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getting there.

Well what happens when you all get there,

your goal or target weight that is.

Do you all plan to stay on the cd diet.

Or would you decided to move over to weightwatchers, so that you can eat and keep your weight under control.

looking forward to hearing all of your views
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I plan to make a lifestyle change and eat properly and exercise as I don't want to be on a diet all my life.
I originally planned to maintain using one shake a day but then decided to make the break and now eat a fairly healthy diet and monitor my calorie intake to maintain.

I'm going to massively up my exercise level (planning on training for a marathon) and go low GI for the majority of meals. I will start off doing a weekly weigh in until I've got it figured, then drop down to monthly I think.


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My plan is once I hit target, to really get back into training properly, and to see what I can eat that allows me to stay thinner. If thats maintaining on Cambridge so be it, but I will do what it takes. (See how much more rational I am now I've had my dinner...)


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I'm going to work my way up the steps on CD so eventually I'm only having one shake a day then will replace that final shake with something healthy and hopefully maintain by doing exercise :)
I to was thinking that.

although i've not found it to bad, i only want to loose another stone, so will be stepping it up soon.

but i think that with real healthy eating and plenty of exercise i could manage to maintain a healthy weight.
Im going to make my way up on the cd programme, but eventually i want to maintain on the ww with 18 points as that roughly works out to 1500 cals and my diet will be based on cals really as i dont want to pile the weight back on!
Actually thats a question Ive een asking myself for a couple of weeks now. This does seem a very easy way to lose weight and having shakes/bars is my "safety zone" as not faced with cakes/crisps/bread which you are on WW. Im hoping that I will love my new shape so much it will shock me into eating healthily and exercise more! Ive got my WI in today. I feel the weight has definately slowed down coming into my 4th week. Ill keep you posted xxxx
I plan to lose the last stone or two through SW as I find it's a really good healthy eating plan and something I can stick to forever once I get there - the only reason I am not doing it now is that I have about 14 stone to lose and I know how much longer that would take on SW compared to CD.

I have had enough of losing then gaining and am determined not to do that again!
I find it really interesting that some people are doing the reverse of what I am - I lost 5 and a half stone on ww and maintained (with a bmi of 28 ish) for a year - came to cd to shift that last two stone ish - will prob mix the two to maintain - clearly I know I can having done so for so long ... x


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A friend of mine lost 55 lbs on Cambridge and she maintains this weight (she's really skinny now) by eating healthy 6 days a week and one 'binge day' on which she can snack all she likes. If she had a lot of parties she shakes for a few days.

I think that's a great way, combined with more exersise of course. I'm a big fan of low GI-diets as well, so'll dabble with that as well.
i havent really thought of the future yet but was once a SW member so know what i should be eating hopefully by the end of CD i can reeducate myself on what i should be eating and if it gets too much then back with CD and try to find a healthy balance between the two
I'm planning to do CD from now until BMI 25, then work up the plans for a couple of weeks, then head onto WW to lose maybe another stone (or more?) and continue with WW to maintain my weight as I really enjoy it and I do need some kind of plan at least for now, to teach me what I can/can't eat to maintain! I also intend to continue with a lot of exercise as I had been doing before CD xxx