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Ghastly Day


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Came home from Scotland to find that my garage had been broken into, a lot of stuff taken and the rest set on fire.

Have entertained the police and SOCO. About £1400's worth of stuff gone.

Have wanted to eat today, just due to stress, but I haven't. The only food in the house is CD food or chicken/quorn in the freezer, otherwise I would have wanted to binge the lot.

The mess they have made is incredible. The lighter and scissors were left, which SOCO have taken away to obtain DNA.

What a day, thank God tomorrow is the start of a new week.

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That is awful. Some people are just so sick and vulgur. You poor thing, i hope you are ok? well done on not turning to food you should be so proud of yourself. hopefully the police will catch them.


Loving the Cambridge Diet
I am fine, just a bit shaken by it all.

The police are very concerned because of arson being involved - apparently burglars don't normally set fire to stuff.

Just thankful that it wasn't the house.

Sending lots of hugs your way, Thats awful for you hope they get some results.


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Awful thing to have happened!

Hopeful they will find the culprits.

You have done well not to eat:hug99:

Love Mini xxx


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Thanks for the support.

I don't think I have ever had such a stressful day as this one has been.

Could have eaten for England today - it seems to have gone now, though.

It worried me more when I saw how concerned the police were - that was what got to me.


Mrs B

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What an awful thing to happen. Hopefully the police have an idea who it was. Well done for not eating. Big (((((hugs))))) STBG.
Oh my heart goes out to you STBG; I hope they get the ******** and lock them up. You deserve maximum praise for dealing with your emotions without using food for comfort. It just proves you are changing your mindset on dealing with your issues. If the burglary etc wan't bad enough - you might have let them upset you even more by breaking your diet as well. Big pat on the back for how you handled it all and huge hugs in comiseration for this ghastly event.


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Thanks folks!

This morning I was laid in bed and remembered a few more things that were missing - 4 x new Winter tyres for one, plus a couple of other things totalling over £500 to add to the rest.

I don't think that I will ever know what has actually gone.



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OMG thats a horrible thing to have come home to! Lets hope they catch the little b******s:whoopass:. Big hug to you all, and well done for not driving to the takeaway either!


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Have just discovered that 'outbuildings' are covered on my household insurance up to £3000 - so that is something to be thankful for.

Food wouldn't have helped me any, if anything it would have made me feel worse.



Loving the Cambridge Diet
The strange thing is that it is the stuff that is worth nothing that I really need!

Some books are missing - account books - irreplaceable and worth absolutely nothing to anybody



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How awful STBG! I hope you are OK. :hug99:

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