longer you are abstinent the easier it will become, i promise you! And we are in control of what we think about, so when food comes into your mind, push it away, because food is NOT an option! Why think about it?

Diane xx
Thank babe just having my bad days i have stuck to it 100% and got my weigh in tonight x
We all have bad days,but try hard not to give in.I can only echo everything Mike has said.I never cheated and feel that it is so self destructive to do so.
On the first of Jan this year I was well over 19 stone,unhappy and depressed and 6 months later I am a new woman.It didn't happen overnight,but every month I felt and looked better and better and that spurred me on.
Good luck with your weigh in.I know my first one helped loads....
wow mary you look amazing i dont think i could last 6mths that is amazing my target is 3stone hope dont need to be on it too long lol is there anything at all you can have a little of if really need a nibble ? dont think there is but worth asking ?
wow mary you look amazing i dont think i could last 6mths that is amazing my target is 3stone hope dont need to be on it too long lol is there anything at all you can have a little of if really need a nibble ? dont think there is but worth asking ?
NO!if you want to do SS properly!
If you really are struggling the other thing you could consider is SS+...speak to your CDC


there are no allowed deviations. However at your weigh in perhaps discuss SS+ with your counsellor, Your weight loss may change by 1/2 a lb per week, but you will have a small meal each day?

Perhaps if you are struggling its the best option.

Please try to han in there, I am restarting after "picking" and picking slipped into large picks, and then meals and then I was just kidding myself on I was doing CD. Its much harder to get back on track than to stay on track. Honestly.
Lisa7982, YOU CAN DO THIS!!! I am on day 4 now and I think this diet is really hard! But I know that it will be worth it eventually! Good luck on your weigh in! I know that you are in for a winderfull suprice that will keep you going and going. CD is the best diet ever! So fast results! :D
Thank you guys i will give it a few weeks then maybe discuss ss+ if i am still struggling

Come on Lisa - you can do it - the first week is the hardest - I promise you things will get easier as your body and head adjusts to this - you'll be so glad you stuck to it when you get on those scales... Icemoose is 'spot on' - try to imagine how you're going to feel when you get to where you want to - I've lost 4 stone now and feel like I can walk past mirrors and shop windows now without cringeing and looking away .. You can do this


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