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Gill SW diary -green days

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by g_2012, 14 March 2013 Social URL.

  1. g_2012

    g_2012 Silver Member

    So I decided to write a diary on here as there is so much help and encouragement. I need to lose 1.5 stone and would like to do it by July. I started on Sunday.

    b-fromais frais (ff) with frozen summer berries

    L- Cauliflour pizza (mashed Cauliflour with an egg and cottage cheese base, then passatta on top with more veg, I used frozen carrot, Cauliflour and peas mix)

    d- Chinese, just had half a partition of noodles and bean sprouts and a bit more cauliflour pizza to bulk it out

    HEa - Cheese on cauliflour pizza
    HEb - 3 scanbran with cottage cheese
    syns - allowing a few for the oil on the noodles and an options hot choc

    i know I haven't had all my healthy extras today but not feeling very hungry and just wanted loads of veg to fill up on my vitamins and minerals ;)

    b - scanbran cake with ff and frozen berries (2syns for a tsp cocoa)

    l- more cauliflour pizza

    d - loads of veg (leeks, carrots and suede), jacket potato skin x 2 ( husband loves the flesh and I love the skin!) with cottage cheese

    Hea - cheese x 2
    heb - scanbran
    syns - 2 above plus 5 for a protein shake (100kcals) equals 7

    same as above. But with an additional 5 syns for 1/2 a protein bar (100kcal) so 12 in total today

    b - half a protein bar (5 syns)
    snack- ff and mixed berries
    l- pasta bake made with whole meal pasta, passatta, cottage cheese, egg, peas, spinach.
    d - veg (leeks, carrot suede), cottage cheese, 2 Linda mc carney rosemary sausages

    hea - cheese
    HEB - feta cheese
    syns- 2 option hot choc plus the 5 above equals 7 today
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  3. g_2012

    g_2012 Silver Member

    I was looking at the calories and nutritional information for the protein shake I have and wondering if I could class it as a healthy extra a choice as its similar to milk.

    I make it with water and its 100kcals per serving


    B - protein shake (5)
    L - scan bran cake (with ff and frozen berries) (2 syns) for cocoa and HEB
    D - mushy peas with jacket potato skins and 2 x portions of feta cheese HEA and HEB small amount of fish pie (homemade 11syns for all but I'll have a 1/4 so will call it 3 syns
    Syns - option hot choc (2) plus others above total 12
    Last edited: 18 March 2013
  4. Deathworm

    Deathworm Full Member

    Not good on any info, sorry but wanted to say that the cauli pizza sounded a good idea. I am a bit concerend about using mash potato - in particular packet mash to make a pizza - though I guess normal mash would be ok - trying to not use too much packet food high in salt so will try your cauli idea!
  5. g_2012

    g_2012 Silver Member

    It's lovely, got it out of a mens health magazine. Just cook the cauliflour, drain then mash with 2 eggs, herbs and half a pot of cottage cheese, then put in the oven for 20 mins then take out add your topping and put back in for 10 mins. So filling!
  6. gemma1985

    gemma1985 Silver Member

    Subscribed! I do worry about your HE's... have you got the nutritional info for protein shake and I can check website, I don't think you can have it as a HEA as I've never seen a protein shake on the list (sorry!) but if you give me the brand and info I can check syn content. Do you not like milk?
  7. gemma1985

    gemma1985 Silver Member

  8. g_2012

    g_2012 Silver Member

  9. gemma1985

    gemma1985 Silver Member

    By that info the protein shake is 5 syns per 25g... and not a HE (sorry!) how about soya milk or Almond Milk I just changed to these and they're really nice? Also if you have scan bran as a HEB you should be having 5 pieces. On Green Days you should be having 1 or 2 HEA and 2 HEB's
  10. systema

    systema Gold Member

    Yipee- another GREEN day diary. Welcome to Minimins.
  11. gemma1985

    gemma1985 Silver Member

    Also try to fit in some Super Speed foods to give your weight loss a boost, on a green days these include:

    Melon, all varieties
    Baked Beans in tomato sauce
    Broad Beans
    Butter Beans
    Garden/fresh peas
    Marrowfat peas
    Mushy peas
    Petits pois

    Sorry feel like I'm bombarding you!!ha
  12. g_2012

    g_2012 Silver Member

    Thank you :) the frozen mixed berries I have are blackberries, black currants and raspberries so that should help.

    I may have some mushy peas tonight, think Ill change my planned meal slightly to incorporate them ;)

    think ill struggle with my HEs :( I love cheese though so may have to have more of that. Shame about the protein shake as that could have worked well. Do you think it would stop me losing if I had that instead of milk?

    Thank you for your feedback :)
  13. g_2012

    g_2012 Silver Member

    Thank you :) it's not very inspiring at the moment yet but hopefully will get more interesting.... :)
  14. gemma1985

    gemma1985 Silver Member

    The mushy pea curry is good or I tend just to have mushy peas with SW Chips and lots of salt and vinegar mmmm....

    Well you only have to have 1 or 2 A Choices so you can have cheese everyday just try to mix it up as much as you can, as you know from my diary I have the Laughing Cow Cheese Triangles (5 LIGHT or 6 EXTRA LIGHT they are a HEA if you can't be bothered with the weighing) and use them on Ryvita or scan bran which are my HEB therefore lunch covers one of my HEB and my HEA, and the choices for Bs are amazing cereals, cereal bars, bread, ryvita minis etc etc I struggle keeping my B Choices to two!ha

    The protein shake won't stop you losing weight so long as you syn it instead of using it as a HEA so just count the 5 syns into your daily plan (remember you can have 5-15 syns a day)
  15. g_2012

    g_2012 Silver Member

    Thanks so much Gemma for your help. I don't want to give up the shake as I do rely on it when gyming a lot and I want to be able to stick to this for life and maintain my slimmer figure (if I get there haha;) )

    great idea about laughing cow, that would be perfect for my lunches especially when back at work. May also try the nutri grain breakfast biscuits as my afternoon snack. You will be able to tell when I'm back at work as I eat much more, I have a massive appetite, I think mainly because if gyming so much!
  16. gemma1985

    gemma1985 Silver Member

    Of course you need to think of it as a lifestyle change and not a diet so if you want the shakes have them and enjoy them :D (just remember to syn em haha) yeah that works well for me for lunch at work hence why I eat it so much! and you can have it with carrot sticks and tomatoes and all sorts really just to jazz it up a bit. You make me feel bad for being so lazy and not going to the gym.... I have been trying to find the courage to get back into my training I think because my weight hasn't really stuck yet I'm using that as an excuse as to when I'll start, I love to go but I'm joining a new gym and I'm a bit scared!
  17. g_2012

    g_2012 Silver Member

    Don't be scared Gemma, until about 2 years ago I hadn't ever really worked out at all. Then both my husband and I decided to do it together after our wedding. It's become part of life now :) if you are worried about it being busy there is definitely a trend that the later in the week you go, the quieter it is! We got a full induction so we knew how to use everything and then from there I just used google and womens/mens health fitness magazines and info online to find all sorts of tips for getting the best out of your workout.

    i also really liked a few of the classes and they really push you outside your comfort zone too.

    if you need any help on the exercise front please don't hesitate to ask ;) however it's definitely true that eating is 90% of getting the figure you want :)
  18. g_2012

    g_2012 Silver Member

    B- Egg pancakes (1 whole egg, 2 egg whites, sweetener, lemon, raspberries and dollop of ff)
    L - scan bran cake (5 scan bran (HEB) an egg, cocoa powder (1.5 syns) frozen berries and ff)
    D- pasta bake with loads of veg (peas, cauliflour, carrots, passatta, feta cheese (HEB)
    snacks- low fat cheese (HEA), protein shake (5 syns) option hot choc (2)
    total syns

    Going to edit later incase something doesn't go to plan :)
  19. gemma1985

    gemma1985 Silver Member

  20. g_2012

    g_2012 Silver Member

    Hi Gemma,

    when I use normal cheese I have the reduced fat cheese slices from aldi (1 as a healthy extra) so I don't have to weigh :) with the feta, I get the apetina 10% fat feta which is 200g and open it and mark it out into quarters so its 50g. Is that correct?

    thank you :)

    I am going to make mushy pea curry tomorrow I think :)
  21. gemma1985

    gemma1985 Silver Member

    Right I've just checked the only listing for feta is for 45g for all types, and can't see the cheese slices from Aldi are these an old HE you are going from? If weighing is a problem I would suggest changing to:
    x2 Dairylea Light Cheese Slices
    x4 Dairylea Light Triangles
    x3 Dairlea original Triangles
    x5 Laughing Cow LIGHT triangles
    x6 Laughing Cow EXTRA LIGHT triangles
    x2 Babybel original
    x3 Babybel Light
    2 x35g tubs of Philadelphia Light Soft cheese.

    Sorry I feel like the Healthy Extra Police!!Ha but I cannot stress the importance of getting these right or it will completely sabotage your weight loss. If you aren't getting the correct amounts they then become syns so you will prob end up going over your syn allowance and also you will not be getting your HE's both massive parts of the plan.

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