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    Well as some of you know from my threads on here, i like to try out the 'recipes' for the food packs. I have been quite lucky in the sense that everytime i have done a recipe, it has worked! altho i know a lot of you struggled and then gave up.. ! i thought i would try and talk you thru it a bit in the hope some of you will be able to try it with success. i WAS going to post some picture but having spent the last 10 mins trying and failing to get them on to here via a link, i gave up. if someone knows by all means PM me and ill add them to the thread after...
    ANYWAYS...This recipe is by NO MEANS invented by myself, i got it off one of the threads on mini's.

    If any of you get the munchies, these are ideal. Cream filled biscuits.. ALL made from CD!!

    start with mixing a pack (i think choc works the best) in a small mixing bowl, with a little bit of sparking (fizzy) water. only add a tablespoon at a time. i think you will only need 3 but rule of cooking 'you can always add more but you cant take it out again'. so add one tbsp at a time, mix, and add more.. you should end up with a consistency like a brownie mixture. Thick and sticky

    Then put a tsp on a plate and round it with your finger into a biscuit shape. i did 4 on a plate and from one choc pack i made 8 single biscuits.

    pop the plate in the microwave. you will need to do it for 2 mins in total, but the key to it is.. to put it on for full power for 20 secs, open the door for 5, then again for 30 secs etc etc.. once they have been in for a minute or so, i get a spatula or similar, and flip them over. then repeat as above.
    Once cooked place them onto a plate to cool. THEY SHOULD go hard and crunchy as they cool. if they dont, pop them back in the microwave for 10-15 secs MAX, and again allow to cool. this is because they burn so easily...dont worry if you start to smell a bit of burning.. as long as they havent chargrilled and gone black, they are fine.

    As the biscuits are cooling, mix half a pack of whatever flavour sweet mix you like. i used strawberry, but you could use vanilla, banana, choc etc. its personal preference!!

    again place shake in a mixing bowl and add a little water... i think you will only need 1 and a half to 2 tbsp max. if the mixture does end up a little runny, add a bit more of the pack to thicken it up.

    again you should be left with a mixture like the biscuit mixture before, if a little bit smoother.
    spread it on one of the biscuits and sandwich together. then store them in the freezer.altho you can have them there and then, i just think they taste a little nicer cold, and they take longer to eat.

    Ideal for when you have the munchies. 1 and a half packs make 4 biscuit creams, and 3 packs make 8.

    obviously, you MUST still have your 3/4 shakes a day for the because these are made from packs, the nutrients break down after 15 mins as im sure you know. These are like a little bit on the side if you have to have something to nibble or miss an 11am biscuit with your tea or coffee.. i would say only have 1 or maximum 2 a day

    Hope this helps people.. and if i ever figure out how to post images.. i will do to try and help further.. and to marvel at the wonderous creations!!

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    wow!!! they sound lovley!!
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