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Ghds mk 4

yes there one of the best around IMO hence the price tag. i had mine for around 2 years and although i hardly use them now i cudnt live without them on night out :D oh plus you can curl hair with them too
My friend bought me some years ago and I absolutely love my GHD's - I usually use them to curl my hair and it's so easy!

Tried several brands over the years, but I must admit that the GHD's are the one's i've stuck with longest.
My son's a hairdresser and he's very much a fan of the ghd straighteners. No good to me sadly but I must see if I can find some butane ones to use on the boat. Now that I'm having all my hair cut off (gulp!) I'm going to have to learn to style it differently.
i adore mine. i always drop them or swing them round or bash them by accident and pray they arent broken. dont think i cud pay for another pair at the mo.

when i first bought mine (about 2 years ago) it was on watchdog that apparently they catch fire on their own due to an electrical fault while your using them but i never had any problems.
It was the first version of them that used to catch fire, something to do with the connection in the plug, but if you send them back they'll replace them.

Did you know that if you un-screw the plug on your GHD's, inside is a foreign plug, so you don't need a converter when you go on holiday as it's already on the end of the cable!
you can see the plug as the cord goes into the plug socket - I've never unscrewed mine, but then my friend always takes his so I never have to bother!

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