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    Hi Friend,
    I'm running low of motivation at the moment so i thought if i do a weight loss diary to help motivate me. I decided to really shape up after new years. I did two weeks of LT which was sooo hard and since then I've been on maintenance but because money is low till payday i have hardly any maintenance products left till monday week.

    About me:
    I'm 21 female from Dublin. I work in IT sitting at a desk all days answering calls :( .When i first got weight at new years i weighted 195lbs and I'm 5ft 11. I was shocked i had it in my head for ages i was only around 180lbs. I lose weight really quick on LT and it was scary i started to look so slim i even freaked my friend out she couldn't believe the results especially in my face.

    My past:

    COMFORT EATER! I'm holding my hands up! Started when i was a teenager and had a hard time being a teenager. Addicted to fizzy drinks(at one stage i drank 2L a day. Addicted to crisps, chocolate and processed foods. I was a vegetarian for 2 1/2 years and have returned a meat eater since new years (I love it!).

    My Plan:

    - Increase my exercise
    - Eat Healthy
    - Lose 8-14 more lbs and keep it off.

    My Weakness:

    -hungover days
    -chocolate / crisps
    -chinese food

    I hope i don't bore anyone with this if i already have i'm sorry :(

    I hope everyone who is losing weight the best of luck and to be happy :D

    I'm just going to try post everyday what I've eaten and my exercise. Please comment me to inspire or advise me. I'm no saint and i do have weaknesses for certain foods which i'm trying to overcome!
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    Day One of my Diary


    Today i was ok could have been better but i was good for not snacking too much but i should have had more fruit.

    Breakfast 7:30am:

    x1 Maintenance shake Summer Fruit the yummiest one. I could barely drink it was falling asleep monday mornings are a pain!

    Exercise: 15min cycle to work around 2miles

    Lunch 12:30pm:

    We have a canteen in work which serves four different hot meals a day (Today it was bean cassarole, chicken -boneless, battered fish and spicy pork) i had the chicken, potato n carrots. It was yum but i hate eating in the canteen because you don't know how they are cooking the food (could be covered in butter).

    Exercise: 20 mins cycle home after work which was uphill (so tough sometimes)

    Dinner 6:15pm

    Mum made dinner which was great i could chillax and watch TV. I had chicken(Again!), leeks, potato n onion bake (was kinda weird but i didn't want to mention it! :eek:) then i was bold TWICE in less than an hour i had a very small lampchop. Then with my tea i had a PENGUIN bar i hate when i think its ok till after i eat it and then i regret it.

    A few cups of tea with low fat milk
    x1 peppermint tea
    A small yoghurt
    Around 2-3 litres of water

    Not a great day for Gina but perhaps tommorow I'll be better :)
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    Tuesday 19/02/2008 Not a very good day

    Today I am not very proud of myself. I'm not looking forward to my weigh in 2moro. I seem to be really good but when i get home it goes out the window. I feel like i at least learned the ability to stop buying unhealthy food but when its placed in front of me i say i'll eat half and next thing its GONE!


    Breakfast 7:30am:
    x1 pear
    x1 banana
    I juiced these up with a drop of apple juice was quite yum and i hate pears

    15minute cycle to work

    Mid-morning snack:
    x1 mangarine

    Fish and veg - don't really know what it was bits of salmon and cod with veg like carrot, onions, leeks, potato kinda like a stew.

    Mid-Afternoon snack:
    2x Ryvita sunflower crackers
    w/ 2 low fat cheese slices
    w/ 1 slice ham

    20 minute cycle home from work

    warning: it gets bad
    x1 chicken brest skinless
    x1 mushrooms
    x1 marrowfats(can't remember the name)
    x2 streaky rashers
    x1 small portion of oven chips

    I'm such a savage I'm angry with myself now! :mad:

    I can't stop eating whats wrong with me?
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    Thanks for all the reputation comments! Today was grand until dinner anyway.I had plenty of fruit which is good.

    x1 pear
    x1 banana
    x1 plum
    lil apple juice and blended together gave me lots of energy to cycle to work

    15min cycle to work (just over two miles)

    breaded plaice

    Tempted by the vending machine in work but i didn't give in! Screw you vending machine! :p

    20 min cycle home

    hmmmmmm this gets interesting
    x1 slice duck
    x1 slice lamb
    x1 potato
    x1 spinach

    1 pink wafer
    1 mangarine
    2/3 litres water

    Anyone have any advice on what i could improve or what i REALLY should start eating?

    Now off to get weighed! Oh god i hope i haven't put anything on :wave_cry:
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