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Getting that frame of mind back


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In January 2008, i finally got my head round my weight and began to lose weight, slowly. Thats the way i wanted it to happen so I could still enjoy some treats but still take it seriously.

My neice issued a wedding invitation shortly after for the next august and that was some extra motivation and dress picking.

I had lost just under 2stone when at the end of June after a visit to hospital to see my partners son who has been rushed in, we stopped at a chippy on the way home.
I woke with what i thought was a heart attack but was gallstones!

I became suddenly fearful of anything fattening and no icecream has ever passed my lips but do you know what, despite many visits to the consultant who won't operate untl i've lost some more weight ( and he wanted me to do it fast) I've struggled to lose anything!

Quite ironic because of the lack of fat I was taking in, no sausages, nothing fried (not that i fried much anyway) what i stupidly did was exchange fatty treats such as biscuits for fat free marshmallows!

Got hugely addicted to them, but kidded myself all was ok but I was so worried about what was wrong with me that my original motivation slipped particularly as my weight loss wasn't good enough for the consultant and it didn't matter that you told him how much I'd lost prior to getting the symptoms, that didn't matter!

Been trying to get "into the zone" since xmas, saw slimming world books in the office that belonged to my colleagues and found the packs on ebay, its hard getting to a club as i work constant evenings and can't get to the day time ones due to where i live.

I see the zone approaching again and will arrive with the postman some time this week i hope, a friend gave me an old book to get some understanding of the diet and fingers crossed will get underway again.

To all of you struggling, I do sympathise just look for the zone! Remember the reasons behind what you want to lose it for and try to give yourself the kick up the backside you know you need but just don't want the pain of it yet, in a months time you will be glad of it

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is going to loose!
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Welcome Cee to the site, it truly is encouraging. What a story you tell and same back to you.... hang in there, stay focused and you will succeed. It's a stressful and rewarding journey we are all on but will be worth it when we get to goal!



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Its true, we all suffer the same obsticles, we get sick and reach for the comfort foods, we get upset or stressed we reach for the comfort food, we should just come on here and let the problems out and don't let the cravings win
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Good luck you sound like you mean business this time. It is so hard to lose with so many temptation and very easy to put the weight on but you will get there! :)


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Yep my main problem is headaches which i get monthly!

They can knock me out for the day and the Syndol i take for them gives me the munchies so its quite deadly...

So my main thing is to get my head (no pun intended) around it so i can have my headache and eat ok.

I don't exercise on these days and i can get good ones that floor me for the day. I guess thats the syndol that does that and paracetamol doesn't help either.

Add the gallstones to the equasion and its been a fun time.

Up til now I've bought a frozen pizza in to compensate for these few days, they are easy to throw in the oven and i'd eat the lot!

What i need to do is look into a frozen but quickly microwaved solution that i've made myself that can take its place, fill my needs and my tummy and not feel bad about it after...


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If you keep your head in it and really focus on what you want you can do it!

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