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GG's WI - onwards and downward!


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wow that is a fantastic first week's loss - very well done, it'll give you extra motivation to get through your second week too.... these diets are fabulous aren't they?!


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I am really pleased. It took me 3 weeks to lose that much on WW!

I have to admit that initially I was a bit disappointed.. I wanted to lose a stone! I KNOW how bad that makes me look... :( and I think that I need to work on my attitude really. I always want more than is realistic!

Now, I've told myself to stop being so silly. However, not content without something to worry about, I'm worrying that I will be disappointed next week - I KNOW it's going to be a much smaller loss and how will I deal with that a be patient?

However, my positive feelings are massively outweighing my negative feelings. I'm not hungry. I feel pretty good. I feel in control and have no intention of slipping.

Thanks for your encouragement!!


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Time goes very quickly indeed and before you know it you'll be at goal!! My losses were the slowest in my group but i still got to goal at an amazing rate!! You will lose min a stone a month if you stick with it - how amazing and quick is that??? Don't get ahead of yourself, you're giving your chatterbox ammunition!!


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Enjoy seeing yourself transform in the mirror, it's staggering! I enjoyed every day of my journey!! And other people's comments were to die for!!!!!!!


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Tracker up and running! I did have it on there before, but I had somehow (wishful thinking) typed my current weight in as 11stone 2lbs and had a huge CONGRATULATIONS GOAL ACHIEVED sign written across it... :D

Hopefully it was a sign of good things to come!

In a great mood today - although v. tired. I'm going to do this!


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well done

11 lbs in one week that is brilliant. I start LL on the 18th.. a week today actually, if I can lose half of that I will be happy.

I've read your posts over your first week with lots of interest as I will be in the same boat soon, you have inspired me as you've stuck with it even though your inital feeling weren't great:)



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Shona! Thanks! I don't think I've ever inspired anyone before. That's a nice feeling!

Virgogirl! Fancy seeing you here! :D No, I haven't noticed looser waistbands yet, but as I'm cycling to university every day, I'm generally wearing stretchy tracksuit bottoms. I did put a pair of normal pants on today but didn't really notice any difference yet.

Can't wait for it to happen though... I really want to get rid of some of my tents.


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well done .....have a fizzy water .....x:) :p