Getting started in Canada


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Many years ago I lost 60lb on slimming world while living in England. I moved to Ontario, Canada, nearly 3 years ago and have gained a lot of weight...other diets haven't worked and I'd like to go back to the one that did..but don't know where to start.
I saw there was a group in Texas but not in Canada and thought about joining online but am worried about how to calculate free foods, healthy extras etc. as the website will be geared to the UK market, plus it's really expensive.
Can anyone offer any advice on what I should do to get started.
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Hey there, if you look at the top of this board you will see some stickies of Canadian/US foods which are free or low in syns. As new items are found people add to the threads.

Also I recommend following the slimming world USA page on Facebook. There is an Americanized version on slimming world online being released soon.

My blog you may find useful too

Good luck
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